St John Matriculation Higher Secondary School Thiruninravur

The St. Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary School is a Private Unaided Organization (PUO) located in Thiruninravur, Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu. The school offers a Co-educational educational system. The average class size is 34. The school offers English as the main language of instruction. The school also offers classes in Tamil and French as a second language.

The school’s campus includes a creche, three floors, a gym, a swimming pool, and a large playground. There are several competitors, including Avichi, A V Meiyappan, and Balalok. The R K Ground is used for games and sports. There are two separate Physics labs, one on each floor. The Ramakrishna Nagar Ground has a larger playground. Students can also use the transportation provided by the school.

The school’s Project Day is a major event in the calendar year. Students conduct experimental preparations, exhibit art pieces, and present their work to visitors. The school celebrates its Annual Day with performances by all the students. There is also an award ceremony for the most disciplined student, and the class teacher selects the winner. The guests of honor at the annual day include Vijayakant and other prominent personalities. The souvenirs include pictures of first rank holders, poems, and articles written by the students.

The school’s newest feature is its annual Project Day, held once a year. The students prepare experiments, exhibit art, and explain their creations to visitors. The school holds its own Parent-Teacher Day once a quarter. In addition, there are speech and quiz programs held throughout the year. It has also been the recipient of numerous awards. Despite the high school atmosphere, the school is a popular place to attend for young learners.

The school holds an annual Project Day, which is a major event for the school. The students prepare and display art and experimental preparations, and then present them to the public. On this day, the school also holds an extra subject called Moral Science, taught by a class teacher. During this day, the parents and teachers of the school organize a parent-teacher meeting. During this day, the students sing songs and dance. They have a Parent-Teacher meeting, and the most disciplined student is also awarded. During this day, Vijayakant has been a guest of honor. In addition, souvenirs feature the pictures of first rank holders and poems composed by the school’s students.

The school hosts a variety of events, such as the Project Day and the Annual Day. Both events involve students presenting their projects and celebrating the school’s achievements. The annual event is also an important one for the school, which is attended by many alumni. There are quiz competitions and speeches, which the students participate in as part of their studies. The St. Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Thiruninravur is a partner of Unicus Olympiads, which promotes learning and sports in the area.

St. Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary School is a private institution located in the heart of the city. The school is in direct competition with other matriculation schools in the area. The St. Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary has an average salary of 2.1 lakhs per year. The salary range for various employees is based on 41 salaries. The Unicus Olympiads are held every year and are open to partners from across India.

In addition to this, the school also holds events like the Project Day. The students take turns to do experimental preparations or create art works. The projects are presented to visitors and the teachers sign them. The school hosts the Project Day quarterly. The Annual Day also includes a speech program to improve the speech skills of students. During this day, the students hold quiz competitions.

The school holds three levels: Balalok Primary School is on the first floor. There are two separate playgrounds. The children can play on the roof or in the playground. The school is competitive with other matriculation schools in the area. The staff at the St. Johns Matriculation Higher Secondary School has excellent communication skills. It can communicate with students and teachers through a wide variety of mediums.

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