Small Group Questions John 15 12 17

Small group discussion can be a great time for a Christian book club or family meeting to explore the New Testament passage, John 15:1-17. This study Bible includes many important passages that are worth considering. The most popular translations are the NIV and CSB. You can also use a reading app like YouVersion. The NIV is a popular choice for small groups. For small group discussions, you can use the Psalms or the NIV translation.

Small group discussions on John 15:12-17 can start with discussing the nature of love and friendship. Jesus is showing His disciples how to love one another as he has loved them. This is one of the most challenging aspects of being a Christian. You need to be willing to ask your group members to think deeply about how this passage relates to their lives. Using a scripture-based small group guide is an excellent way to begin discussing this story.

Consider the question of why Jesus would want to leave the disciples. The Lord had been preparing them for His departure. He had gathered them in the Upper Room to celebrate the Passover. He taught them to serve others by washing their feet. Then, Jesus leaves them as “fruit” (John 15:2), so that they may serve him. In return, they should follow His example. If this doesn’t make sense to you, ask your group to explain why they should believe this.

In John 15:12-17, Jesus teaches His disciples to be His friends. They should be able to understand these truths as Jesus did. He teaches them to be servants who will share His message with others. He teaches His disciples to pray to the Father in His name. Whether you pray in your name or in the name of the Father, you will receive a blessing. He shows his followers how to be His friends by washing their feet.

The next small group question should center on Jesus’ relationship with his disciples. He was preparing them for His departure when He met them in the Upper Room. Then, He washed their feet, showing them how to be humble. Likewise, He washed their feet. They should be willing to do the same for others. These truths are important in every small group. This study is a good choice for a church bible class.

Jesus chooses His friends carefully. He chose His friends because they would be able to show the greatest love to others. He taught His disciples to love one another, even if they didn’t understand it at first. He has the best friends in the world. He has taught his followers that they should love each other as He loved them. And they have to be willing to love others. It is very important for them to be His friends.

In John 15:12-17, Jesus is preparing His disciples for His departure. He is preparing them by washing their feet. His disciples should also understand that He is not leaving them as slaves. Those who follow Him are friends with God. They must love each other. That is why they should be a friend. And you should have a close relationship with them. So, these are important questions to ask in your small group.

In this chapter, Jesus shows his disciples that he is preparing them for His departure. He has been preparing them by washing their feet before He departed. And by washing their feet, He showed them what a friend does. He is teaching His disciples to love the Father. The Helper is the Holy Spirit. He has been guiding His followers throughout His life. And he is the one who teaches us.

In this passage, Jesus has been preparing His disciples before He goes to the cross. He had just spent time in the Upper Room, celebrating His last Passover. By washing the disciples’ feet, He shows them that the Father is the only one who can offer them salvation. The apostles should follow Jesus’ example and serve others. They should also be willing to forgive their fellow believers. In the same way, they should be willing to forgive those who are unkind to them.

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