Tenerife in April – what is good about Tenerife in April? Weather and entertainment

Tenerife in AprilThe Canary Islands are rightfully considered one of the most successful places for an April vacation. Namely – Tenerife, known for its white and black sand beaches, unique rainforests and volcanic mountains. What is so good about Tenerife and what can you do there in April?

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Weather in Tenerife in April

Weather in Tenerife in AprilThe April weather mood in Tenerife can be characterized simply – warm, fresh and fabulous spring. On average, the daily temperature on the coast is from twenty two to twenty six degrees. It’s cooler at night – not more than sixteen

  • Little precipitation – as a rule, no more than three rainy days.
  • Short rains, no puddles.
  • Umbrellas are not needed in Tenerife.
  • Water – about eighteen degrees
  • The climate of Tenerife (especially its northern part) is recommended by doctors in Europe for people with problems of the cardiovascular systemas well as for retirees.

Why is Tenerife good in April?

Vacation in Tenerife in AprilFor those who dream not just to see Tenerife, but also to swim, it is more suitable southern part of the island… In the absence of opportunities (for example, if it was not possible to book a place in the desired hotel), you can have a great rest in northern part… And you can provide yourself with a beach holiday by renting a car.
What else is interesting Tenerife island in April?

  • Tenerife is very solemnly celebrated Easter… The holiday is accompanied by theatrical performances, performances by orchestras.
  • For fishermen, Tenerife is paradise in April – begins blue marlin fishing season… To hunt for this trophy, they usually rent a boat or purchase group tours on specially equipped boats.

Entertainment in Tenerife in April

Entertainment in Tenerife in AprilA vacation in Tenerife is not only about beaches, swimming and romantic walks. There are many entertainments on the island, for every taste. It is interesting to rest here and youth, which awaits nightclubs, discos and noisy merry parties; and families with childrenwho like the living conditions and service; and couples in love, to the attention of which – yacht trips, SPA centers, cozy restaurants and much more. Looking for leisure? Drive? In Tenerife, you will find everything you need for the ultimate vacation.

  • SPA centers… The best of them is Aqua Club Termal in the southern part of the island.
  • Golf. Tenerife has all the conditions for both professional golfing and training for beginners. The golf courses are world class and the game itself is enjoyable with its great ocean views.
  • Karting. The most famous entertainment in Tenerife. Adrenaline is guaranteed. To services of tourists – a wide selection of karts for vacationers of all ages and world-class tracks.
  • Diving. Is it possible to rest on the island without diving? Of course not. You will hardly find corals and an abundance of exotic fish here, but grottoes, caves, and underwater rocks will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Fishing. This entertainment, contrary to stereotypes, is liked not only by men, but also by women. Organization fishing happens in three ways – directly from the beach, from a boat or from a yacht. Fish are very different. From mackerel to shark.
  • Surfing. Thanks to its unique climate, Tenerife has become one of the most popular destinations for surfers from all over the world. As for kitesurfing, they do it on the most windy area – in El Medano, where, by the way, there is also a professional school for training beginners.
  • Tenerife cuisine… Local cuisine is restaurants for every wallet and for every taste, traditional Canary Island dishes, menus for Europeans, as well as, where without them, restaurant chains of all the usual fast food.
  • Nightlife. Casinos, discos, night clubs.
  • Excursions (independent and with experienced guides).
  • Walks on yachts. Affordable prices, easy rent for any period. You can take the yacht for independent management or together with the team. A boat trip can be combined with fishing (many do).
  • Holidays in Tenerife in AprilCastle of San Miguel. Participation in a knightly tournament is a pleasure for children and adults. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages, dishes of those distant times, royals and knights in armor.
  • Submarine. An original entertainment that allows you to enjoy the view of the volcanic caves and the underwater beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Casino. Rest for gamblers.

Benefits of an April holiday in Tenerife

  • Mild climate, which does not require addiction and is easily tolerated by the body.
  • Perfect weather.
  • Bronze tan without the exhausting sun.
  • Healing volcanic sand and clean air.
  • Service top class.

Tenerife attractions worth seeing

  • Attractions in Tenerife in AprilAncient stone pyramids at Guimar, in the eastern part of the island.
  • Loro Park. Three in one – an aquarium, a botanical garden and a zoo.
  • Orlov park (more than five hundred species of birds and animals).

Photos of Tenerife in April


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