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Storing toys in the nursery - 18 best ideas from colady.ruOrganizing order in a house where there are children is a difficult task, and therefore interesting. Storing toys in a nursery is a special issue, because everything needs to be neatly folded – even what you really want to throw away. Children do not want to part with their favorite things.

We have selected for you the best ideas on how to maintain both peace of mind and comfort in the apartment. There are so many of them that you can store whatever you want.

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What should you pay attention to?

Always involve your child when cleaning or moving. Consult and listen – what toys and things he needs in the access zone, and what can be removed away.

It is logical that cars and dolls should be stored on the lower shelves (preferably in drawers), and figurines or cups should be removed higher.

Specialists in organizing order in the house (there are some) emphasize the need to store each category of things in a separate place. For example, children’s books should only be in the nursery, and then you will know exactly where and what is.

And yet, before you put things in order, carefully weigh the need for each item. Broken toys should be thrown away – as well as clothes that the child will no longer wear.

Ideas for organizing toys in the nursery of toddlers and preschoolers

Transparent containers for storing toys – outlet for the mother of a child of any age:

  • Firstly, a big plus is that you can organize a huge number of different items (not only toys, but also stationery, books, etc.).
  • Secondly, it looks beautiful – especially if you stick a sticker on each drawer with the designation of what is inside.

Transparent containers for storing toys

For mothers of boys who cannot imagine their life without cars, such an original idea is suitable. Small narrow shelves do not take up much space and do not eat up space, but they always allow you to admire your favorite toys.

Narrow shelves for typewriters

Now you can definitely be sure that your favorite car will not be lost, and your child will proudly demonstrate his exposition to friends.

But for girls of any age, it is suitable for storing dolls wall organizer… If you hang it on the door, not a single centimeter of space in the nursery will suffer. The advantage is that you can independently choose the fabric for it, which means that it will ideally fit into any interior.

Organizer for dolls in the nursery

In the same way, you can store paints, pencils if you make the pockets transparent, as well as hygiene items, which should always be at hand.

It is important to organize the storage of toys in such a way as to save free space as much as possible. Therefore, it is very convenient to select special furniture with storage areas: stools, benches, and even a table. V organizing storage spaces under the table many advantages – everything is located next to the play area, and with a minimum probability it will be scattered on the floor or will move to other rooms. Another advantage is that all important things are within the reach of the child. This means that it will be easier for him not only to get them, but also to learn to put things in order after the game.

Storing toys in the nursery under the table

Be sure to use the space under the bed. Special models of beds with drawers are available, but you can do just fine separate boxes, bought in Ikea – a budget and practical option. You can make them yourself – it’s not difficult, and you will get a thing that is completely suitable both in color and size. You can store anything in these boxes: toys, books, bedding.

Ikea boxes for storing toys in the nursery

In any nursery, you can find a huge number of soft toys. They take up a bed, shelves, but still do not fit. To store them, you can use hammock – it is not at all difficult to make it: you need a piece of fabric and 2 hooks attached to the wall. This option will help free up space without compromising space. Try to position it so that your child can reach and fold toys on their own.

Hammock for storing soft toys in the nursery

Bed pockets also suitable for storing things for children of any age. Mothers of very young children use them for napkins, rattles. The child grows up, his needs change, but the relevance of the place where everything will be at hand does not disappear.

Bed pockets for toys or books

In such pockets you can put your favorite books and toys that will be waiting for your baby in the evening. In small rooms, this is a great alternative to a bedside table.

Make the most of the wall space, but avoid clutter. Narrow shelves ideal for storing small toys. Later it will be possible to put books and certificates on them. By placing the shelves one above the other, almost right next to the floor, you save space and allow your child to choose what to do. Making choices is a valuable adult skill that should be developed from childhood.

Narrow toy shelves

Very convenient for storing things in the nursery like this rack… Its design is simple, but that doesn’t make it any worse. There is only one difference from standard shelves with drawers – here they are located at an angle. But this detail is key. A child independently and quickly can find among all the variety of things what he needs.

Rack for toys in the children's room

If desired, such a rack can be assembled by hand.

Ideas for storing toys in a school child’s nursery

Pencils, markers and crayons are constantly lost? We know how to avoid this! To do this, there is the simplest and publicly available storage method that does not require significant financial costs. The usual ones will do. containers for cereals

Containers for cereals for toys and stationery in the nursery

Now, even with a huge amount of stationery in the nursery, you don’t have to collect pencils on different shelves of the table – everything is stored in one place.

If you have an artist growing up – all the richness of colors, as well as his work can be conveniently placed on rails… Clothespins can be used to secure paints and paintings by the artist. And in cups to store everything that he needs for work.

Rails for drawings and paints

Thanks to such an organization, you will get a special area in which the child can create his masterpieces without being distracted by anything.

Run out of wall space? It’s good that there is still a floor – we use it to the maximum. Small in size and original in design, construction allows you to place a lot of things that are necessary and important for the child. At the same time, it looks beautiful and neat.

Chest of drawers or wardrobe in the nursery for storing toys and books of the child

Can be purchased today baskets for every taste and color: fabric, metal, wicker. They can be different in depth and width, used to store anything. This variety allows you to fantasize. If fabric and wicker baskets are placed on the floor or in a rack, then metal ones can still be attached to the wall.

Storage baskets for toys in the nursery

Storage in metal baskets can seem odd if you don’t see it with your own eyes. However, if you choose not massive, but small-sized models, such a system looks very nice.

Storage baskets for toys in the nursery

When space is limited, you can also use space above the door… As a rule, it is never used. However, a simple wide shelf will not take away volume from the room, but will add a large amount of free storage space. It can accommodate a large number of boxes with things that are needed, but rarely used.

Shelves above the door

The space above the window can be used in a similar way.

Small containers from the hardware store will help to organize board games that are left without packaging. Be sure to stick the name on top – this will make it easier to find the game you want.

Home improvement containers for small toys and stationery

Puzzles can be stored in the same way.

Containers from the hardware store for puzzles, small toys and stationery

Suitable for storing notebooks, papers, albums special stands… In fact, they are quite easy to make with your own hands – using cardboard boxes, for example, from cereals. The top and corner of the boxes are cut off and pasted over with self-adhesive film. It turns out budgetary, but stylish and original.

Stands for albums, books, notebooks, drawings

Almost anything can be used. Even wooden boxesby adding some bright colors.

Wooden boxes for storing toys in the children's room

As you can see, even with a small area of ​​ u200b u200bthe children’s room, you can organize everything so as to avoid clutter. Moreover, a lot can be done with your own hands, which means that you can save a lot. Children are always stimulated to be creative, use this. And if your baby has grown up enough to participate in the process, do not refuse the opportunity to do something together.

The storage of toys in the children’s room must be organized so that it is convenient for the child. There are many storage ideas that will become a highlight of the interior, decorate the room. A beautiful interior will develop the child’s aesthetic taste, and a convenient storage system will teach you order and independence.

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