The benefits of a bike for women – 10 reasons to start riding

The bicycle, invented back in the 19th century, does not lose its relevance today. In addition, it does not need fuel, which is now expensive, does not pollute the atmosphere and is a more compact vehicle than a car. And most importantly, cycling brings health benefits – that’s why it is so popular with people around the world (out of 7 billion people on earth – 1.4 billion people are cyclists).

COLADY will share 10 reasons why a bicycle is good for women.

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What is the use of a bicycle for women?

Cycling is good for the whole body. The indisputable advantages of cycling are:

  • The beauty of your body
    By rotating the pedals of a two-wheeled horse, the muscles of the legs and pelvis, the muscles of the thighs and abdomen work. Even a calm, measured ride for one hour at a speed of about 20 km / h will help to say goodbye to 450-500 calories.
  • Positive emotions and good mood
    Riding in the park, watching children passing by, birds flying by, trees shedding their yellow and red leaves, you are charged with positive energy for a long time.
  • Heart muscle health
    While cycling, the heart begins to contract intensively, thereby increasing its endurance, improving the work of the cardiovascular system. The main thing here is not to overdo it. You need to start with a short ride on a steel friend, otherwise you can get the opposite effect.
  • Relaxation from stress and overload
    Cycling will tidy up the nervous system. During the moments of such cycling trips, you can forget about pressing problems, reflect on the future, enjoy a short loneliness. Statistics show that there are many more people who are resistant to stress among cyclists than among the rest of the population. And this is another important plus of cycling.
  • Getting rid of varicose veins
    If you find that you have varicose veins, try pedaling your bike. In the process of rotation, blood circulation through the veins improves, the nodes of blood stagnation decrease in the vessels. But cycling training also serves as the prevention of varicose veins. So while there are no signs of this disease on legs, do not forget about prevention in the form of cycling.
10 reasons why cycling is good for women
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  • Myopia prevention
    Cycling requires the utmost care from the cyclist. You need to look into the distance on the sides in order to notice the approaching car in time, as well as forward, for the timely detection of obstacles on the road. At this time, the eye muscles work. Such an alternating change in focal length improves vision and serves as the prevention of myopia and hyperopia.
  • Attention of men
    The girl on the bike is pretty attractive. Smooth back, chest forward, legs that smoothly move the pedals, butt that sits beautifully on the bike seat. What man won’t pay attention to this? You will definitely not see such male attention at home, sitting on the couch and chewing cookies. And who knows, maybe a passion for cycling will help you meet your soul mate?
  • Broadening your horizons
    Riding first around your house, then along your street, then around your area, you will soon decide to travel farther distances, where you will see new landscapes and unfamiliar views, thereby expanding your horizons. And if a company of like-minded cyclists appears, then you can make longer trips, while receiving a sea of ​​positive emotions, a beautiful figure, and almost without spending money.
  • Coordination of movements
    People who are fond of cycling have better developed coordination of movements and constantly train their sense of balance.
  • Development of quick response to emergency situations
    Cyclists, like other vehicle drivers, are often faced with situations on the road where they need to react in time and make an immediate decision. Thanks to this, cycling enthusiasts increase the speed of their reactions to freelance circumstances.

PIs a bicycle useful for a pregnant woman?

10 reasons why cycling is good for women
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The benefits of a bicycle are also essential for the health of a pregnant woman and an unborn baby. Scientists have proven that regular leisurely cycling is very beneficial for women in position. They reduce the risk of developing intrauterine abnormalities, and such women are easier to tolerate pregnancy.

This does not apply to women who, in the last months of pregnancy, decide to saddle a two-wheeled horse, as well as to those who do not feel confident behind the wheel of a bicycle. This applies to women who feel like a fish in water on a steel horse. Such women should not give up cycling because of pregnancy.
However, do not forget that the expectant mother should in any case consult with her doctor about the advisability of cycling.

So the bike is one continuous benefit and no harm! Of course, if you adhere to simple rules: do not sit behind the wheel of a bicycle on a full stomach, make sure that the vehicle is in good working order (brakes work, the steering wheel and seat do not wobble) and that there is always water at hand to avoid dehydration on long trips …

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