St John Episcopal Hospital Community Mental Health Center

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Community Mental Health Center is a nonprofit organization in New York City that specializes in psychiatry and behavioral health care. The center has two locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn and employs several board-certified doctors in the field. Staff includes Jennifer Allen, PhD, LCSW, Laura Frey, and Brigitte Basis. Additionally, the center employs lateisha swinton, a mental health counselor, and Terry Geist, a clinical social worker.

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Community Mental Health Center offers a variety of services for the community. Some of the behavioral health providers offer weekend appointments. They also provide telehealth services and offer virtual visits. To contact a behavioral health provider, call (212) 266-5411 or use the contact form below. The team will get back to you within 24 hours. Please note that your information will be publicly posted on this page. If you’re concerned about privacy, please use the link below.

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital offers various behavioral health services. The hospital’s emergency room is equipped with 11 curtain-divided care areas, including an evaluation room and private interview rooms. There is also a quiet room where patients can self-manage their symptoms. The team members of the behavioral health department complete crisis management training through the New York State Office of Mental Healthcare. This training is aimed at helping medical and mental health professionals de-escalate a situation as quickly and effectively as possible. Using verbal techniques, such as affirmations, and less restrictive interventions, can help prevent a potentially dangerous crisis.

If you are interested in receiving behavioral health services from a behavioral health provider, you can use the contact form on the website to contact the center. They are located in the hospital and accept appointments after business hours. If you’re worried about privacy, you can also send a message through email. You’ll receive a reply shortly. The St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Community Mental Health Center will then get back to you.

The St. John’s Episcopal Hospital has recently opened a new wing with a behavioral health clinic. The wing includes an evaluation room, private interview room, exam room, 11 curtain-divided care rooms, and a quiet room for self-management. The psychiatric wing is also home to a counseling office and a telehealth service.

To contact St. John’s Episcopal Hospital’s Community Mental Health Center, fill out the contact form provided. If you have a privacy concern, use the contact form instead. The Center can answer your questions and schedule appointments. This is an excellent resource for anyone suffering from mental illness and addiction. Many providers specialize in a specific field or area, so it’s important to find one that’s right for you.

The St. John’s Episcopal Hospital’s psychiatry department recently opened a new behavioral health wing, including an evaluation room and private interview rooms. There are 11 curtain-divided care areas for people with mental health problems. Behavioral health team members receive state-approved training in crisis situations and crisis management. This training equips them with verbal and non-violent interventions to help stabilize the situation.

In addition to an evaluation room, the community mental health center has a quiet room. The quiet room allows patients to work through their symptoms without being surrounded by strangers. It also features a counseling service for people with addictions. Among other things, the center offers a psychiatric consultation in case the patient feels overwhelmed. Its therapists and staff are trained to help people cope with various problems.

The behavioral health wing at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital also includes a private interview room, exam room, and eleven curtain-divided care areas. The center offers a quiet room for self-management. A new wing was recently opened in the hospital’s emergency department for patients with mental illness. In addition to the examination and treatment rooms, the facility also has an evaluation room.

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