The 25 best books on true dedication and loyalty – the list is for you

The best books on fidelityWhat could be more pleasant than a cup of aromatic coffee in the evening under the rustle of the pages of an interesting book? Only two interesting books!

For your attention – the best, according to readers, works about devotion and fidelity. We read and enjoy!

Do you know, how to learn to read quickly?

Foam days

Foam daysAuthor: Boris Vian.

1st publication: 1947

Intellectual, dramatic and captivating prose is Vian’s filmed masterpiece of literary surrealism.

Even today, this work, which was published more than 70 years ago, is published in huge editions all over the world. A story of love and devotion in a touching, informal mystery novel. Nobody will remain indifferent!

The Great Gatsby

The Great GatsbyPosted by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

1st publication: 1925

The pinnacle of authorial creativity and one of the best books of the 20th century.

Millionaires of the turbulent 20s of the last century, broken destinies, false goals and the meaninglessness of cultivated values: a subtle, refined story about the collapse of illusions and the inviolability of love for those who appreciate good books.

Master and Margarita

Master and MargaritaAuthor: M. Bulgakov.

1st publication: 1940

This work does not need advertising. If you have this book on your shelf, then you can boast of excellent literary taste.

A powerful, fascinating novel that has been created by the author for over 10 years. A book that makes you think. The book has long been disassembled into quotes. A book worth reading and re-reading.

Wet asphalt racing

Wet asphalt racingAuthor: Stein Garth.

1st publication: 2008.

Who do we consider our most loyal friends? After the parents, of course. Every second will say – “dogs!” It is they, our four-legged loyal comrades, who understand perfectly, love wholeheartedly, always wait home.

S. Garth’s book is a story told by the dog himself. A sincere, talented and captivating book about Enzo’s love for a race car owner. In the most difficult hour, the dog will not leave him alone.

Red and black

Red and blackAuthor: Frederic Stendhal.

1st publication: 1830.

World masterpiece of 19th century literature.

The book is about a talented young man who has risen from the bottom up on the social ladder.

A powerful drama that mixed the social “analysis” of society, the struggle between ambition and the lust for fame, as well as a violent passion for which one pays with his life.

It’s hard to be god

It's hard to be godAuthors: A. and B. Strugatsky.

1st publication: 1964

He was sent as an observer far beyond the Earth – to the planet where the level of development is still similar to our “Middle Ages”. And interference in the course of history is unacceptable.

The hero’s task is to save the bright minds of the state …

Vanity Fair

Vanity FairBy William Thackeray.

1st publication: 1849

One of the author’s best books and an honorable place in the main list of world literary masterpieces.

A bright, eventful, ironic work that captures from 1 lines. The magic of words and the internal dialogue of the reader / author, light syllable, lack of sentimentality and artificial images, transcendental realism on 800 pages.

An amazingly lively story with a negative character “in the lead role” – a book “in one breath.”

One Hundred Years of Solitude

One Hundred Years of SolitudePosted by Gabriel García Márquez.

1st publication: 1967

A writer whose books are among his admirers all over the world.

Magical realism of luscious Latin American prose, realistic and deep work of torn storylines.

A book for the soul, for reflection, for comprehending life.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Unbearable Lightness of BeingAuthor: Milan Kundera.

1st publication: 1984

You open the book and immediately understand – yours! Urgently on the shelf, in your personal library!

This book is the very option when you can find a whole life under the cover. Full immersion in the plot, words and letters, the emotions of the characters.

A book that goes through the soul, the brain and even through the skin goosebumps. Love and life – like a white thread.

Three comrades

Three comradesAuthor: Erich-Maria Remarque.

1st publication: 1936

The world famous novel about the life of three friends in a difficult post-war world.

After returning to a peaceful life, they are haunted by the ghosts of the past, but there is no place for despondency when there are friends nearby who can give their last for the sake of friendship, and love that knows no boundaries.

The story that has been filmed many times and has conquered millions of hearts is as true as a life that leaves no illusions.

Through the eyes of a clown

Through the eyes of a clownAuthor: Heinrich Böll.

1st publication: 1963

A bright and sad story about a talented person whom fate forced to completely rethink his life.


LassiePosted by Eric Knight.

1st publication: 1940

Bestseller translated into 25 languages.

A simple plot, a light syllable and a sea of ​​emotions after reading. A kind, touching and timeless story with a “happy ending” for the whole family to read.

The main character of the book is “copied” by the author from his beloved dog Tutsi.

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101 dalmatians

101 dalmatiansPosted by Dodie Smith.

1st publication: 1956

A fairy tale, based on which a well-known film was shot.

A book for dog lovers (and not only) about the family of spotted four-legged animals and the villainess Cruella, who dreamed of a fur coat made from their skins.

White Bim Black Ear

White Bim Black EarAuthor: Gabriel Troepolsky.

1st publication: 1971

Setter owner Beam is taken to the capital for an operation. The dog is looking for him in the city, encountering both human kindness and cruelty.

A hard, tragic tale of dog loyalty, filmed in 1977.

The dog that didn’t want to be just a dog

The dog that didn't want to be just a dogPosted by Farley Mowat.

1st publication: 1957

A fascinating autobiographical work by a Canadian author about the fantastically intelligent dog Matt, who lives in a family of travelers and gets along with them in various comic incidents.

Easy syllable, plot dynamics, humor – a book for the whole family to read!

Fried green tomatoes at Polustanok cafe

Fried green tomatoes at Polustanok cafePosted by Fannie Flagg.

1st publication: 1987

One of the cult books in our country, which became such immediately after the publication in Russian, and reprinted many times.

The history of a tiny city, where (as, indeed, everywhere) love and pain, hatred and strong friendship are intertwined, where hopes melt and fears haunt.

A sincere and strong romance that teaches you to love life.

More Ben

More BenAuthors: S. Sakin and P. Tetersky.

1st publication: 2001

Two young people find themselves in London without a penny in their pockets. The elementary struggle for survival is gradually transforming into an “eternal holiday” of two “scum”.

Feel yourself alive with no livelihood!

Three from Carronade Square

Three from Carronade SquareAuthor: Vladislav Krapivin.

1st publication: 1979

A piece about boyish friendship. It is with her that it is recommended to begin acquaintance with the books of Krapivin.

The author’s original style, dreamy characters, ambiguous episodes, no “moralizing” in a sincere, realistic book that will not give you ready-made answers. You will have to draw conclusions yourself!

Recommended to read with children.

Faithful Ruslan

Faithful RuslanAuthor: Georgy Vladimov.

1st publication: 1975

A work about a guard dog, in which you will not find fun adventures and classic “dog” stories. The author harshly and abruptly turns the mind of the reader, forcing him to breathe deeper and drive away the creeps creeping down his arms.

A sharp and poignant book that is read avidly, without a lunch break.

Love during the plague

Love during the plaguePosted by Gabriel García Márquez.

1st publication: 1985

Love conquers everything! From life’s problems and flaws in the soul to space and time.

A love story that is worthy of songs and legends – frantic, growing stronger over the years, unchanging, driving you crazy. 54 years of waiting for love in the most loving, poetically beautiful book by Marquez.

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering HeightsPosted by Emily Bronte.

A work from the golden collection of world literary masterpieces.

A romantic, ageless prose about stormy and tragic love, which is read by all generations.

Where Dreams May Come

Where Dreams May ComePosted by Richard Matheson.

1st publication: 1978

Melodramatic science fiction, filmed in 98th year.

Acquaintance, love, wedding, children. And a happy life. Which would have remained as such, if not for fate …

But it turns out that there is life after death. And the main character will definitely find his earthly love on the other side of the world.

White on black

White on blackBy Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego

1st publication: 2002

A popular autobiographical novel around the world, shocking readers with its frankness and realism.

A book about the life of disabled children in Soviet boarding schools – tough, truthful, uncut.


KysyaVladimir Kunin.

1st publication: 1995

The book is a confession on behalf of the St. Petersburg cat, who by the will of fate ended up in exile. A dynamic and funny story with sharp plot twists and realities of life about a cat’s affection for its owner.

Not for kids.


DiaryPosted by Nicholas Sparks.

1st publication: 1996

It is impossible to explain the popularity of this book. It would seem that it is just a love novel, but millions of people are read to it.

A work that should be read in silence and without haste. A special story that you can always be together.

Even if it’s impossible.

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