Technique for performing European unedged manicure at home – video and tips

Unedged manicure technique at homeEach of us dreams of looking beautiful and attractive. An important role in maintaining the image of a well-groomed woman is played by the way our hands look. After all, no matter how good and wonderful a girl looks, if her hands are untidy and not well-groomed, this will ruin the whole positive impression.

Therefore, today we will talk about European unedged manicure – and how to make such a manicure at home easily and quickly, without the help of specialists.

The content of the article:

  1. Advantages of unedged manicure – how to go?
  2. List of tools and products for unedged manicure
  3. Unedged manicure step by step – video and tips
  4. Hand care after unedged manicure

Advantages of an unedged manicure – how to switch from an edged manicure to a manicure without cutting the cuticle?

To begin with, it must be said that all of Europe has long switched to unedged manicure, and not only of the fair sex, but also of men.

The handles look more natural and well-groomed, without burrs, wounds, redness and inflammation around the nail, as is usually the case after a classic edged manicure.

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Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of such a manicure:

  • This is the safest manicure: there is no risk of contracting various diseases, since the cuticle is not trimmed.
  • No redness and inflammation around the nail, due to the lack of mechanical effect on the cuticle.
  • The effect of such a manicure lasts longer.than from edging, and after a time, the cuticle practically stops growing.
  • No need to bother with steaming trays: unlike the classic edged manicure, this type of manicure is “dry”.
  • The procedure takes a minimum of time.

Video: How to switch to unedged manicure?

The transition from edged to unedged manicure will take about a month:

  1. The first thing you need is make a good, high-quality edged manicure for the last time, and on this forget about your scissors and tweezers.
  2. The second is be patient! After the last time you do a regular manicure, the cuticles will grow back mercilessly and will look unaesthetic. During this period, it is extremely important to constantly use greasy hand creams, as well as purchase cuticle oil – and rub in twice a day.
  3. And of course, regularly carry out the procedure unedged manicure.

The process of switching from one type of manicure to another may seem like a long time to you – but it’s worth it!

List of tools and tools for performing unedged manicure at home

To complete the European manicure procedure, you will need:

A set of tools and tools for unedged manicure at home
A set of tools and tools for unedged manicure at home
  1. Cuticle remover… It is used to soften and easily remove cuticles. Choose bottles with a brush or narrow spout for easier application.
  2. Glass file or nail file with diamond dust – to shape the nail plate. Experts advise using diamond-coated files with an abrasiveness of more than 180 grit. The higher the number of grit, the less rough and smoother the file is, which causes the least damage to the nail plate and prevents delamination of the free edge of the nail. If you chose the second option, a file with a diamond dust, remember – it should be for natural nails, because European manicure is done only on natural nails.
  3. Antiseptic or antibacterial soap… Kills unwanted germs. An antiseptic is most convenient to use if it is in a spray bottle.
  4. Orange tree stick to push back and remove the cuticle. The orange tree has antiseptic properties, as well as high density, which allows the sticks not to exfoliate and not injure the skin.
  5. Polishing file or buff – evens out the nail plate, making it smooth and well-groomed. When choosing such a tool, give preference to one that looks like a thick, wide nail file, and has only two working surfaces. Such a nail file is much more convenient to use – and at the same time it is excellent for both polishing and grinding the nail plate.
  6. Cuticle oil – nourishes, moisturizes and saturates with vitamins, which makes the skin around the nail more beautiful, well-groomed and attractive, and also has an important property – it slows down the growth of the cuticle.

Step-by-step execution of unedged manicure at home – video tutorials for beginners and expert recommendations

So, let’s consider all the stages of European unedged manicure at home:

  1. The first thing to do before starting work is to treat your hands with an antiseptic. If not, wash your hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly.
  2. The second step is to shape the nails into the desired shape. When filing nails, make sure that the movements are in one direction: from the edge to the center of the nail, since when working with a file “back and forth”, the nail plate is injured, which will lead to inevitable delamination.
  3. At the third stage, using a cuticle remover, we soften the skin around the nail plate. To do this, carefully apply the remover to the cuticle and side rollers – and wait 2 minutes for the remedy to work. After that, it’s time for the main stage.
  4. Stage four. With an orange stick, first gently push the cuticle aside, and then slowly, gently, peel it off from the center to the edge of the nail, not forgetting about the lateral ridges. Movements should be light, without strong pressure, in order to avoid injury to the nail plate. Do not forget that the orange stick is an individual tool, no one else should use it except you! After you have treated the cuticle, the remover needs to be washed off.
  5. The fifth stage is nail polishing. You need to start polishing from the hardest part of the file, it removes all the irregularities from the nail. The other sides smooth the surface of the nail and add shine. This stage is optional, but without it you cannot achieve a perfectly well-groomed look of your nails. Experts recommend using a polishing file no more than once every three weeks.
  6. After completing all of the above steps, the last and most important action is the application of a caring oil… And there is one secret: after you have applied the oil to the nail and the surrounding skin, do not rub it with your fingers, as most of the oil will be absorbed into the fingertips. Just leave it to soak. After a while, your nails and skin will absorb as much oil as they need, and remove the excess with a cotton pad or napkin.

Video: European classic manicure: features and technology – unedged manicure

Hand care tips after unedged manicure

After an unedged manicure, subsequent hand care is essential.

  1. The skin around the nail should not dry out. Apply creams to your hands as often as possible. – especially after being in contact with water. For this purpose, a cream with a light texture that is quickly absorbed is NOT suitable. On the contrary, choose thicker creams with a thicker consistency – they will be more effective. Always have hand cream on hand, so be sure to throw one tube into your purse.
  2. A good remedy is nail and cuticle oil. Oils contain many different vitamins and nutrients. Daily use of this tool will get rid of burrs, heal small cracks, eliminate inflammation and improve the structure of the nails. The oil restores and also helps to increase nail growth. There are many varieties of this product on the market now, so choose which one you like best and enjoy the beauty of your hands. Top 10 pharmacy remedies for strengthening cuticles and nails
  3. Another great way to keep your pens beautiful and well-groomed is with a wax seal. This procedure is very useful for brittle and fragile nails, as it regenerates, nourishes and strengthens. You can buy a ready-made sealing kit in the store, which will already include: a file for grinding with a fine abrasive, a brush for applying wax – and, of course, the wax itself. The procedure is simple: apply wax with a brush, then rub it in with a polishing file.

Regularly carry out unedged manicure without forgetting about the subsequent care – and your pens will have a well-groomed and tidy look, and you will feel more confident and comfortable!

Share your experience and impressions of European unedged manicure in the comments.
All beauty and goodness!

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