Stylish images of school uniforms for boys 2019-2020

The boy’s lifestyle plays an important role. If he does not dress beautifully from childhood, he is unlikely to be able to achieve anything in life. Appearance forms the child’s opinion of himself. Without self-esteem, which instills in him an image, it is difficult to defend his own point of view. Therefore, caring mothers are in a hurry to dress their “five minutes old adult” in the trends of modern fashion. Such a charming boy will make a lasting impression on the teachers and girls in the class. And high school students will silently envy him.

School costumes for boys

Stylish first grader despite height and weight

A suit occupies a special place in the student’s wardrobe. However, such kits are stubborn things. Therefore, their choice should be taken seriously. The jacket and trousers should not hinder the movements of the child. For tall children, it is better to buy products with patch pockets. These details distract attention from his precocious slim figure.

Schoolboy boy image

Things that visually reduce height also include:

  • shirts in pastel colors;
  • clothes with a barely noticeable print;
  • not very thin ties;
  • wide belts that bisect the silhouette.

Important! Tall boys prefer to choose jackets with 2 buttons.

Three-piece suit

Layering in a child’s look also skillfully removes extra centimeters. Image makers recommend using a jacket and trousers of different colors. As a result, the first grader will not seem so big.

When it comes to the low stature of the child, the stylists offer many tricks:

  • single-breasted jackets;
  • thin vertical strip;
  • trousers with tight stitching;
  • pants without cuffs;
  • plain suits.

Jacket and trousers in different shades

Important! Contrasting socks visually slim down the silhouette. The contrast between the top and bottom of the bow should be minimal.

A common problem in XXI children is being overweight. Clothing will help to hide this delicate problem.

In such cases, the child is selected only:

  • jackets with a deep cut and 2 buttons;
  • narrow and long ties;
  • low-waist trousers;
  • thin belts;
  • things in dark blue or black.

Large school uniform

It is better to refuse shiny fabrics with a contrasting sheen. They make the figure overall and bulky.

Nevertheless, the first grader’s wardrobe must include:

  • white shirts;
  • bow ties and ties;
  • vests;
  • sweaters with a snake or buttons.

School Image Ideas

When dressing the child for school, the mother should mentally imagine the image of her son in advance. In such bows, you must always maintain a balance of shapes and shades. For example, a vest can have something in common with a print with a shoe or a bow tie.

Important! Sweatshirts with fasteners will make the baby’s outfit respectable, but at the same time light and sophisticated.

Fashionable first grader – the idol of millions

A carefully thought-out image will help give your child confidence. For a start, you should pick up stylish trousers for your fashionista. Tapered legs in a duet with moccasins will be the culmination of a stylish outfit. It is better to choose the shade of the tie to match the clothes in general. Braces are an excellent option for an experiment. The piquancy of the bow will be added by different colors of this wardrobe element. In this case, the shirt can be taken with a side highlighted with a black border.

Fashionable first grader

This season at the peak of popularity will be:

  • sweaters, turtlenecks and sweaters with an unusually high collar;
  • belts and all kinds of belts;
  • layering (combination of shirts, vests, scarves and jackets);
  • beige shades;
  • monochrome style;
  • spectacular color combinations;
  • cage and stripe prints;
  • a combination of classic and sporty items.

Check vests and jackets

Important! Quilted vests and knitted vests of all styles will become the trend of the season. Snow-white total bow will once again be on the crest of the fashion wave.

Several fashionable life hacks will help you to make the boy really cool. If you roll up the sleeve of a jacket, pulling a turtleneck or a shirt out of it, you can add a certain audacity to his image. The notes of the masculine “I” will become more pronounced if the collar side is slightly raised. A shirt in such an outfit is always worn outside.

Fashionable school suit

Important! You need to be careful with trendy looks. Modern children may not perceive them quite adequately. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly be interested in the opinion of the child, how his classmates in such clothes relate to him.

In a stylish and fashionable role, the first grader will feel like a student of an elite school. In addition, from childhood, those around him will have respect and reverence for him, which will be reflected in his personality formation.

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