Stylish looks for winter from celebrities 2020

Layering is increasingly appearing on the world’s catwalks. An extraordinary play of shapes and complex lines opens the way for self-expression. At the same time, the successful combination of different textures brings a special mystery to the outfit. Winter is exactly the time when it is best to embody this style in your images. Celebrities will undoubtedly become role models in such a case. In Hollywood there is a whole clan of elite fashionistas, which are headed by real “masters” of style. And this is what their best winter looks look like.

The best winter looks from the stars

Fashion master class from Blake Lively

Particular attention should be paid to sweaters worn by a sexy star. She often uses long jumpers as a dress.

Winter looks from Blake Lively

At the same time, Lively often forgets to wear tights under them, but he always remembers to combine an outfit with high lace-up boots. In another look, Blake complemented an oversized sweater with leggings and a cap. The high heel took on the finishing touch of the outfit.

Winter looks from Blake Lively1

Important! Blake Lively prefers to wear short coats with a flared bottom. For them, she selects shoes of different styles: ugg boots or high boots with heels.

Winter looks from Blake Lively2

A professional fashionista in Hollywood once created a winter look on the basis of a trouser suit. The tie and white shirt perfectly appealed to the male style of the star.

Elements of chic were evident in several details of the bow:

  • double-breasted elongated jacket;
  • strictly cut coat;
  • cage glenchek.

Winter looks from Blake Lively3

Nevertheless, the actress brought her own flavor to the outfit. Lapels on the trousers, as well as marsal boots with heels and a brown bag with a print of crocodile skin diluted the official image of the girl. At the same time, Blake prefers coats over jackets.

The star is often photographed in different ways. She once appeared wearing a trapezoidal garment with a bright red pattern. On another occasion, Lively chose a coat in muted tones in a multi-colored check.

Winter looks from Blake Lively4

Important! During pregnancy, the actress loved to wear a long coat with fur on the edging. This product surprised with its hood, as it turned the expectant mother into the heroine of some fairy tale.

Winter looks from Blake Lively5

Jennifer Lopez and the variety of her styles

The Latin American beauty attracts more attention than all the politicians in the world put together. Her images change more often than the dollar rate. Jay explains such a passion for reincarnation by the very rich imagination and professionalism of his stylists.

Jennifer Lopez Winter Looks

Considering her thirst for fashion trends, it is worth paying attention to the 3 luxurious winter outfits of the star:

  • Mistress of fur… The € 3m white Fendi fur coat was a delightful match with wide leg pants and a shirt. The fashionista complemented such a total look with a clutch bag with metal rivets.

Jennifer Lopez Winter Looks

  • Luxurious J.Lo… The celebrity decided to surprise the fans with an unusual coat. The product was cut according to the bolero style, only several times larger. The singer’s neck was decorated with a voluminous fur collar. For such a stylish look, the fashionista wore ordinary jeans and a simple sweater.

Winter looks from Jennifer Lopez2

  • Medici effect… Lopez’s outfit was once laconic enough. Yet certain details made him royal. The textured coat with a ribbed cage played in a completely new way when the actress slightly raised the collar. A turtleneck and aviator glasses saddled the pretentious look with a more modern look.

Jennifer Lopez Winter Looks

Jennifer is always open to new ideas, so she often changes her style for the full 360˚. To create a new winter outfit, the celebrity used a black down jacket with fur and boots that imitate timberlands. Wide jeans with holes in the knees and a red shirt with a window check fit harmoniously into this informal image of a pop diva.

Jennifer Lopez Winter Looks4

Important! Lopez’s favorite piece is the oversized jumper with a funnel-shaped neckline. She often prefers to choose nude shades of this winter thing.

Gigi and Bella Hadid – idols of real fashionistas

World-class supermodels are considered the benchmarks for style and beauty among fashionistas. The Hadid sisters are well versed in fashion trends and also have an amazing sense of style. Pretty women are always ready to experiment. They bring to life a wide variety of fashion ideas. This is especially true of the large collection of white fur coats in the wardrobe of Gigi Hadid.

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid

Elite products are distinguished by their original style:

  • mini straight cut model with Peter Pan collar;

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid2

  • a sample with a long pile in the form of a cocoon.

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid3

It is noteworthy, but the singer (her other profession) selects different types of shoes for these outfits. In one case, she preferred to wear Chelsea, in the other – ankle boots, and in the third – moccasins. However, all the looks featured trendy jeans.

Important! Gigi harmoniously selects winter bows. Hadid combines a leather jacket with fur with black jeans. Since there are metal elements on the outerwear, she combines with them boots in a similar design.

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid4

Jelena Nura (full name Gigi) constantly supports or advertises famous brands. Therefore, branded items are regularly present in her bows. Recently, the beauty was spotted in a red oversized Fendi jacket and branded Chelsea boots of the same brand. With leather skinny skirts and a black turtleneck, they looked great.

Gigi can make up her usual winter outfit from basic things:

  • sweaters with a voluminous neckline;
  • light denim skinny trousers;
  • silver jacket from Tommy Hilfiger.

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid

Only her younger sister Bella, with whom they have a rather warm relationship, can compete with Jelena. Proud and graceful Isabella is strikingly different from her Nuri, who climbed the fashionable Olympus thanks to her “baby” face. In this regard, her image is more frank.

She prefers to wear voluminous mini-fur coats with nylon tights decorated with bold inscriptions. But Bella combines a tracksuit consisting of a top and trousers with a black and red down jacket and stylish ankle boots in the same color scheme.

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid6

Important! Younger Hadid stands out for her extravagant and daring image, if you recall her revealing outfit at the Cannes Film Festival. Therefore, it is not a problem for her to combine a powdery sheepskin coat with a baseball cap.

Winter looks from Gigi and Bella Hadid

In this spirit, fashionistas of the highest rank create their winter looks. Agree that repeating them is not at all difficult if you understand the essence.

What outfit would you like to bring to life?

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