St John’s Hospital Koramangala Contact Number

For more information, call the St. John’s Hospital in Koramangala. The hospital’s phone number is 080-25300929. The website of the hospital provides a complete list of doctors and their specialties. For further information, you can also visit their Facebook page or view their Google Map. Regardless of your specific needs, you can rest assured that their staff is knowledgeable and compassionate.

The hospital’s main contact number is 108. This toll-free number is operated by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India. If you have an emergency, the 108 number can be used to make an emergency call. It is also useful if you are unsure of your condition. It is a good idea to call the hospital a few days before the scheduled procedure to avoid long lines.

There are many different ways to contact the hospital, including through their website. A telephone number can be helpful in case of an emergency, but a personal one is even more valuable. The 108 number is free and easy to use. If you need medical help urgently, you can call this number to be connected with an emergency room. They can answer your questions about treatment and care in a matter of minutes.

If you have a serious illness, the first place to contact would be a doctor. This is the most convenient way to get the care you need, and this service is widely known throughout the state. Whether you need an urgent appointment or are suffering from a more complicated emergency, you can count on the team at the St. John’s Hospital to respond quickly and efficiently.

If you need medical attention fast, call the hospital’s emergency line. There are many toll-free numbers to call for emergencies in India. The 108 number is a dedicated number for emergencies. In case of emergencies, call this toll-free number. They are always ready to help. The emergency number is a toll-free option. This service is available in many states and is also operated by the St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences.

The St. John’s Medical Centre in Bangalore is located on St. John’s Church Road. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India founded this medical college in 1963. Today, it is a 340-bed multi-specialty hospital. It has a reputation for excellent care and has received several awards for quality and patient satisfaction. This is the only Catholic hospital in South India to have a toll-free emergency number.

The St. John’s Medical College in Bangalore is a private medical school that was founded in 1963 by Bishop Lawrence Mar Ephraem and Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India’s mission is to promote healthcare quality and services in the poorest communities. The St. John’s Medical College is located on Sarjapur Road.

If you need medical assistance in Bangalore, call 108. The hospital’s emergency phone number can be a lifeline for the poor. In cases of serious emergency, dial the 108 number. The 108 number is an emergency medical helpline. If you are unable to get in touch with the hospital’s staff through the normal means, call 111. The doctor will help you find a better, more efficient way to communicate with them.

The St. John’s Medical College is located on St. Johns Church Road in Bangalore. The hospital was founded by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India in 1963 and now admits approximately 150 undergraduate students and 100 postgraduates in its four-year MBBS program. The hospital has a renowned reputation for addressing medical issues in the poorest communities. Its mission is to provide compassionate and holistic healthcare to the residents of the Garden City.

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