The 4 most arrogant and opinionated zodiac signs

The zodiac sign of birth does affect personality traits, and while these four most arrogant signs are unique in their own way, they have one thing in common: they can be overconfident and arrogant at times.

They are selfish, overly proud and sometimes harsh; and if you are on this list, consider lowering your degree of arrogance a little. Better to be a cute social butterfly than a pompous peacock!

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It’s no surprise that Leos are at the top of the list. Of course, they are arrogant and vain, but if they were not such charismatic creatures, they would hardly have had so many fans and friends. Alas, Leo’s ego is so inflated that it often becomes a barrier to success. When an idea is born in this sign in his head, it is impossible to dissuade him and make him change his mind, because Leo is sure that he is always right in everything. Moreover, this sign is absolutely convinced that he is the best, that everyone is crazy about him and wants to be like him.

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It is very difficult for Aries to think and care about other people, and empathy is not inherent in him at all, since this sign is too busy with himself. Of course, if you ask Aries directly for help, he will reluctantly agree, but then he will remind you of his service for a long time. Aries for the most part think exclusively about themselves and their interests. From the outside, they may look like heartless creatures who do not care about all the people around them.


Taurus is so selflessly indulging in their own desires that they absolutely do not pay attention to the feelings and needs of other people. The affairs, tasks and problems of Taurus are above all, therefore they should be solved first of all, and if this means that other people need to be ignored, then Taurus will do so. And Taurus also does not know how to compromise, because he is sure of his unchanging rightness. He loves himself too much and always looks down on others.


Sagittarius are sweet, inquisitive and optimistic, but all their attractive qualities can be tainted by self-centeredness and vanity. All Sagittarius are convinced that the world revolves exclusively around them. They think they are the perfect role model, and they believe that those around them are crazy about them. They are vain and narcissistic creatures who adore everything in themselves, even their own weaknesses and shortcomings.

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