Stephen Root Net Worth

Stephen Root is an American actor, voice over artist, and producer. His most notable credits include starring on the television sitcom “NEWSRADIO,” as JIMMY JAMES in comedy film “Office Space,” and as Milton Waddams, in the science-fiction film “OFFICE SPACE.” Root was born in Sarasota on November 17, 1951. Root’s father was a project manager and superintendent. Because of his father’s employment, the actor’s family moved around quite a bit.

Root began his acting career young. He started out voicing a character named Master Junjie on the cartoon Kung Fu Panda and was quickly cast as one of the show’s popular characters. He also had voice roles in many movies and television series. He was even a regular guest star on the HBO series “The Man in the High Castle.” Nonetheless, he waited until 2018 to land a lead role in the movie Barry, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

As his fame has grown, Stephen Root’s net worth has increased over the years. He is humble despite his success on the screen. His acting career is what has brought him modest wealth, and not his marriage. He is currently married Romy Rosemont, an actor, and they have a child. Root is modestly wealthy, but he has kept his private life private and avoided the spotlight.

Stephen Root’s acting career has brought him an estimated net worth $6 million. While he is a talented actor, he has earned a significant portion of his net worth from his voice-over roles. He is a popular star on the television screen and has millions of fans worldwide. Here is a list of some of his other notable credits. His recurring role as “Idiotsitter”, which he plays every other week, is the main source of his net worth.

Stephen Root is an actor and voice artist. He has a large fan base and is active on social networking sites. His fans post pictures on his Facebook and Twitter fan pages, and there are numerous fan groups and page dedicated to his name. His performances on television have earned him a number of nominations and awards, including best supporting actor and best ensemble cast in movies and TV series. Despite his popularity, Root remains relatively uncontroversial and is free of legal problems.

Besides his voice work, Root has had several other roles in TV shows. He voiced Jimmy James on NewsRadio and Bill Dauterive on King of the Hill. He was also seen in American Dad and Tripping the Rift. As an actor, Root’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. Aside from his voice work, he has also starred in several films. He has also been featured on TV shows like The West Wing, Kim Possible, and others.

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