Test – identify your dominant brain hemisphere

Every person is unique. Some people organically combine such character traits as secrecy and impulsiveness, in others – benevolence and sycophancy. Human nature is multifaceted, and it is very interesting to comprehend it.

test what kind of personality you are
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Today we invite you to look deep into your subconscious in order to find many interesting character traits in yourself. Ready? Then get started!


  1. Try to relax completely first.
  2. Focus your attention on the image below.
  3. Answer the question: “Where is the horse looking?”
  4. See the result.
test what kind of personality you are 2
Bologny illustration

Where is the horse looking?

Option # 1 – Looking directly at you

You have a mathematical mindset. You have excellent accountability, you know what logic is and always analyze what is happening. Life for you is a series of happy and unpleasant events. You never give up, and you go through all the blows of fate with dignity. Keep it up!

You have excellent strategic thinking. Friends often ask your advice, because they know that you will correctly put any situation on the shelves. You know how to memorize large amounts of information and skillfully use it.

Never believe rumors, you double-check any information from reliable sources. Close people appreciate you not only for your excellent analytical skills, but also for your pragmatism.

Option number 2 – The horse has a wandering gaze

Both hemispheres of your brain are well developed. That is, you organically combine logical-analytical and creative abilities. You are a person in whom everything is harmonious.

Now you are overly emotional, and half an hour later, you are practical and pragmatic. Are subject to frequent mood swings. You have a flexible mind and a great sense of humor. You love to spend time in a cheerful company, but you do not mind being alone sometimes.

You can be called punctual, ambitious and confident person. However, sometimes you show weakness by giving in to your feelings. You can lose your self-sufficiency due to a passing infatuation.

Your emotional stability can be swayed by stress. You often get discouraged by experiencing strong feelings.

Advice: to improve the psycho-emotional state, learn to switch your attention to something pleasant, for example, a hobby.

Option number 3 – Looks to the horizon or to the side

Your dominant hemisphere is right. You are an introvert, that is, a person who feels harmoniously alone. This does not mean that you do not need friends or companions. You just prefer to spend most of your time alone with yourself.

You have a developed imagination, you have good creative abilities. Look at things very subtly. You are a human feeling. In a short time, you can experience a huge number of different emotions, from joy to despondency.

It is easy to hurt you with a rude word, you take any criticism deeply to your heart. You prefer to surround yourself only with good-natured people, since communication with bully and rude people is very upsetting for you.

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