TEST-time! The chosen cactus will tell you about your negative character traits

Every human personality is unique. Each has a number of advantages and disadvantages. It is very difficult to understand and accept the latter, since not all people willingly admit their own imperfection. However, by identifying your own shortcomings, you give yourself a chance to improve. Moreover, this way you can better understand and get to know yourself.

Ready to find out your flaws? Then proceed to our psychological test!


  1. Relax and focus on the picture.
  2. Imagine watching yourself from the side.
  3. Which cactus would you buy right now?
  4. Make a choice without hesitation and see the result.

Important! You must make your choice based on your intuition. You should not choose the most practical or beautiful cactus, in your opinion.

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Option number 1

Your main drawback is tyranny, authoritarianism. You are a born leader, so you always strive to control everyone. Get angry if someone pulls the blanket out of your control. Do not tolerate when someone is more important than you. It just annoys you. It is difficult for you to obey anyone. You are hot-tempered by refusals. Do not tolerate disobedience and disagreement with your opinion.

Option number 2

Self-interest or greed is your main drawback. You will not do anything if it does not benefit you. Before making a decision, carefully weigh the pros and cons. It would seem, what’s wrong with that? However, you will not act if there are significantly fewer “for” than “against”. In any situation, strive to extract the advantages for yourself. Yes, having received a benefit, you feel like a winner, but the joy from this is short-lived, isn’t it?

Option number 3

Your main drawback is chatty. You love to chat with anyone about this and that. Of course, sociability is good, but you do not always know when to stop. You chat about everything without thinking about the consequences. Not surprisingly, friends and family are reluctant to trust you with their secrets, since you can easily share them with the public. Moreover, you are clearly one of those people who like to gossip. We advise you to exercise restraint and selectivity in yourself.

Option number 4

Frivolity is your main flaw. You are a windy person by nature. People around you may think you are irresponsible. Don’t always keep promises. You easily give the word and just as easily take it back. When making a choice, take into account only your own interests, which is why you often provoke loved ones to negative things about you. You think living by the rules is boring.

Option number 5

Your main flaw is vulgarity. You have no balance between vulgarity and the norm. Love to dress, talk and act eccentrically. You think you need to stand out from the crowd by any means. Unfortunately, this attitude does not always play into your hands. Try to be a more “natural” person. You should not create an outer shell from contrived images and cliches. Be yourself!

Option number 6

Excessive curiosity is what you should fight with. No, no, excessive curiosity is not curiosity! These two things should not be confused. You are eager to learn more about people than you should. Often, as they say, prying your nose into your own business. Sometimes you are overly intrusive. Love to gossip. Want to be aware of everything in the world. On the one hand, knowing all the secrets of your loved ones will give you peace of mind, but on the other hand, anxiety and stress. Think, do you need other people’s secrets?

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