Test – Choose a rose and find out if your wish will come true

The power of the human subconscious is limitless. Psychologists are sure that it contains the answers to all our questions. Desires, needs, fears and even predictions – all this is “hidden” in the subconscious. With the help of psychological tests, we can “pull” some things out of there in order to better understand ourselves.

Today Bologny invites you to find out if your cherished wish will come true.

Test instructions:

  1. Your main task is to relax and focus on yourself. Think about your desire. It should be something specific, for example “I want to buy a car this year” or “I want to make peace with my beloved. “
  2. Take a look at the illustration of roses. Choose the one you like best. Make your choice immediately, preferably intuitively.
  3. See the result.
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TEST: Will your cherished wish come true?  Pick a rose and get the answer from your subconscious

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Rose No. 1

You do not place high hopes on the fulfillment of your cherished desire, since you are not subconsciously ready for this. You are too idealizing what you are dreaming about. If your desire is associated with a person, then you are probably romanticizing him, attributing character traits that he does not possess. Think about it.

It is highly likely that even if the dream comes true, you will not experience joy, because your rose-colored glasses, at best, will fly off, and at worst, they will break glass inside.

Rose number 2

The dream you visualize means a lot to you. Subconsciously, you strive for it with all your heart, however, the chance that it will be realized is small.

You expect too much, you want too much. And when you are warned to be patient, say, “Not at all.” It is difficult for you to restrain a strong impulse, since the desire to receive what so attracts is enormous. On the one hand, living a dream is very good, but on the other, you lose touch with reality. Consider why you are so eager to fulfill this particular dream. Perhaps there is something more valuable and meaningful?

Rose No. 3

You are a warrior by nature, a real fighter. You can definitely get what you want so badly. However, this will take a lot of effort. Subconsciously, you understand that the path to a dream is thorny, but you are not one of those who are afraid of difficulties and give up halfway. You will fight to the last. This is very commendable!

Rose No. 4

Your desire means a lot to you. You have high hopes for its implementation and believe in yourself. Subconsciously, you understand that in order to achieve what you want, you will have to work hard, that no benefits fall from heaven to people (with rare exceptions).

A red rose that has not yet bloomed symbolizes a subconscious readiness to fight, but at the same time, good endurance and intelligence. Be patient, stock up on strength and you will succeed.

Rose No. 5

How much you strive for your dream! Ambition, impatience, energy – it’s all about you. But, subconsciously, you understand that the time for the fulfillment of your cherished desire has not yet come. You will have to be patient, because otherwise, you will not experience the joy of getting what you want. Remember, water does not flow under a lying stone, but this does not mean that you should spend ALL your potential on this desire.

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