The amazing world of Asia – 9 interesting facts

So, imagine Asia, the largest part of the world, which combines a large number of countries and cultures. If you have ever been there, then you probably managed to understand that this is a completely different world.

Today I will tell you about the main wonders of Asia. It will be interesting!

People sleeping everywhere

sleeping japanese

If you walk the streets of densely populated Japan, don’t be surprised to see a lot of people sleeping on benches, in cars, or near the counter of shops. No, no, these are not individuals without a definite place of residence! Sleeping Asians may even include middle managers or executives from large companies.

So why do people in Asia allow themselves to take a nap in broad daylight in the middle of the street? It’s simple – they work very hard, therefore, they get very tired.

Interesting! In Japan, there is a concept called “inemuri”, which means “to sleep and be present.”

A person who sleeps in the workplace is not judged, but, on the contrary, is respected and appreciated. Indeed, in the opinion of the leadership, the fact that he, with a lack of strength, nevertheless came to the service, deserves respect.

Unique gastronomy

asian cuisine

Asia is an unusual part of the world. Only here you can find a sweet Kit-Kat bar with wasabi or potato chips with strawberries. By the way, “Oreo” biscuits with green tea flavor are in great demand among tourists.

If you go to any Asian supermarket, you will surely experience a shock. Local countries have truly unique food that cannot be found anywhere else.

Editorial advice Bologny! If you are in Japan or China, be sure to buy a drink there “Pepsi “ with the taste of white yogurt. It is very tasty.

Unusual fauna

Here you can see unique animals that are not found anywhere else. For example, the Indian sloth bear is a real miracle of Asia! This animal does not at all look like an ordinary brown bear, rather, like a koala. Prefers bananas and termites. And there is also a unique nosy monkey. Yes, she got her nickname thanks to her huge nose. But this is not a complete list of the unique representatives of the fauna in Asia.

sloth bear
Sloth bear

Only in this part of the world you can find:

  • A huge Komodo monitor lizard.
  • A rhinoceros bird.
  • Cat bear, binturonga.
  • Charming tarsiers.
  • Red panda.
  • The sun bear.
  • Black-backed tapir.
  • Small Lizard – Flying Dragon.

Thais and Indonesians are proud of their unique carnivorous plant – rafflesia. Its diameter is over 1 meter! Despite the beauty of this flower, it emits a very unpleasant smell that you are unlikely to want to enjoy.

Rafflesia – carnivorous flower

The highest and lowest points of the globe are here

If you set a goal to conquer the highest point on the planet, as well as descend to the lowest, go to Asia and kill two birds with one stone!

The highest point on the planet is the summit of Mount Everest. Its height is almost 9 thousand meters above sea level. It takes a lot of equipment and willpower to climb there.

As for the lowest point on the planet, it is located on the border of Jordan and Israel. What is there? Dead Sea. It is a point on land, which is located almost 500 meters above sea level.

Mount everest
Mount everest

Wonders of technology

Asia is home to some of the world’s best design engineers. These talented people are as professional as even Americans. They amaze the world with their inventions every year.

For example, not so long ago in Japan a new Toyota model, I-Road, entered the auto market. Do you know what is special about it? I-Road is both a car and a motorcycle. This model is futuristic and compact. You can park it anywhere. Suitable for both men and women. But these are not all features. This type of transport is electrically powered; it does not need petrol or gas to operate.

Toyota - I-Road
Toyota – I-Road

What other interesting Asian inventions are there?

  • A pillow dictionary.
  • Butter grinder.
  • Funnels for eyes, etc.

Unique entertainment

Tourists who come to Asia are unlikely to want to just ride the local roads by bus, listening to the excursion program, because there are so many interesting things!

For example, in China, the Avatar National Park was created; the highest trail is located on the Tianmen Mountain. The people passing along it are dizzy with delight. The height of this trail is almost 1500 meters above the ground! And the width is only 1 meter. But that’s not all. You will walk on a glass surface, seeing an abyss below you.

glass path
Tianmen Mountain Trail

Not interested? Then we advise you to go to the Philippines, because there they offer an interesting entertainment – a bike ride on a cable car. Of course, every person who goes on it will have insurance. You will have to ride at a height of 18 meters above the ground. Interesting, isn’t it?

Black teeth

Americans and Europeans strive, by all means, to preserve the natural whiteness of their teeth. She is associated with wealth and good health. However, Asians have a different attitude towards this.

Blackening of teeth is practiced in many communities in Southeast Asia. No, this is not a protest against the famous Hollywood smile, but a very useful procedure. It is carried out using special ink water extracted from sumac nuts.

black teeth

Mostly Asian married women blacken their teeth. This is done in order to demonstrate to others the strength of their longevity and viability.

Huge bridges

Asia has a large number of huge bridges, the size of which is amazing. For example, China has the world’s largest bridge, the Danyang-Kunshan Viaduct. Its length is almost 1.5 km. Amazing, isn’t it?

9 proofs that Asia is a different world

Editorial advice Bologny! If you want to enjoy great views, buy a rail ticket for the train from Shanghai to Nanhibi. You will drive along the huge Viaduct bridge at a height of 30 meters above the ground.

Eternal youth

Perhaps the main proof that Asia is a different Universe is the eternal youth of local residents. Signs of aging in them appear much later than in inhabitants of other continents of the Earth.

Europeans visiting Asia have the impression that the aging process seems to be slowing down for Aboriginal people. Don’t believe me? Then pay attention to these two people and their age!

Lure Shu
Lura Shu – 43 years old
Chuangdo Tang
Chuangdo Tang – 53 years old

Experts cannot accurately answer the question of why there are many centenarians in Asia? This is probably due to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by the majority of the population.

Interesting fact! Most people over 100 live in Japan.

If the source of eternal youth exists, then, for sure, in Asia.

Do you know anything interesting about this part of the world? Share with us in the comments!

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