Sports swimming trunks and swimwear – how to choose sportswear for swimming

How to choose the right sports swimwear and swimming trunks for the poolIn the modern world, health comes to the fore. More and more people are starting to eat right and exercise. Many people choose swimming as their workout. However, you don’t have to think that you can put on a beach bikini and come to the pool – just no one will let you in.

So how to choose the right swimsuit and swimming trunks for your pool?

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Types of sports swimwear for swimming

Despite strict rules, women’s swimwear can be very feminine and elegant when selected correctly.

And what is generally useful for a regular visit to the pool?

So what are the types of women’s sports swimwear? Getting ready for swimming!

  1. Leotard with thin straps and an open back. Such a swimsuit is perfect for beginners who simply go to the pool to maintain their health or acquire a slim figure. For sporting events and competitions, this model is not very convenient, since at high swimming speed, the straps will cut into the skin. Women's Swimwear Open Back Pool
  2. Swimwear with wide straps. Very often, the straps on such swimsuits are crossed on the back, just like on a racer’s T-shirt. It is very convenient, as this swimsuit provides a feeling of confidence in the water, and movements are not constrained. The straps do not interfere with swimming, since the shoulder blades remain free, which means that the strokes will be full. Women's swimwear with wide straps
  3. Swimsuit with a closed back. Such a swimsuit is suitable for both amateurs and professionals – it allows you to reduce water resistance, which, of course, only benefits your workout. Backless Pool Swimsuit
  4. Swimming starter suit. This swimsuit is perfect for those athletes who are already going international. Despite the high price tag, the starter suit is a small key to victory. It is a knee-length jumpsuit that not only reduces water resistance, but also provides additional muscle compression. Starter swimsuit

Swimwear for fitness bikinis is completely different, and does not look like swimwear.

Types of sports men’s swimming trunks for the pool

There are also a huge variety of swimming trunks models, however, there are three main types that are suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

So, what are the types of men’s swimming trunks for the pool?

  • Classic swimming trunks. This model is often found, as it is the most convenient and versatile. These swimming trunks are moderately open, very comfortable and allow the swimmer to feel free during training. Classic men's swimming trunks
  • Swimming trunks-boxers. The most popular option: comfortable, does not restrict movement and allows you to move faster in the water. The most important thing is that the swimming trunks are made of chlorine-resistant fabric, otherwise they will “shrink” after the first swim. Swimming trunks boxers for the pool
  • Starting swimming trunks. Such swimming trunks are also called “hydroshorts” – they are overalls for professional swimmers. In such shorts, the athlete moves faster due to the decrease in water resistance. The shorts also provide muscle compression – an added bonus. Starting heats

What fabric are swimming trunks and swimwear made of?

Gathered to the store for a swimsuit or swimming trunks? Remember the points to which you should definitely pay attention.

And the most important point is the fabric from which these products are sewn. It should be noted right away that the fabric must be synthetic

  • Briefs and swimwear made of synthetic materials fit perfectly on the body and do not restrain movements at all when they get wet.
  • Synthetic fabric dries quickly – unlike, for example, cotton fabrics.
  • Also synthetics are resistant to chlorinewhile other fabrics may shed, shrink or discolor.
  • The most commonly used materials are polyamide and lycra, nylon, microfiber and polyester widely known today
  • The best option is considered a swimsuit made of polyamide and it fits perfectly on the body.
  • Starting shorts and swimwear are most often made from elastane and polyamide.… Moreover, the content of the first component usually reaches 40%, which ensures muscle compression.

Choosing the right swimwear – basic requirements for it

  • Lack of metal parts. Excessive details (such as jewelry or fasteners) on a swimsuit can cause injury while swimming. That is why you should choose simple swimwear that does not have metal or plastic sharp parts.
  • Convenience. A swimsuit should not hinder movement and cause discomfort.
  • Swimsuit and swimming trunks should cover 2/3 of the buttocks by world standards, so you will have to forget about bikinis and “seagulls” panties if you are going to practice in a public pool.

By the way – when bathing children in the pool or open water, you must also adhere to certain rules.

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