Sophia Slime Mixing Net Worth

It’s hard to believe, but YouTube star Sophia Slime Mixing has a net worth that’s well over $370 thousand. The videos she uploads have received over 310.1 million views, and this has helped her generate a considerable amount of money. Currently, she has a total of 270 videos and a net worth estimated at $373.7 to $972.1 thousand. However, it is not known what the YouTube star’s net worth is.

YouTube subscribers can expect to earn anywhere from $7 to $8.28 per thousand views, which translates to millions of dollars per year. YouTube channels can have multiple sources of revenue. Sophia Slime Mixing is no exception. In addition to YouTube videos, she also has other revenue streams from video ads. Her earnings from YouTube could easily top $8.28 million a year if she can consistently produce content that reaches a wide audience.

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