Stylish clothes with fringes: what to choose, how to wear?

Fringe was an absolute hit in 2018. Designers use this element to decorate any clothing, footwear and accessories. Popular are handbags, jeans and fringed shorts. But it can be seen on T-shirts, dresses, and even trench coats.

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Must-have things for this summer

Fringe suits girls of any age. Long threads are especially popular this season, although you can limit yourself to small “wool”. Garments with fringes act as a bright accent, so they are best paired with simple, plain clothes.

Beige T-shirt

Such a T-shirt can be safely considered a musthave of the coming summer.

The round neckline and spacious sleeves make it suitable for girls of all sizes. One piece combines several trends at once – fringe, lettering and stylish color. You can buy it at Pull & Bear for 1599 rubles.

Knitted top

Knitted tops are out of fashion and back for several years now. If you add fringe to them, it turns out to be a very interesting thing.

Remember that the top is translucent, so you need to carefully choose clothes for it.

You can find the exact same outfit at Zara for 2999 rubles.

Denim shorts with fringes

Fringed denim shorts have long been a classic.

It is not at all necessary to buy a half-cut thing, a few threads sticking out from the bottom are enough. In H & M you can buy a model in hot pink for 1249 rubles.


Costumes have been in vogue for several years now. This season, designers decorate both the top and the bottom of the outfit with fringe. In order not to rack your brains about successful combinations of things, you just need to buy a top and shorts of the same shade.

Things with the same prints (but not with “leopard” prints) look especially impressive. Notice the stripes and abstract patterns shown in the photo.

You can buy such a kit in Zara, it will cost you 3,598 rubles.

Modest but very stylish outfits

If you are unsure of your readiness to wear flashy and colorful fringed outfits, look for more modest pieces.

T-shirt from Mango

For example, this T-shirt from Mango for 1599 rubles will help you look stylish in any situation.

In addition, a small fringe pattern will create the correct silhouette and visually smooth out imperfections.

Fringed jeans

Another option for modest girls is fringed jeans from Mango for 3999 rubles. As you can see from the photo, they go well with business blouses and shirts. Of course, not all offices will be happy with such an outfit, but jeans are certainly suitable for an evening walk.

Top H&M

This powdery pink top from H&M immediately evokes thoughts of romance and homeliness.

He will appeal to gentle and modest natures who want to look stylish, but do not like defiant outfits. The cost of the item is 2499 rubles.

Clothes that will definitely attract attention

In the summer, we all want to play a little hooligan. With the help of clothes, you can create a unique image that will make all passers-by turn after you.

Look for stylish outfits with lots of fringe.

Dress from Mango

In this dress from Mango for 6499 rubles, you will look incredibly delicate and airy. Very lightweight, perfect for summer beach or pool parties.

Jeans from Mango

These jeans from Mango for 3,999 rubles are suitable for confident girls who are not afraid to shock the audience.

Poncho from Mango

On summer evenings, you want to warm yourself up in something light and elegant. An excellent solution would be a Mango poncho for 3999 rubles.

Fringed and embroidered, it looks very original, but not gaudy at all.

Jacket with fringes from Zara

This fringed jacket from Zara looks very interesting.

In front it looks quite normal, but in the back there is a real designer canvas of fashionable details. There is fringe, embroidery, and decorative inserts. In general, everything a modern and stylish girl needs. The cost of the jacket is 14,499 rubles.

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