St Johns School Porur Chennai Tamil Nadu

The St. John’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School is located in Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This school offers Matriculation classes to children of all ages. The curriculum follows the Matriculation Syllabus, grades 1 to 10, and the Tamil State Board, grades 11 and 12. This institution has branches in Alwarthirunagar and Porur. The students learn Tamil and French in addition to English.

The school is located in the picturesque town of Porur in Tamil Nadu. Its campus is surrounded by greenery and offers great views of the city. Its prestigious position is recognized by the state government. Tourists love this location. It is well-connected and a great choice for families with young children. The school is well-known for its academic excellence as well as the quality of its faculty.

The school has a rich history. Its first uniform was cream shirt and chocolate pants. It was later changed to a lighter shade of chocolate and black. Its uniforms are often complemented by colorful accessories. The first day was marked by a sporting event. Students could also participate in games and other competitions at the school’s sports day. It is also where actor Dhanush studied. Although he is most well-known for his role as Karana in the movie, he was also a student there.

Apart from the sports day, there are many other activities that take place in the school. Students in the school take part in the annual day. They perform and receive a prize for being the best student in their class. The School also awards the student with the highest discipline score. The class teacher selects the guest of honor for the annual celebrations, and there are souvenirs made for the students.

The school has a number of special events. Students sponsor the Project Day, where students conduct experimental preparations. Students can also compete in competitions. The school hosts a dance day where the first-ranking English department holder is awarded a medal. The class teacher will also award the top ranking in a competitive exam, where the winning student will be celebrated by the school.

The school’s initial uniforms were white tops and half-centimetre wide check-boxes. The next year, the school adopted a cream shirt with brown pants. The XII-level students wore black shoes and chocolate pants. On Mondays, the uniforms were lighter shades of brown and cream. The children wore brown ties afterwards and walked to school.

The school also holds a sports day. Students compete in different sports every week and some teachers finance the event. Students perform on stage to celebrate the Annual Day. Many awards have been presented to St. Johns students. Vijayakant, the actor Dhanush and director Venkatesh Prabhu attended the school.

The school has a strong English department. This department teaches English to English-speaking students. The principal has a flair for English and is a good writer. The principal has a passion for the language, and a knack for the arts. There is always something new around the corner. The only thing missing is a new name, so don’t worry.

There is no uniform at St. John’s School, but the students wear uniforms that are designed to promote their sense of identity. The school’s first uniform was white tops and chocolate trousers with check-boxes half a centimetre high. In the XIIIIII-XIII std., a red tie was introduced in the next two years. A Sec. 1984

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