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Bleaching, lightening, pickling, blonding hair - what to choose?At all times, women have strived to become attractive. In most cases, this is done for the opposite sex, because every girl wants to be attractive to male eyes. And according to most men, women with blonde hair are the most attractive.

How to change your hair color without harming your curls?

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Pros and cons of hair lightening – what is the best way to lighten hair without harm?

Hair lightening was popular in ancient times, but then the hair lightened on its own under the scorching sun.

Today there are a myriad of salon procedures that, with little loss, can turn a burning brunette into the owner of beautiful golden curls.

How to choose a good beautician?

Lightening hair

What are the pros and cons of lightening?


  • Appearance. Undoubtedly, girls with blond hair look more advantageous, especially if you add stylish, modern styling to your beautiful hair color.
  • Hair straightening. If you had unruly curly hair, then there is a good chance that after lightening you will forget about this problem. When lightening, very often the hair becomes thinner, due to which it will be easier to style the hair. Is keratin hair straightening harmful?
  • Diverse range. You can choose any color (from dark blond to snowy blond), seeing your hair in all shades, because the lightening occurs in several stages.


  • The impact of external factors. Lightened hair requires more careful care – despite the correct procedure, the hair structure is disturbed. The harmful effects of the environment spoil the hair very much, so girls with bleached hair can forget about quick drying with a hairdryer and straightening their hair with irons.
  • Duration of clarification. The transition from brunette to blonde is a very long process, since it is impossible to immediately choose the right color. If you decide to go blonde, then it is best to start with highlights to gradually move from one color to another.
  • Dangerous remedies. If you decide to lighten at home, and not in the salon, then you should choose products that do not contain ammonia, otherwise you can ruin the scalp, and in some cases even get poisoned.

Lightening hair

Is bleaching harmful to hair – the best remedies to bleach hair

Undoubtedly, the harm from hair discoloration is high, but it should be remembered that everything depends on the means used by the master.

If you come to a “proven” salon with a good reputation, then you will be offered a set of products that allow you to discolor your hair, while causing minimal harm. But in “low-grade” one-day salons, it is impossible to make high-quality discoloration.

So what are the best remedies for bleaching hair?

  • Products without ammonia. This is the main point that you should always pay attention to. Ammonia products are very dry hair.
  • Products based on natural oils. If the composition of the lightening agent contains natural vegetable oils, then the harm from the procedure will be significantly reduced, since the hair will be nourished by the vitamins contained in the oils.
  • Keratin. If the selected product contains keratin, then you do not have to worry that the clarification will end in failure. In this case, the structure of the hair is improved, which makes it more manageable, “seals” split ends and gives the hair shine.

Hair bleaching

Is blonding hair the same as bleaching, or something else?

Blonding is a procedure aimed at partial lightening (by the type of bronzing), or complete discoloration of the hair pigment. Many people think that blonding is bleaching, but bleaching is just a change in the shade of the hair, its lightening.

How does the blonding procedure take place, and who is it suitable for?

  • If you have light brown hair, then blonding will take place much faster than for owners of red or brown hair, since their pigment will break down longer.
  • In the cabin this procedure takes place under the strict guidance of a master who competently distributes the brightening composition. On your own, you can “overexpose” your hair, which will lead to complete hair discoloration.
  • It is better not to do a complete lightening with the help of the blonding procedure., as this can lead to dry and brittle hair, as well as weakening and depletion of hair follicles.
  • Better to opt for natural shades, since the unnatural hair color visually ages the face.

Hair blonding

Who needs a hair picking procedure and when – how not to lose hair after pickling?

Hair decapitation – getting rid of the old shade.

It often happens that blondes wear brunettes and then realize that they have made a huge mistake. In this case, the pickling procedure will come to the rescue, which will return the hair to its “native” color.

How does this happen?

  • Surface pickling. If you carried out coloring in the dark, then superficial pickling will help you, which will brighten your curls, returning them to their former color. Also, this procedure is suitable for those who want to slightly correct the shade of their hair.
  • Deep pickling. This procedure is carried out with a tougher composition, which, unfortunately, can harm the hair, weaken it and make it thinner, but the hair color will return to its natural color, and not even a trace of the dye will remain.

Hair decapitation

To summarize: when is it better to choose bleaching, pickling or blonding?

There are a huge number of options for salon hair lightening, but each type of hair suits its own, specific.

  • If you have dark hair, then the best option for you would be blonding in several stages in order to lighten your hair with minimal loss, resulting in a natural shade.
  • If your hair is dyed, and you want to return your natural blond, then the pickling procedure is perfect for you, since in the end you can return to your hair shade.
  • Bleaching will suit all girls with a light shade of hairwho want to achieve a snow-white effect.

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