SMS congratulations for parents Happy New Year 2020

Warm, sincere congratulations to parents on the New Year is an extremely important and responsible business. Our service made sure that everyone finds congratulations to their liking. Here you can find gentle, touching, original SMS-congratulations Happy New Year for parents, while choosing your own unique version. Let these congratulatory words help express the kindest feelings. Wish all the very best on this holiday.

Happy new year 2020 to parents

Inspirational SMS congratulations to parents

My dear ones, Happy New Year!
Find your souls freedom!
Soar from happiness as a bird,
Dream, fly, create!

My beloved mom, happy holiday to you!
I will surround you with warm words, loving.
Let dreams, desires happen in an instant
Illuminates your beautiful face with joy.

Dad, honey, dear.
Open the door on New Years:
Where happiness lives
Peace and magic bloom.

Happy year of the rat,
I wish you, parents:
Harmonious fun
Unlimited luck!

Dear parents, the best, sweetest,
Congratulations on the holiday, happiness to the whole world!

Romantics on New Year’s Eve, dear, I wish you!
Let there be a better time, like the golden sun.

Touching SMS congratulations to parents Happy New Year

Every year you gave me a fairy tale,
New Year’s Eve is wonderful.
Now I will surround you with care,
Away let adversity fly away.

Precious dad and mom
I’m sending a New Year’s telegram.
With her I send good luck to you,
And happy days to boot.

Mommy, daddy! Happy New Year!
Warmth, sunny smiles at this good hour!

Dear parents:
Happy New Year!
You’re lovely,
And I love you!

Dad, I love mom
Happy New Year!
May he be cheerful
From adversity, conspired.

I adore my parents, I wish you happiness.
New Year’s miracle, let it come from nowhere.

Playful poems from children for the New Year

Dad, I have known for many years
Who came to me like my grandfather.
And now I wish him
Fulfillment of dreams.

You, dear ones, do not be bored.
In the new year, light it up.
Don’t send me to sleep.
Meet happiness for your family!

My dear family, on New Year’s holiday,
Let Santa Claus look in, learn the school verse.
Let him get out of the bag, a lot of money and good.
So that this New Year, you bought a snowboard.

Happy New Year’s days,
I sincerely wish my relatives.
Play, be stylish and fashionable.
Complete challenges while playing.

Happy holiday, my dears!
I wish you golden days
Dacha in Japan, with cherry blossoms.
May your life be bright and beautiful!

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