Star men with noble gray hair: what is their charm?

What to do with graying hair? Paint over with permanent paint or leave this maturity mark as it is? To be gray or not to be? Apparently, this almost Hamlet question does not torment some amazing actors at all. Of the two options, they unambiguously choose the first: to be gray. Women like noble gray hair – they think.

So let’s try to evaluate and understand their choice.

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Stellar example

Modern celebrities of the stronger sex are increasingly abandoning dyes, preferring silver strands.

For many years bearing the title of sex symbol George Clooney has long been showing the public not only gray hair, but also graying stubble. However, such a detail only adds to its attractiveness.

George Clooney
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Today in adulthood Patrick Dempsey he looks no worse than in his youth, so he definitely should not be ashamed of gray hair.

Patrick Dempsey
Photo @patrickdempsey

Does not give up positions and Hugh grant: not so long ago he starred in the film “Gentlemen”, once again captivating the audience with his charm.

Hugh grant
Photo @hughgrantphotos

Dane Viggo Mortensen I remember first of all the role in the film “The Lord of the Rings”, where he played the heir to the throne. The owner of a thoroughbred appearance looks very good with graying curls.

Viggo Mortensen
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Nikolai Coster-Waldau and with gray hair remains the same handsome man with a cunning squint.

Nikolai Coster-Waldau
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British aristocrat Colin Firth Is a perfect example of how to charm all women with gallant manners and impeccable images.

Colin Firth
Photo @justcolinfirth

Luca Argentero looks doubly attractive with silvery strands contrasting with his natural dark hair color.

Luca Argentero
Photo @lucaargentero

The first traces of gray hair can be seen in Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.
Photo @robertdowneyjr

and the Bond star Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig
Photo @craigdanielbond

Chris Noth or Mr. Big from Sex and the City.

Chris Noth
Photo @chrisnothofficial

Gray hair is noticeable and John Corbett, also one of the main characters in Sex and the City.

John Corbett
Photo @johncorbettfan

From ashy to snow-white: we don’t seem to remember Richard Gere without gray hair.

Richard Gere
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Many shades of gray

With age, almost all men inevitably develop gray hair. However, this fact is not at all a reason for complexes, worries and searches for means to hide the signs of age, because gray hair can decorate males in their own way and only make them more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, gray hair, indicating a mature age, at the same time indicates a certain status of a person. He is no longer a youth, but a person who has achieved certain heights, a certain position in society, good things, in a word, an accomplished personality.

Secondly, gray hair is inevitably associated with such qualities as wisdom, stability, protection, reliability, experience, that is, in fact, adds masculinity to a person.

Thirdly, with the correct presentation of gray hair looks elegant, presentable, and sometimes aristocratic. A man with silver strands stands out from the crowd, seems to be a sophisticated and thoroughbred gentleman. But to create such an effect, of course. a successful hairstyle and a holistic image of a modern intellectual is needed.

In other words, gray hair is sexy and attractive, so women are usually only in awe of it. The main thing is not to forget about quality haircuts and hair care.

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