Smart psychology online conference will be held in December

On December 11-12, the Smart Institute will hold “Smart Conference: Psychology in Real Life”. Users will be able to watch free online lectures from experts who share useful techniques from family and child psychology. The broadcasts will run from 12:00 to 16:00 Moscow time.

Get to know yourself and others with the Smart Psychology Conference

For the first time, the Smart Institute holds one of the largest psychological conferences in Russia, which is available to a wide range of participants. It is important for the organizers that each participant immersed himself in psychology and discovered it for himself in a new way, so not only specialized specialists can participate, but also teachers, parents and those who are simply interested in this area.

Experienced psychologists and practicing specialists will act as experts: lecturers of the Smart Online Institute and visiting lecturers with many years of experience. They will share effective techniques and techniques that will help everyone understand themselves, improve relationships with loved ones and come to a conscious life through the prism of psychology.

Participants at online lectures will be able to ask exciting questions to speakers and, if they wish, purchase recordings of speeches and presentations of experts, as well as get access to two mini-courses of the Smart online institute to choose from.

No one will leave without benefit, because the speakers have prepared topics that concern absolutely everyone:

  • “A hyperactive child: how to identify and what to do?” – Egor Semyonov, children’s neuropsychologist and founder of the Noosphere children’s development center;
  • “What to do if rebenok does not want to go to school / kindergarten: practical instruction from a child psychologist “ – family and perinatal psychologist Olga Agafonova;
  • “Abusive relationships: how to define and get out of them” – Candidate of Psychological Sciences, consultant psychologist Olga Chalikova;
  • “TOP-5 topics” what women do not understand men “ through the eyes of a family psychologist “- a family psychologist, coach, author of the book” Love Clubfoot “Tatiana Brain;
  • “Emotional burnout in family and relationships: causes and methods of elimination” – existential psychologist Vita Kholmogorova;
  • “How to deal with stress at home and at work: resilience as a skill” – Gestalt therapist and coach-practitioner Eleanor Redich;
  • How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Start Living Happily: Practical Steps – consultant psychologist, sexologist and gestalt therapist from the USA Ksenia Yurieva;
  • “Toxic Relatives and Co-workers: How to Recognize Them and Maintain a Healthy Relationship” – Candidate of Psychological Sciences, consultant psychologist Ekaterina Legostaeva.

Smart is a licensed online institute in Russia that issues state documents after training. The Institute has developed programs for professional retraining and advanced training in the field of neuropsychology, child, family and practical psychology. The main feature of the institute is an impressive practical part in the format of group sessions and supervision with experts.

Smart brings together students from all over the world and has graduated more than 800 students. The powerful teaching staff includes both candidates of sciences and an experienced psychologist from the United States, so the training covers different areas: gestalt therapy, sexology, art therapy, neuropsychology, etc.

You can become a participant of the “Smart Conference: Psychology in Real Life” for free by following the link:

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