Sylvia Browne Net Worth

Sylvia Browne was born on October 19, 1936 in Kansas City, Missouri. She describes herself as a medium and has gained commercial fame for her appearances in books and talk shows about the spiritual world. She has been criticized for making false predictions such as Amanda Berry’s murder, which was thankfully not true. Sylvia Browne was a former employee of the FBI, and performed cold psychic readings for money before she became famous.

Since 1974, Sylvia Browne has been giving psychic readings and charging up to $700 for 20 to 30-minute phone sessions. In 1986, she founded a “Gnostic Christian Church” in Campbell, California. Sylvia Browne Enterprises, and Sylvia Browne Corporation earned her approximately $3 million annually. The net worth of Sylvia Browne is estimated to be around $13 million if she retires from acting at the age of 60.

Sylvia Browne’s net worth was $1 million at the time of her death. As a teenager, she worked as a psychic reader and performed cold readings for money. Sylvia Browne is a renowned psychic and author. Her books include more than 40 books on paranormal topics. She has a loyal fan base.

Sylvia Browne’s personal life was secretive until her book, End of Days, was released. The book has gone viral since then. Kim Kardashian was inspired by the book to read it. Sylvia Browne is also a successful actress. She has been married to four men. She remained married to her fourth husband until her death. And while her husbands were famous in the film industry, her personal life has remained private.

Sylvia Browne’s clairvoyance and psychic abilities were a major factor in her fortune. In 2007, she had a four-year waitlist for phone readings, and hundreds of people signed up for her cruise to the Caribbean. Her books and services became staples of the New York Times Best Seller list. However, her abilities weren’t enough to save her from the scandal. Browne’s reputation actually led to several high-profile scandals.

Despite the controversy surrounding Sylvia Browne’s psychic abilities, her net wealth has increased in recent years. She marketed herself as a clairvoyant and consulted 350 doctors. She claimed she could see the Heavens and communicate directly with spirit guides. Her show was so popular that she was featured on many American television shows including AM from shore and Montel Williams Show.

Despite negative publicity surrounding Sylvia Browne’s COVID-19 book the author has continued increasing her net worth. While she has been a devoted psychic, her reputation has also been affected by the controversy surrounding her marriage. Her husband, Michael Ulrey, a cardiologist, was a financial backer of the company. Sylvia Browne was married for more than a year and her net worth was at least $1Million.

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