Slimming Tabata Workout – Best Exercises, Pros and Cons of the System

Slimming Tabata Workout - Best Exercises, Pros and Cons of the SystemTraining according to the Tabata system is one of the popular ways to make your figure slim and fit. Women choose this technique not only because of its effectiveness, but also because of its simplicity.

The workout doesn’t take long, but it burns more calories than regular aerobics.

The content of the article:

  1. What is Tabata training?
  2. How the protocol works
  3. Training rules, contraindications
  4. 8 exercises for weight loss
  5. What result is worth waiting for?

Slimming Tabata Workout

What is Tabata training?

This technique is a high-intensity workout with short intervals between exercises. There is a change in periods of load and rest.

As a result of exercise, extra calories are burned, and the muscles acquire beautiful outlines.

The effectiveness of this technique is higher than that of classical aerobics.

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The history of the appearance of the Tabata system

Izumi TabataCreated this technique Japanese physiologist Izumi Tabata… He studied ways to increase endurance in people involved in sports.

The scientist and his assistants organized two groups that took part in a 6-week experiment:

  • One group worked at an average rate of 5 days for an hour.
  • The second did high-intensity exercises for 4 days, 4 minutes each.

The results surprised scientists. The members of the first group improved the work of the cardiovascular system, but the indicators of muscle mass remained in place. And the second group showed high results in both aerobic and muscle parameters. The experiment was proof that high-intensity training is more effective than regular training

The Tabata technique was tested in scientific conditions, which became a serious confirmation of its effectiveness. And now they began to study it in all countries.

The difference between Tabata and cardio

During cardio training, the body receives energy from oxygen. Therefore, this training is called aerobic.

Performing exercises according to the Tabata system, a person goes into anaerobic mode. However, it is impossible to study at an accelerated pace for a long time.

But high-intensity exercise much more efficient to burn extra calories, increase endurance and increase muscle mass. Such loads create a stressful environment for the body, but together they also improve the main indicators.

Types of workout Tabata

You can choose one of the options for the complexes:

  1. Average level of difficulty.
  2. Advanced level of difficulty.
  3. For professional athletes.
  4. With an emphasis on a specific part of the body.
  5. With weighting.

Each of these complexes is effective and should be chosen based on the training goals.

But it will not be possible to fully work only on a certain part of the body: fat burning occurs in a complex manner.

How Tabata Protocol Works, Workout Benefits

The training consists of small Tabata roundsthe duration of which 4 minutes… During their implementation, you need to give all your best in order for the body to receive the maximum load. This is the basic principle of the Tabata system.

But there are additional rules that will increase efficiency:

  • The correct execution technique is necessary not only to achieve the result, but also to prevent injury.
  • Take at least 5 minutes to warm up.
  • You need to do it after an hour and a half after eating.

There are no strict rules in this technique. The basis of the protocol is the holding of Tabata rounds at the most intense pace

When you exercise, your metabolism accelerates so much that fat burning continues some time after exercise. What is important for women looking to lose weight.

Benefits of Tabata workout

This workout has a number of advantages that make it stand out from the rest:

  • The most effective way to burn calories without losing muscle mass.
  • Trainings are short in time, but they are highly effective.
  • Improving the work of cardiovascular and muscle parameters.
  • Muscle tissue becomes more responsive to insulin, which facilitates weight loss.
  • You can train using this technique anywhere.
  • No additional equipment required – its own weight is sufficient.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes and has a positive effect on the nervous system.
  • Workouts are simple with a clear structure.

To start practicing adhering to the Tabata principles, only those who have physical training… This is due to the performance of the exercises at an accelerated pace.

Training rules Tabata, contraindications for training

Classes are held according to a specific plan:

  1. 20 sec. high intensity exercise.
  2. 10 sec. recreation.

With such an interval, you need to do 8 cycles… This is one Tabata round of 4 minutes duration. Usually there are several of them, the number is determined by the duration of the training.

For a full load, the muscles have enough 3-4 Tabat rounds, the total duration of the training will be 15-20 minutes

But, if a person prefers prolonged loads, then it can be allocated for Tabata 40-50 minutes

In this case, you need to alternate the most active exercises with less intense ones, allowing you to restore breathing.

Women looking to lose weight need to exercise 3-4 times a week for 15-20 minutes., or 2-3 times a week for 40-45 minutes… You do not need to give such loads daily so as not to overtrain.

Enough to keep fit 2 days a week… They can be done instead of cardinality.

Tabata training is allowed in the morning and in the evening – it all depends on the individual. But it is worth considering that after classes there will be fatigue – the body is still adapting to heavy loads. Need to change the set of exercises every week… The body gradually gets used to the load, and they are no longer as effective.

You can practice this technique on your own, without additional equipment. It will be needed if there is a desire to increase muscle mass and load.

You need to do it in a sports uniform or clothing that does not hinder movement, in sneakers.

The advantage of this technique is that it can be practiced at home.

Contraindications for training Tabata

Only those who have already done cardio or strong exercises can go to Tabata. An unprepared body will not be able to adapt to such high loads

Also, classes using this technique are contraindicated:

  • People with diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Persons with disorders of the musculoskeletal system and diseases of the joints.
  • People on low carb or mono diets.
  • Those with low stamina.

Before starting classes, you need to tune in that the exercises will be exhausting, but effective.

If you pick up simple tasks, then beginners can also try the technique. But it’s better to get ready and do cardio or strength training.

Video: Tabata for weight loss after childbirth

8 Effective Tabata Workout Exercises for Weight Loss & Fitness

Start with a warm-up to prepare joints and muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

Start with simple exercises, gradually complicating the program.

  1. Push ups – beginners can do them with an emphasis on knees or fitball.
  2. Squats – the knees do not go beyond the socks, and the pelvis is laid back. The muscles in the legs are tense. To increase the intensity, you need to jump out.
  3. Lunges are done on each leg for 8 repetitions.… You need to step as far forward as possible and bend at a right angle. The straightened leg is bent so that it practically touches the floor. The back is straight, you can increase the load by jumping, and not by the usual rearrangement of the legs.
  4. Running with high knees… The body should not be tilted back; when running in place, you need to raise your knees as high as possible.
  5. Climber – stand in the bar, emphasis on the socks and forearms. The right leg is bent at the knee. It needs to be pulled to the right forearm, and vice versa.
  6. Shin-overlap running… Keep your back straight, try to touch the buttocks with your heels. You should run at the same pace.
  7. Jumping with arms and legs… In a jump, the legs are wide apart, and the arms are raised above the head.
  8. Jumping from a plank position with legs spread.

For a workout to be effective, exercises need to be alternated.

After three sessions, a new complex should be done. So the muscles will not get used to the load, and they will be in good shape.

What result can be expected from regular sessions of the Tabata protocol?

During one training session, it is possible to burn a large number of calories due to a high-intensity pace. But the main effect of the Tabata technique is “Afterburning” the fat layer for another 48 hours, thanks to which the process of losing weight is accelerated.

Exercises using this system do not have a negative effect on the muscles. At the same time, the cardiovascular endurance

During the training period for weight loss, you need to monitor your diet: you can achieve noticeable results only with a calorie deficit.

The rate of weight loss depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Everyone who has tried to practice the Tabata system is satisfied with the result.

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