Test – get a personal message from the Universe

Art therapy is an effective psychotherapeutic method by which therapists diagnose the emotional state of the personality of their clients.

The choice of this or that picture reflects your current psycho-emotional state. To receive a message from the Universe in the language of psychology means to remove the veil of the unconscious.

Are you ready to receive a personal message from the universe? Then choose the image you like the most. It is important to make the choice intuitively.

TEST - select a picture and receive a personal message from the Universe
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TEST - Select a picture and receive a personal message from the Universe

Picture number 1 – You need to be alone

Higher powers are trying to tell you about the need for a solitary pastime. You are too tired, both emotionally and physically. You should gain strength to make a new dash. You are too weak for that now.

Try to put your own thoughts in order, protect yourself from annoying factors. Take a day off from work, do what really makes you happy. Take time to develop spiritually. You need a reboot.

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Picture number 2 – you are safe

If you chose the second image, then nothing threatens you now. You are in harmony with yourself and the world in general. You feel comfort, peace and joy. This is wonderful!

The universe is telling you to put your fears and fears aside. Block unreasonable anxiety, you don’t need it. Try to maintain a stable psycho-emotional state in which you feel good and comfortable. And if you feel that someone or something is encroaching on your safety (psychological or physical), imagine a protective cocoon around you.

Picture number 3 – Look into the depths of yourself

Now you need to focus on yourself. If something has recently upset you greatly, take stock of your current emotional state. Ask the question “What I feel?“. Start to respect yourself for the emotions you are experiencing, this is very important!

Don’t block the negativity, experience it. Talk to loved ones about what worries you, share your dreams, take time for yourself. Now you need to look into the abyss of your own feelings, deal with them, in general, do a general cleaning in your inner world!

Picture number 4 – Love yourself

The universe is encouraging you to start loving and appreciating yourself. This is not just a banal call, it is filled with great meaning. Remember an important rule of psychology: no one will ever love you more than you yourself.

Loving and appreciating yourself means putting your own needs and emotions first. No, this is not selfishness. “Healthy” self-love means realizing that every person puts themselves first, and that’s okay!

You need to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made earlier, pay attention to your appearance, indulge yourself in the end. Then the level of not only self-esteem will rise, but also self-esteem.

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