St Johns Point Donegal House For Sale

This property is for sale in St. Johns Point (Donegal). It features a private beach and stunning views. The property boasts stunning views of the coast from every room. It includes a detached garage, kerbed- and stone driveways, and three bedrooms. It also has a well-tended yard that can be used for a shed.

The property is located on a peninsula with stunning coastal views and consists of a single-storey cottage made from stone. The property features two bedrooms, one with a double bed, and the other with a single bed. An additional two camp beds can be provided if needed. The house features an en-suite bathroom and is ideal for family vacations.

Many houses are available for sale in St. John’s Point. The house is ideal for families, whether you are looking to buy a vacation home or a permanent residence. This property is ideal for a family or couple. It is easily accessible because it is located on the Wild Atlantic Way. It has one and two bedrooms. It also features a kitchenette and an en-suite bathroom. It is situated next to the beach, which is a great benefit for families who are looking to live in this area.

The stunning views from St. John’s Point are a highlight of the property. It can sleep up to two camp beds and has a single or double bedroom. The en-suite bathroom is ideal for families and comes with all the amenities necessary for comfortable living. And it’s located on the Wild Atlantic Way, which means you’ll be able to access it easily.

Donegal is the perfect place to call home if you’re looking for a home at St. John’s Point. This property has a spectacular view of the bay. This property is ideally located on a quiet bayfront, making it a great choice for a vacation home or getaway. With a secluded beach, the house is ideal for a family. A small dilapidated cottage, with a few modern appliances, is on the first floor. The secluded position of the peninsula makes it ideal for redevelopment.

A home in this area should be located on a peninsula with coastal views. The view will be available without the need to travel. The surrounding scenery will be stunning. You will feel a strong sense of community in the town, and you can feel at home with your family and friends. You can even enjoy a day trip to the nearby countryside, with the picturesque views of the bay.

The area is renowned for its beauty, and the house for sale in St. John’s Point, IE, is a prime location for tourists and residents alike. The stunning scenery and proximity to the main access road to the beach make it an ideal holiday destination. A few other properties in this location are perfect for redevelopment projects, while others can be used as investment properties. This is a great place to invest in property and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

A house in St. John’s Point, IE, offers a pristine coastal location and a fantastic beachfront setting. This property features a small stone-built cottage with an unobstructed view of the bay. It has a redevelopment potential. The property also has a second cottage that could be used as a family home. It is located directly on the beach and has a private entrance.

This beautiful house for sale in St. John’s Point (IE) is located on the coast. The property includes a dilapidated stone-built cottage and two additional camp beds. The property is a prime location for an investment property, as it overlooks the sea. It is located on the beachfront and has a stunning view of the bay as well as the surrounding area. In addition to a stunning view, this home is an ideal location for a family.

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