Stars of many children – from 4 or more heirs

Stars with many children are direct evidence that the statement “a child puts an end to his career,” to put it mildly, is false. Having four, five or more children does not prevent them from achieving success in various professional fields, be it filming a movie, winding kilometers on the catwalk or government affairs. Today we’ll tell you about celebrities who are not only successful in their business, but are also exemplary parents.

Natalya Kasperskaya – 5 children

Natalya Kasperskaya

Mathematician, board member of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce and star mother with many children Natalya Kasperskaya ranks 4th in the ranking of the most influential women in Russia. During the first marriage, two babies were born, and three more children were born from the second husband. Despite the busy schedule, the business woman does an excellent job with motherhood.

Tatiana Aprelskaya (Mkhitaryan) – 7 children

Tatiana Mkhitaryan

A renowned interior designer specializing in creating apartments suitable for a large family, Tatiana Aprelskaya is a truly stellar Russian mother with many children, as her family has already 7 children. The guys support their mother and always take part in her creative ideas, helping to saw, paint and sew. Tatyana once said in an interview: “My main ideological inspirers are my children. I want to travel with them and show them the world in all its diversity. “

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – 7 children

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The most famous Hollywood stars with many children became parents first for adoptive kids – a boy from Cambodia and a girl from Ethiopia, and then a daughter was born. The couple did not stop there and adopted another child from Vietnam. It would seem that four children are already a huge responsibility and it’s time to stop there. But 5 years later, Jolie gave birth to twin boys from Pitt. In one of her interviews, the star mom advised the newly-made parents: “Do what you see fit and don’t follow stupid stereotypes about your kids. This is your family and only your rules apply here. “

Ivan Okhlobystin – 6 children

Ivan Okhlobystin

The famous Russian star father with many children is Ivan Okhlobystin. As his wife Oksana Arbuzova admits, Okhlobystin is a very unusual person, a versatile father and a wonderful husband, who initially fully supported the initiative to create a large and friendly family in which there will be many kids. Previously, Ivan worked as a priest, and at the moment he is an excellent actor who fell in love with the public.

Eddie Murphy – 9 children

Eddie Murphy

The actor, popular all over the world, occupies a leading place in the lists of the most large star parents, because his family has 9 children. In a legal marriage with model Nicole Mitchell, he had five children, out of wedlock Paulette McKneely and Tamara Goode gave the actor a son, and Melanie Brown gave birth to a daughter. The last chosen one of Eddie was Paige Butcher, who gave birth to the actor another girl.

Natalia Vodianova – 5 children

Natalya Vodyanova

The world famous supermodel Natalia Vodianova is only 34 years old, but this does not prevent her from being an amazing mother for five children. During the marriage with Justin Portman, three babies were born: two sons and a daughter. At the moment, the girl is dating the millionaire Antois Arnault, from whom she gave birth to two sons.

Large families of stars attract special attention from fans, because raising a child is not an easy process in itself, and even more so when fame is behind. Family psychologist and mother of five children Larisa Surkova highlights several main points that will help parents find an approach to the younger generation:

  • you need to learn to calm down;
  • tell the child about your love for him;
  • emotionally reward your child;
  • do not hide your feelings with children.

Larisa advises her readers: “Being a parent is a very important and responsible role in life, but not the only one. Do not forget about yourself: your interests should not be pushed into a distant box. There is no need to wait for better times, live richly with your children. “

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