St John’s School Buckhurst Hill Catchment Area

Located in the heart of Buckhurst Hill, St John’s Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School is a top-performing primary school with an impressive record of student achievement. With a student-teacher ratio of 19:1, this church-run primary school is a great choice for parents with young children. Moreover, the community-focused environment ensures the success of learning in every classroom. The catchment area is a large one, which means that schools within it are not overcrowded.

The school’s catchment area is not large, and pupils’ progress has dipped from an excellent start in the Early Years Foundation Stage. However, some pupils have not made as much progress in English as in other subject areas. The school is bigger than average, with two classes for each year group up to Key Stage 1. The pupils are predominantly White British, with a range of ethnic backgrounds. Very few speak English as a foreign language.

The catchment area of St John’s School is fairly large, but is a little larger than average. The catchment area is not mapped on a map, but you can still find it by searching online. Using heat maps is also an excellent way to determine whether the school is in your catchment. These maps show the actual cut-off distances for admission and are published by the local authority.

The school’s headteacher and deputy headteacher are specialist educational leaders, with qualifications to back up the claims made in the report. The school also has outstanding performance in the national and international league tables. And the staff are excellent. Its behaviour is exceptional and pupils show enthusiasm and attention in lessons. They are respectful and considerate towards adults and other pupils. Furthermore, the relationships between parents and pupils are excellent.

The behaviour of pupils is excellent. They show interest and attention in lessons and behave well with other pupils. The school’s relationships with parents are also excellent. The teachers know the students well. The governors’ feedback is constructive and challenging. There are no specific reasons to reject a child from the school. A strong community environment and a welcoming atmosphere make it a desirable place for a child.

The behaviour of pupils is excellent. They show interest in lessons and are respectful towards adults. They are well-behaved and behave appropriately, which is a good sign. They also respect each other. In addition, their parents are very supportive of the work of the school. The spiritual and cultural development of the pupils is also outstanding. The relationships between the children and adults are exceptional. The governors are knowledgeable and supportive of the school and its work.

The school’s leadership is strong. The headteacher is a specialist in education, and the deputy headteacher is a national leader. The school’s curriculum is broad, and it meets government floor standards. The pupils have the right attitude and motivation to succeed. They are well-behaved, polite, and respectful. The relationships between adults and pupils are excellent. The governors know the school well and they ask challenging questions.

The behaviour of pupils at St. John’s School is very good. They show interest in lessons and pay attention to their teachers. They are respectful and show respect for the adults. The relationships between the pupils and their teachers are excellent. The governors have a close relationship with the school and are supportive and challenging. If you are looking for a primary school, contact the local authority.

The school’s staff is qualified and experienced in education. The headteacher is a specialist in educational research. She is a national leader in her field. Besides, she is an experienced teacher who is dedicated to teaching and learning. A good teacher is a great teacher. If you want to find a top primary school, you should look for a reputable and well-run one.

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