Strobing technique in makeup – how is it performed and for whom is it suitable?

Strobing technique in makeupAll the fairer sex dreams of healthy and radiant skin, but not everyone is able to achieve this. We, women, are helped by a new make-up technique – “strobing”, which involves contouring the face with the help of highlighters, giving a healthy and beautiful shine.

So, who is suitable for this type of makeup, and how to do it correctly?

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The essence of strobing – who is it suitable for?

Strobing is a makeup technique originally created for models working on the runway (in the light of the spotlights, their face looked very fresh if a highlighter was used in makeup), but soon all the fashionistas of the world began to use this technique.

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What is the essence of strobing, and who is it suitable for?

  • This type of makeup is a great option for photo shoots. or as an evening make-up. But for daytime makeup, this technique is not recommended, since excessive glare will look ridiculous in the sunlight.
  • It is also worth giving up such makeup for girls with excessively oily skin. If you really want to use strobing, then you should first cleanse the skin and apply a special tonal agent that will prevent the appearance of a natural oily sheen.
  • Note that if you have problem skin, then all imperfections should be masked during strobing. Pimples should be hidden with concealer, and any redness should be hidden by foundation.
  • A healthy and well-groomed appearance using this technique is achieved only if you have an arsenal properly selected products of good quality. Always keep an eye on the expiration date of your cosmetics if you don’t want to harm your skin.
  • Strobing is suitable for everyone who has just started to master the makeup technique.: Provides a natural make-up and highlights all the advantages of the face in a few minutes.
Strobing for different types of faces
Strobing for different types of faces

Strobing technique in face makeup in stages – video

In order to perform this makeup, you need to follow certain rules.

To your attention – the strobing technique:

  1. Apply a foundation that matches your skin color (or 1-2 shades lighter) all over your face.
  2. Then cover up any unevenness and skin problems with concealer.
  3. Examine your face carefully (it is better to do this in daylight). Highlight areas that come under the light (cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead). Apply a very small amount of loose highlighter.
  4. Apply a creamy highlighter to the upper cheeks and blend thoroughly.
  5. Highlight the bridge of the nose with a creamy highlighter, and then carefully blend the resulting “highlight” with a thin brush.
  6. Use a light concealer to accentuate the area under the cheekbones to add volume.
  7. Apply shimmery eyeshadow to the middle of the movable eyelid and to the inner corner of the eye (around the tear duct). Don’t forget about feathering.
  8. Accentuate the dimple with a creamy highlighter to add volume to the lips.
  9. Then you can apply a matte nude lipstick.
  10. In conclusion, apply a transparent powder to the face to avoid the appearance of an oily sheen on the skin.
Strobing technique in stages
Powder and highlighter must be applied symmetrically in the areas indicated in the figure.

Video: Strobing Technique in Makeup 2016

The best makeup tools and tools for strobing

Before doing makeup, you need to take care of the choice the right makeup tools and products.

We remember and follow the instructions!

  • Cream highlighters. They are best suited for strobing, as the creamy textures themselves add moisture to the makeup. When choosing such highlighters, you should pay attention to the fact that they give the skin a radiance, and not shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow due to the presence of large sparkles and reflective elements. It should be noted that many manufacturers have already released a line specifically for strobing, so in beauty stores you should simply choose a brand.
  • Powdery (dry) highlighters. These highlighters are a great alternative to cream highlighters if you have combination or oily skin. Also, these highlighters can be used instead of shadows to indicate highlights. If you have very oily skin, then you can use a matte light highlighter, then you will give your face the right volume, and at the same time avoid excessive shine. It is best if the dry highlighter is mineral – this will help you avoid further skin problems.
  • Contour sticks. Makeup pencils are nothing new, but for beginners they will be quite handy. Such highlighter pencils do an excellent job, and you can shade such a cosmetic product with your fingertips.
  • Powder. When choosing it, you need to remember only one rule – it must be transparent or white. This will preserve the makeup created with the highlighter.
  • Brushes. It is best to apply cream highlighters with flat synthetic brushes, but dry cosmetics can only be shaded with thick and fluffy brushes, so you should purchase high-quality brushes of both types. Also remember to wash your brushes after each use.
  • Sponges. Recently, beauty blenders have been gaining momentum, which are convenient to use when shading liquid concealers. Such sponges do an excellent job without leaving clear contours of the cosmetic product.

Are you familiar with strobing technique? We will be very pleased if you share your beauty recipes!

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