Tess Holliday demonstrates how to dress XXL girls

The famous American plus-size model Tess Holliday shared cheerful photos and videos of her posing in a bright dress with a floral print against the backdrop of green Californian vineyards.

The image turned out to be very successful and perfectly suited a girl with such volumes: the correct cut and length below the knees hid all problem areas of the lush model, the smell and fitted silhouette helped to create beautiful figure outlines, the deep V-neckline correctly distributed accents, a medium-sized floral print and a pleated hem added femininity to the image. The perfect solution for the owner of curvaceous forms!

Tess Halliday
Photo @ tessholliday
Tess Halliday 2
Photo @ tessholliday

Model weighing 155 kilograms

Today, Tess Holliday is considered the most complete model in the world and at the same time one of the most popular. Her weight is 155 kilograms, but this does not prevent the girl from posing in underwear, swimsuits, tight-fitting things, and sometimes completely naked, showing all the folds and cellulite.

Tess Holliday 3
Photo @ tessholliday

Tess assures that she loves herself and her body and actively encourages other women to do so. The star even released a book called “My body positive. How I fell in love with the body in which I live ”, in which she told how she went from hating herself and her pounds to full acceptance of herself.

As a teenager, Tess suffered from complexes and peer bullying about being overweight, which she even dropped out of school. Today, being a well-known model, Tess is still subjected to harsh criticism: she is often accused of hypocrisy and obesity propaganda, but she does not pay attention to this and continues to tease the audience with bold pictures.

Style for ladies XXL

A plus-size model’s career and provocative shots are not all that Tess Holliday can boast of today: among her colleagues, she is distinguished not so much by her size as by her recognizable daring style. The star has long chosen a stylistic direction for herself – rockabilly. Bold prints in the style of the 50s, rich colors, voluminous curls in the spirit of retro, bright makeup and large unusual accessories have become her hallmark.

Photo @ tessholliday

It should be noted that this style, which includes an emphasis on femininity, successful prints and positive colors, will suit almost all donuts and can be a great way of self-expression, as in the case of Tess. Do not be afraid of fitted silhouettes and active patterns – they will play into your hands if you know how to wear them.

Tess Holliday 4
Photo @ tessholliday
Tess Halliday 5
Photo @ tessholliday

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