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Everyday bows of stars - how famous people dress in everyday lifeMany people are used to idolizing idols and believe that they are perfect in everything. However, this is not always true: some stars simply cannot be recognized in everyday life. Looks for events and photo shoots are always created by stylists, and everyday life brings out many of the shortcomings of celebrities. Such cases should be treated with understanding: all famous personalities are the same people, and not all of them have an innate sense of style.

However, a review of the everyday bows of the stars will help to notice and avoid obvious flaws that spoil the overall image and cause bewilderment among others.

We also offer you to choose beautiful and comfortable shoes for the summer: which model is yours?

The content of the article:

  1. Everyday bows of the stars – from whom to take an example?
  2. Basic principles of creating everyday images

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer has always been distinguished by restraint in clothes. She does not change herself in everyday life either: a woman perfectly combines comfort and style. On the street, she often appears in a regular T-shirt, boyfriend jeans or comfortable trousers, shoes with solid soles.

In cool weather, the actress prefers to warm herself with a spacious cardigan or an elongated straight-cut coat with a wide lapel.

Jennifer Aniston - casual style

Neutral clothing colors create an inconspicuous image, but the woman skillfully places accents. With a minimal amount of jewelry, Jennifer Aniston always has an eye-catching handbag with her, and a casually tied scarf adds style.

The actress perfectly combines sporty style with classics. Agree, such an image is convenient and quite decent for going to the store.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress received the title of style icon after filming in the TV series “Sex and the City”.

The celebrity determines the style of everyday clothes by his life priorities. And the main thing for her is the role of a mother. Therefore, her images are simple, comfortable, but not devoid of some charm.

Sarah Jessica Parker - casual looks

Street style for the actress is comfortable tracksuits, wearable jeans, romantic skirts and dresses combined with simple sweaters.

In some ways, Sarah Jessica Parker is similar to Jennifer Aniston. However, instead of scarves, Sarah prefers hats and caps of different cuts.

Britney Spears

The star singer has repeatedly been included in the list of the most tasteless women in the world. However, over the past couple of years, she was able to rehabilitate herself somewhat in the eyes of fans, choosing her stage images more carefully.

But the past does not let Britney go: a young woman in everyday life dresses as badly as before. A stretched tank top with dirty leggings and knee-high ugg boots looks disgusting.

Britney Spears' casual style

The white turtleneck, pink checked shorts and high-heeled shoes and, as usual, a bun of hair, often even elementary uncombed, do not cause approval.

Britney has a pathological fondness for short, plush, poisonous-flamboyant and almost always inappropriate shorts, which she also wears despite occasional flaws in her figure.

What is remarkable, in this way, the singer feels quite comfortable. Britney doesn’t even pretend to be a role model.

Nicole Kidman

The beauty Nicole is the standard of classical style. Even in everyday life, her looks are restrained and elegant.

Walking with children, she can often be seen in a light dress with a floral print and low-heeled pumps.

Nicole Kidman - everyday bows of the star

The bow looks simple and stylish when Nicole, being at the airport, carries her daughter in her arms. The woman is wearing capri pants that go well with oxfords, a white shirt and a dark classic blazer.

And stylish, and fashionable, and simply beautiful.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria demonstrates the aerobatics of style even in everyday life. Dresses of a complex cut, perfectly tailored trouser suits – in this form, Victoria can be found on shopping, while communicating with children and in other informal situations.

Victoria Beckham's casual style

A special feature of the model and designer is a high heel always and everywhere. Apparently, a woman’s reputation is more important than comfort.

Observing Victoria from the sidelines, inexplicable boredom arises, although she cannot be blamed for the lack of style. I really want to see a charming woman in a simpler, not ideal way.

Angelina Jolie

Another wonderful actress and just a beautiful woman with a subtle sense of style.

Angelina’s everyday looks are surprisingly varied. She can be found in a delicate dress, playing with children. Sometimes she rushes in a business suit to meet with the producers. Sometimes she dresses in a laconic black outfit.

Angelina Jolie's casual style

Knowing the high emotionality of the actress, one can understand what her street bows are inspired by.

But the main thing is health, and you should never worry about Angelina’s style.

She is a great role model.

Kristen Stewart

The main character of the vampire saga has been collaborating with the Chanel fashion house for several years. However, the long-term friendship with the trendsetter did not affect the everyday look of the actress, who was not used to bothering with her own image.

Kristen Stewart's casual style

The girl loves jeans, leather jackets and stretched T-shirts. Given the fact that Kristen is not a lover of cleanliness and hygiene – dirty hair is visible in many photos, and many movie partners complained about bad breath – the girl gives the impression of an absolute slut.

But, apparently, she is so comfortable. And who are we to condemn her?

Mila Kunis

The Hollywood star was recently taken by surprise by the paparazzi: they managed to take a photo of Mila walking in the park without her children and her husband. At first glance, the woman dressed appropriately for the situation: sweatpants, a T-shirt, and trainers. However, the casual look turned out to be strange: the pants turned out to be pink, the gray T-shirt was clearly visible, and over all this beauty was wearing a fashionable, but inappropriate (the weather was warm) gray coat.

Mila Kunis' casual style

Most likely, on that day, the actress was busy with her own thoughts, there was simply not enough strength or desire to choose clothes.

Usually in life Mila looks impressive and elegant even in simple things.

Kim Kardashian and J. Lo

Even without cameras, chatting with children or just taking a walk, puffy Kim always emphasizes her shape and consistency.

Her strong point is a tight-fitting silhouette, fur and genuine leather. It is difficult to play with children in such a bow, but the main thing for a celebrity is to always keep the brand.

Kim Kardashian's casual style

Not far from the beautiful Kim “left” and Jennifer Lopez… The singer’s everyday looks are less revealing than stage outfits. Sensuality, however, is in full swing with sexy, figure-hugging dresses and high heels.

Jennifer Lopez casual style

At the same time, in such a bow, a woman feels comfortable: she meets her daughter from school, goes about business.

Eva Mendes

The American actress with Cuban roots clearly has a good sense of style.

In everyday life, a woman dresses simply, elegantly and according to her figure. A small heel or a comfortable platform lengthens the legs and relieves somewhat heavy thighs. A sultry lady emphasizes her waist with a shirt tied at the belt or a fitted light dress.

Eva Mendes' casual style

Eva prefers large bags and a minimum of jewelry. However, the image always turns out fresh and young, without a hint of vulgarity.

Here’s who you should learn the style of Kim Kardashian from!

Julia Roberts

Julia adheres to extreme simplicity in her everyday clothes. Jeans or loose trousers, loose shirts made of natural fabrics and warm sweatshirts, comfortable flat-soled shoes … So you can see her walking with her dog, while walking for bread.

Julia Roberts' casual style

Her image would not seem particularly neat, if not for the striking smile of the beauty.

With such a natural gift, you can forgive minor flaws in clothes, if only Julia was good and comfortable.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

It is clear that the country look will always be popular in America. But Jennifer does not catch something: rough boots, jeans, a plaid shirt for some reason look completely ridiculous in a couple of sizes in combination with a classic Louis Vuitton bag.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's casual style

But the airy dresses and sundresses, short and elongated, look just perfect on the actress.

Jennifer has a quirk for bags and big scarves.

Basic principles of creating everyday images

Many women wrongly believe that everyday bow is inexpressiveness and only convenience. However, comfort and style may well be combined in casual clothing.

Here are some examples:

  • An Adidas tracksuit paired with a laconic hairstyle and cat-eye glasses (Alisha Roddy, a popular blogger from the UK) can hardly be called unstable.
  • Light, airy dresses are a great summer option for both young girls and women with children.
  • A denim suit with a regular white T-shirt (Olivia Culpo, Miss World 2012) – looks simple and elegant.
  • Denim overalls and sundresses are comfortable in everyday life and add a touch of playfulness.
  • A delicate skirt with a heavy top (pullover) is a great off-season look.

Home clothes are not stretched T-shirts that are in a landfill, and not gray tones that inspire discouragement. A self-respecting woman should look good in any setting.

Video: How to incorporate fashion trends into your everyday wardrobe

We dare to give some style tips:

  1. When choosing clothes, take into account the peculiarities of your figure: hide flaws and emphasize advantages. Leggings that fit wide hips are not part of this.
  2. Dresses and skirts will add femininity to any woman.
  3. A casual look does not require a bunch of accessories, just one or two accents. Choose them according to your taste.
  4. Throw out your favorite knee-length pants and old T-shirts. Clothes should be neat.
  5. Follow fashion trends, but don’t chase it. Choose only what suits you by age and shape. Experiment and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

And finally – one trick that will make the image natural: everyday bow suggests a little messy. An ideal look – everything is in shape, classic make-up, hair-to-hair hairstyle – all this together can alienate men, the main connoisseurs of female beauty.

What do you choose for your casual bows? Please share your feedback and advice with our readers!

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