Sweep Easy Net Worth 2021

Sweep Easy Net Worth 2021

The Sweep Easy is a broom that is designed to help homeowners and businesses with clean floors. The invention was created by Shane Panell after he struggled with cleaning up dried food in the kitchen. Previously, he had to scrape the dried food off of the floor with a butter knife. This process is now much simpler and more efficient thanks to his invention. Sweep easy is available online and in retail stores. It has been valued at more than $10 million.

While Sweep Easy is not yet worth a billion dollars, it does have a great business model. The founders of Sweep Easy are part owners of a company valued at $10 million, and they share a quarter of the company with Daymond John and Robert Herjavec. The company has also sold its products at stores. Shane Panell plans to expand the business to more locations to capitalize on the growing demand for the product.

Sweep Easy, in addition to its Shark Tank appearances, has also expanded to social media and updated its social media profiles. Its product has improved deployment and retraction, and it is now available in three versions, each with a removable scraper. Although the Sweep Easy net value is expected to increase, the company has already made a profit of more than $1 million per year. Moreover, the Sweep Easy founder left the show with more sales than he had originally anticipated.

In his garage, Shane Pannell invented the Sweep Easy Broom. He spent around a month perfecting the product. He then began pitching the idea to businesses, including bakeries, movie theaters, and educational institutions. After his Sweep Easy success, he sought funding. He was eventually featured on Shark Tank episode205.

Inventing a new way to clean floors, Sweep Easy has become a household staple. The unique 3-in-1 design of Sweep Easy allows users to clean any surface without having to get down on their knees. It also includes a scraper that can be used to remove stickers and sticky food. After appearing on Shark Tank, the company gained attention from other morning talk shows.

Sweepeasy was a relatively unknown brand in the past. Although the company’s social media accounts were almost dead, their website was still in operation. The company’s social media accounts were abandoned for a while, but the Sweep Easy website continues to be used by clients to clean up domestic disasters. Kevin Panell, the current owners of Sweep Easy, plan to take Sweep Easy to new heights by leveraging Shark Tank’s success.

Sweep Easy started selling its products online after presenting his revenue model for investors on Shark Tank. Although Sweep Easy has not increased its production capacity since then, the inventor is optimistic that Sweep Easy can continue to grow and become a global phenomenon.

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