Test – how do you hold a glass of water?

Let’s turn to the Psychogolos portal to define a “habit”. In psychology, this term is understood as a kind of action that gradually arises without the will of a person. When we talk about habits, we mean that a person performs this or that action thoughtlessly, as they say, automatically.

This simple personality test will allow you to determine the basic traits of your personality. Just tell us how you usually hold a glass of water. Ready?

Important! To get a more accurate result, take a glass before looking at the picture. Then compare the result with 4 pictures and tell me which one suits you best.

Personality test with 100% accuracy.  How do you drink a glass of water
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Test results

Personality test with 100% accuracy.  How do you hold a glass of water?

Option A – Hold the glass with both hands

You are a great team player. You believe that in order to achieve high results, you need to work together with the rest. Always rely on your comrades. You can hardly be called a “loner”.

You are not used to making decisions on your own. If you are faced with a problem, you prefer to consult with loved ones before solving it. If you have no one to rely on, you fall into a stupor.

Advice: Work on your self-sufficiency. If you learn to rely primarily on yourself, your life will become better.

Option B – Hold the glass with your fingers up

You can be called a carefree person who is used to living in the present day. You think that making long-term plans is boring and pointless, because life is too unpredictable. This approach has an important plus – you know how to appreciate joyful moments and sincerely enjoy them.

You are friendly, cheerful and open-minded person. It’s a pleasure to interact with you. Chances are, you have a lot of friends and comrades.

Option C – Hold the glass with your pinky protruding

You are a very confident person. You always know what you want. You rarely have doubts. An excellent tactician. Know how to think rationally, choose the right ways to solve problems. You have excellent logical thinking. Moreover, you are a leader by nature. You know how to convince and lead people. The people around you admire your intelligence and always listen to your opinion.

You tend to strive for self-development. Love to learn new interesting information, and then share it with others.

Option D – Hold the glass by the base

You are a tactful, careful and patient person. Never ask for trouble. Your endurance can be envied! You prefer to avoid conflicts with all your might, never be rude or provoke people to aggression. If they attack you, you will prefer to retreat tactfully. Diplomacy is your strong point. The senseless impulsive actions of people surprise you. Stay cool in almost any situation.

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