The ABC of women’s dress code – types, how to follow the dress code correctly?

Hearing the strict word “dress code”, everyone remembers the restrictions. However, this in itself is not a limitation, but only a form of clothing in which you will feel comfortable at a particular event.

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Read about what you can and cannot do in different types of dress codes below.

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Four groups of dress codes – which dress code is appropriate for the event?

  • Formal suitable for special occasions such as a diplomatic reception, a ball, a dinner party, a corporate event or a wedding. It is considered the strictest dress code that does not tolerate mixing with other styles, just as classic pumps do not accept knee-highs.

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  • Business dress code used for business events, for example – meetings with partners or formal receptions of a strict nature. This style is considered one of the most popular in the business clothing industry.


  • Cocktail style can be seen at informal evening parties or entertainment events. Despite the seeming freedom in the female cocktail dress code, there are limitations, which you can read about below.


  • Casual used for everyday life and differs from the previous ones in a high level of comfort and lack of restrictions. It is not difficult to maintain a casual dress code, so it can be observed at any non-working hours or working hours with minimum dress code requirements.


Formal dress code rules for women – formal dress code types

  • The dress code of the “white butterfly” has a corresponding second name – White tie This name comes from an important accessory at special events – a white bow tie. According to the etiquette of the dress code, women dress up in ball gowns made of expensive fabrics, and the length of the dress should not be higher than the ankle, the neckline is covered and no costume jewelry.


  • Another kind of formal dress code is Black tie No exotic shoes – just classic solid colors. You can choose a beautiful evening or cocktail dress, cape, favorite jewelry and watches. No boots or hat should be worn.



  • Dress code rules Full formal these are: evening dress or formal suit, shoes. Sandals or extravagant jewelry are not allowed.


  • Formal Dress Code Black Tie Invited includes elements of pure Black tie, for example, it is desirable for a man to be in a tuxedo, and a lady in a long evening or cocktail dress, suit. This style is suitable for high-level corporate banquets.

  • Black tie optional allows you to change your tuxedo to a more comfortable suit, and instead of a dress, put on a skirt with a blouse.


  • WITH Creative black tie you can dream up! For example, put on a tuxedo with a bright vest or an original tie. Or choose an ethnic accessory for a ball gown.


Types of dress code Cocktail – rules of women’s clothing according to the dress code cocktail

  • Semi-formal allows men to wear a suit, after 18 – a dark color, and women a cocktail dress of any length.
  • Dress Code Attire Cocktail (smart) is usually asked in invitations to social events. In this case, ladies wear knee-length cocktail dresses, suits with skirts or trousers.
  • Fulfill the conditions After five not difficult because any cocktail dress / costume will do.
  • After 5 casual you can wear smart designer clothes, skip a tie, and wear revealing tops and seductive cocktail dresses.
  • Smart Casual even allows jeans, only classic, not ripped. The clothes themselves depend more on the purpose of the party.

Requirements for the casual dress code in women’s clothing – complete freedom or restraint?

It is impossible to answer unequivocally, because there are several types of Casual dress code, which differ in restrictions:

  • C. Executive leaders often adhere, thus, they are close to subordinates, but still their clothes are more expensive, high quality and unique.
  • C. mainstream suitable for work with a democratic boss. Skirts and shorts should not be too short.
  • C. baseline differs from the previous one in that bright colors and a lot of jersey are allowed.

Women’s dress code Business rules – strict style and elegance of the dress code Business

A business dress code shows your wealth, prestige, and status. It is used at meetings with future partners or demonstration parties.


But do not think of it as something boring, there are different types – choose any!

  • B. Best – the most solid. Necessarily light suit, low “boats”, white blouse and stockings.
  • B. Formal Traditional – this is the usual suit strip or plain options for suits.
  • B.Casual jersey allows, but in general clothes should be discreet colors.
  • B. Smart pushes the boundaries in the direction of bright colors and stylish accessories.


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