Star men about women who will never be forgotten

It often seems to mere mortals that the “stars” cannot have problems in their personal lives. However, sometimes partings, and very tragic ones, also occur in the lives of men who are considered the most desirable in the world.

1. Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Mayakovsky
Everyone knows about the love story of Lily Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky. The poet’s muse and tormentor was aware of how Vladimir treated her, but sometimes she behaved like a capricious child, not sparing the feelings of a lover. Should I blame her? It is difficult to answer this question. After all, Mayakovsky continued to love her no matter what, which means that it was precisely such a relationship that he needed.

The couple periodically parted and converged again. Mayakovsky had other women, but Lilya overshadowed them, as the Sun obscures the stars during the day. And it was to her that the poet dedicated these nagging lines:

“Besides your love,
to me
no sea
but you can’t beg for rest from your love, even with weeping. “

2. Lianne Neeson

Lianne Neeson
A terrible tragedy happened in the life of the actor Lianne Neeson. Together with his wife, Natasha Richardson, he was vacationing at a ski resort. While descending a difficult track, Natasha fell and received a serious head injury. However, the girl refused hospitalization, which was a tragic mistake. A few hours later Natasha felt unwell and fainted. Doctors could not save her: an intracranial hematoma led to a violation of almost all vital functions. Soon the woman died: after receiving Neeson’s consent, they turned off the life support system.

Now Neeson is happily married again, but in interviews he often says that the pain in his heart is still alive. Indeed, together with Natasha Richardson, he lived 15 happy years, and two sons were born in marriage. Liam says, “The ground is slipping from under our feet, everything is unstable. The world is crumbling. This gradually softens, but from time to time such pain pierces the heart. “

Despite a successful career and new family happiness, the actor was never able to finally survive the tragedy: “Thinking, I kind of escaped. I ran away to work. The worst thing is that you cannot prepare for grief. You think you’ll cry, and then it’s all over. You plan for it to happen, but it doesn’t work. It still seems to me that she is near. The first time in our New York apartment, I heard sounds. The door creaked. And now I sometimes think that I can hear it. Now I’m 61, and I’m doing action films. Some strange feeling in the background of what happened. As if all this is not happening to me. “

By the way, before the death of his wife, Neeson rarely starred in action films, but after the tragedy they became his main “specialization”. In part, according to the actor, this was an attempt not to go crazy thanks to the drive and adrenaline on the set.

3. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

The most enviable Hollywood groom, an actor with an aristocratic appearance and a big heart, never got married. Many believe that the reason for Keanu’s loneliness is a tragedy experienced in his youth.

At the dawn of his career, Reeves met a young director’s assistant, Jennifer Syme. The girl was ambitious, worked hard and dreamed of becoming successful and not depending on men, which attracted Keanu’s attention: Jennifer’s strong character caused him great respect. At the same time, Syme was not flirtatious and did not try to flirt with the handsome young actor, which made her even more attractive in the eyes of Reeves.

The novel developed rapidly. Soon the couple moved in, and after a while Jennifer realized that she was expecting a baby. Keanu was delighted with this news. He came up with a name for his daughter, arranged a room for her, bought up children’s things with Jennifer. Reeves’ acquaintances claim that this stage of his life was the happiest. He constantly talked about the child and dreamed of picking up his little princess as soon as possible.

However, a disaster struck. A month before giving birth, doctors told the couple that the baby had died in the womb due to a blood clot in the umbilical cord vessels. While Jennifer was recovering in the hospital, Keanu was in a hurry to distribute children’s things so that nothing would remind her beloved of what had happened.

Unfortunately, the tragedy literally knocked down both Reeves and Syme. The actor plunged into work, and Jennifer was unclaimed and began to abuse alcohol. One day after a party, she got drunk behind the wheel, forgetting to fasten her seat belt. In the morning, the girl was found dead in a crumpled car.

Keanu Reeves never talks about Jennifer. If journalists ask questions about her, he simply stops the interview. Only once did he admit that he madly misses the times when he was happy with his wife and together they were waiting for the birth of their common child. The baby was planned to be called Ava. Reeves buried Jennifer next to his daughter so that after death they would always be there.

4. Dmitry Shepelev

Dmitry Shepelev
Everyone knows about the history of Zhanna Friske’s struggle with a brain tumor. After the death of a talented singer, a real war broke out between her parents and her common-law husband. You can argue for a long time about who is right and who is wrong. However, one thing is obvious: from the first to the last day, Dmitry was by his wife’s side and tried to facilitate her existence with all his might.

After Zhanna’s death, Dmitry wrote a book in which he told not only his version of his wife’s illness, but also gave valuable advice to all people who were faced with a terrible diagnosis. In this book there is such a quote: “I thought a lot about what I did not have time to tell you, what words to choose to express feelings. I don’t know, I didn’t find these scraps either before parting or now. I am still worried about you and I hope that you are calm now. “

Once upon a time, do you remember, you told me: “… Even if you leave me, I will still wish you happiness, I want you to feel good, because I love you.” Probably now I would tell you that. We really had very little time. A little more than two years passed from the meeting to the birth of Plato. Remembering this short time, I understand that I was happier with you than ever before. “

5. Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Khabensky

When the wife of actor Konstantin Khabensky Anastasia became pregnant, the joy of the spouses knew no bounds. But soon after receiving the joyful news of the upcoming replenishment, the woman began to complain of fatigue and severe headaches. At first, the symptoms were associated with pregnancy, but after examination it turned out that Anastasia had a brain tumor. Unfortunately, the woman could not be saved and she died shortly after the birth of her son.

Now Khabensky is married to actress Olga Litvinova. He devotes a lot of time to charity. In memory of Anastasia, he helps people with cancer. The actor says: “It was a very simple thing that pushed me towards this. Eleven years ago, my family was in trouble. Nastya, my wife, was diagnosed with brain oncology. We had two operations, we moved to America to continue treatment. And in order to distract her from this story, I suggested that she engage in helping others – children with this disease. And she started. We started together, then she was gone, and I realized that it’s worthless for us if it’s a one-day story. ”

Konstantin Khabensky chose an unusual way to cope with his pain. He tries to save other people, and the account goes to dozens. The actor founded his own charitable foundation, and thanks to his active work, children with cancer are able to live a long, happy life. And he does this in memory of his beloved who passed away early. Everyone can help Konstantin: on the foundation’s website, you can make a voluntary targeted donation.

Time heals any wounds… But the memory of those whom we once loved remains forever. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about “mere mortals” or about the stars, whose name is known to thousands of people.

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