Stylish hairstyles for September 1, 2019 for high school girls

People notice lack of hairstyle more often than lack of taste in clothes. Beautifully styled hair often makes up for a terrible style or schoolgirl look. An ultra-trendy hairstyle will help a high school student look amazing on September 1. Stylists offer several options for creating it.

High school girls hairstyles

His majesty the tail

Although it sounds trite, it is the tail that leads the top three fashionable hairstyles in 2019. The peculiarity of this styling is negligence. The origins of this style go back to the distant 80s. To create an eccentric tail, be sure to do a fleece on the back of the head and raise it as much as possible. A bang or a few strands are pulled out to give a high school student a certain romance.

You can decorate the assembled bunch with the following decor:

  • black ribbon bow;
  • a lock of hair;
  • pigtail.

Loose tail

Important! This season, the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana proposes to use bright headscarves instead of a hoop. This accessory looks great in tandem with a voluminous braid at the crown of the head.

Volumetric braid hoop

A mohawk made of a French braid woven into the tail will give a special pathos to the schoolgirl. If you lift it to the top of your head and release a long bang on your face, you can easily create a flirty look.

Mohawk with a tail

Braid or hairstyle in the style of national traditions

Girls will conquer the guys this school year with asymmetry and naturalness. The original braided braid will emphasize the natural beauty of the schoolgirl.

The following tricks will help you to make your facial features more expressive with this hairstyle:

  • lateral location of the spit;
  • bouffant at the roots;
  • elongated strands;
  • hairpins in the style of minimalism.

Lateral position of the braid

Stylists suggest decorating the French braid with bows or ribbons. Weaving back to the outside will create an intriguing look. Asymmetry is also achieved by combining loose hair and braids. On the one hand, you can make a voluminous weaving, and on the other, straighten the strands with an iron.

Important! The hit of the season will be a hairstyle in the style of elves or Vikings. The combination of loose hair and braids on the back of the head or behind the ears will add mystery to the image.

Hairstyle in the style of elves or vikings

In addition, high school girls often use small elastic bands to braid their braids. The higher the top of the head is raised in such a hairstyle, the more effective the image of the girl will be. In addition, celebrity stylists recommend weaving a braid into a bun.

Weave a braid into a bun

There are several interpretations of this weaving:

  • in the form of a hoop;
  • in the Greek style;
  • mohawk way.

The latter option assumes the presence of several braids. Two of them will exquisitely decorate the temple area, and the main one – the crown. At the back of the head, all these three elements will be combined into a laconic bundle. This hairstyle has a stunning effect.

Mohawk hairstyle

Loose hair – passion in every curl

All girls strive to attract the attention of young people. You can achieve this goal with the help of twisted strands. To make your hairstyle look stylish and effective, it is important to use some life hacks of fashion stylists.

They offer stunning hairstyles for long hair:

  • Malvinka… Curls are collected in a semi-bundle, placing it in the center or obliquely. Weaving or braids are often done parallel to the gathered strands.


  • Samurai Action… Hair is woven into a bun at the very top of the head. One or more spikelets are necessarily braided on the crown of the head. If desired, form a mini-fountain.

Samurai Action

  • Spit-waterfall… Weaving is done on the basis of a French braid, however, it is performed in a diagonal or horizontal plane.


Important! At all times, bangs have been the key to youth and romanticism. Therefore, you should not give up this season from extremely flat, torn or asymmetrical models.

Loose hair must be curled. Thin braids or decorations in the form of natural compositions are also added to them. Wet styling for long hair and textured strands remain indispensable helpers in the image of a stylish lady. In such a role, schoolgirls will feel like heroines of famous melodramas of the last century.

Important! In addition, fashion houses offer to part in the middle, which is the embodiment of childish innocence.

Having made one of the proposed hairstyles, the high school student will undoubtedly gain the authority of her girlfriends. At the same time, competitors will envy her popularity, and guys will dream of such a star girl.

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