Stylish hats for the summer: the best models

The most important attributes of the summer look are glasses and hats. After all, you need not only to look beautiful, but also to be protected from ultraviolet rays. To do this in style, choose the right hat, cap, or baseball cap.

Fashionable hats summer 2018

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Always trendy hats

If guys in the summer can often be found in caps, girls prefer to wear hats. There are several dozen styles, each of which periodically returns to fashion.

Straw hat

Straw hats have long been worn outside of the beach. They are comfortable, lightweight and stylish. For example, this model from Reserved for 1299 rubles can be worn just like that or put on a turban, as in the photo.

You should not choose an exquisite and elegant bow for it, it is better to do with something simple and bright.

White hat with black ribbon

The classic white hat with black ribbon from Reserved goes well with any outfit. But why choose a black and white bow when you can wear a bright striped shirt or a printed T-shirt? The cost of a headdress is 899 rubles.

Hat from Mango

Fringe and raw edges have become real hits this summer. This 1699-ruble hat from Mango goes well with simple clothing like plaid shirts and jeans.

But do not create the whole image in country style, otherwise there is a risk of turning into a comedic character.

Wide-brimmed visor cap from Reserved

This wide-brimmed visor cap from Reserved looks very interesting for 899 rubles. It looks more like an elegant hat. Such a headdress will suit those who often cannot choose between sporty and glamorous style.

Variety of baseball caps

Baseball caps, contrary to their name, are no longer exclusively an element of a sports wardrobe. They appear regularly at fashion shows.

Designers combine these hats with sophisticated dresses, overalls and even maxi skirts.

Cropp Pink Baseball Cap

A pink baseball cap from Cropp for 499 rubles immediately attracts attention thanks to the ironic lettering. With its help, you can delicately demonstrate to the interlocutors that you are not as simple as you might think. The combination of sporty style, pastel color and embroidered lettering makes this model suitable for almost any outfit.

But wearing it to the office along with a business suit is not worth it, of course.

Baseball cap in Cropp

If you feel like a child in your soul, but printed T-shirts seem too stupid, why not buy such a baseball cap at Cropp for 499 rubles? A funny drawing of Mickey Mouse will cheer you up, and the visor will reliably protect you from the sun.

Velvet baseball cap

This season, not only the color and style of the headgear is important, but also the texture of the material.

Therefore, many designers make baseball caps from velvet, velor and other fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. For example, like this model for 599 rubles from Mango.

Velor baseball cap

Another interesting design solution is a velor baseball cap. You can find one in Mohito for 699 rubles. Thanks to its delicate shade, it will go well with skirts and summer dresses.

Baseball cap from Reserved

In summer, nature changes, and we also want to look bright and colorful. This will help a cute baseball cap from Reserved for 799 rubles. A juicy bright print will provide you with a good mood for the whole day. This model is suitable both for the beach and for walks along the evening promenade.

Baseball cap with sequins

To shine at all events, you need to choose the appropriate headgear. Daring and determined girls will love this glitter baseball cap from Reserved for 899 rubles. Together with her, it is better to wear plain clothes of bright colors. You can even create a dramatic nineties look.

Caps, berets and turbans

Of course, caps cannot be forgotten. Fashion is changeable, but this headdress has been popular with girls for many years in a row.

This summer, the trend is for coarse marine caps, similar to men.

Black cap

This black nautical-style cap has a sense of seriousness. Gold buttons on the sides evoke associations with representatives of important government professions. To soften the look, pair this headpiece with a pastel garment with multicolored prints. You can buy a cap at Pull & Bear for 1,799 rubles.

Cotton cap

If you don’t feel like trying on a brutal sailor look, you can get by with this powdery beige cotton cap from H&M. She will accentuate your tan, will go well with loose T-shirts and flowing dresses. The cost of the item is 899 rubles.

Takes from Mango

Berets are traditionally associated with French sophistication and elegance. But now you can find universal models that will suit lovers of sports style. For example, this one takes from Mango for 1699 rubles. Light blue denim looks best for blondes, but girls with dark hair can also try on this model. Pair it with regular denim shorts or a matching skirt.

Takes from Zara

Writing on clothes is the easiest way to express your opinion, even if no one asks. Cheer up yourself and people with this motivational slogan from Zara beret. As they say, you should always do what you love, and only in this way. The cost of the headdress is 1799 rubles.

Flamboyant model from Zara

Those who prefer to wear hats “for beauty” should pay attention to a variety of scarves and turbans. For example, this bright model from Zara for 899 rubles. A tropical print will accentuate the color of your eyes and hair and will be an excellent finishing accent to your look.

To enhance the effect, complement the turban with chunky accessories and red lipstick.

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