The best and most comfortable sofas for the home – which ones and how to choose?

How to choose the right sofa for your home - choosing the most comfortable sofasA sofa is not just interior furniture like an ottoman in the hallway. The sofa is a real multifunctional “place” where guests gather, households rest, as well as sleep, play, and so on.

During the day, the sofa can be used for tea drinking, and at night it turns into a bed with a “flick of the hand”. If, of course, before buying it, the owners have studied all the nuances of such a purchase.

The content of the article:

  1. Types of sofas for the home – which one is more convenient?
  2. Types of transformation and types of sofa layouts
  3. Spring-loaded or springless unit?
  4. Which upholstery is preferred?
  5. Seat and Cushion Filler Materials

Types of sofas for the home – which one is more convenient: corner, folding, etc.

If your sofa is your bed at the same time, then it means that you spend about 4 months a year on it.

What does this mean?

Yes, and the fact that you need to move more – too, but most importantly – this suggests that you need to choose a high-quality sofa that can restore strength at night, and not take them away with springs crashing into your back, failed areas, rubbed cloth.

The best bedspreads for the bedroom – which ones?

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Where to begin?

First, let’s look at the classification of sofas. They can be divided …

By form:

  • Corner. Comfortable, but not suitable for all premises. Corner sofa
  • Insular… Models that require a lot of space. Island sofa
  • Straight, classic. Classic straight sofa

By dimensions:

It all depends on which room you will put the sofa in, and how many people will sit on it.

Perhaps for a large family you need a huge corner sofa in the living room, which can also be expanded. In this case, the length of the sofa may exceed 3 m.

But a straight small sofa in the kitchen or dining room may not exceed 1.4 m in length.

By intended purpose:

  • For the office. A fold-out sofa is, of course, not needed here. Unless you’re spending the night at work.
  • For a children’s room. As a rule, children take mini-sofas with easy-to-wash upholstery, or folding sofas, on which children can also sleep at night.
  • For the bedroom. Sliding wide sofas are suitable here, on which it will be comfortable to stretch out at night. Naturally, such a sofa should be of high quality, so that the spine has time to rest during the night and does not turn into a “zyu” letter.
  • For kitchen. For a small cozy kitchen, by the way, small sofas with additional drawers for all sorts of little things will come in handy. Of course, it’s great when you can shove a large fold-out sofa into the kitchen “in case of the arrival of relatives”, but, as a rule, most Russians simply cannot cram such furniture into the kitchen (the size of an average Russian kitchen is about 8-10 sq / m).

Also, sofas can differ in the type of transformation, in design and style, and so on.

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Types of transformation and types of sofa layouts for the home – pros and cons

One of the most important criteria in choosing a sofa is, of course, the transformation method.

There are three ways in total.

However, there are also “subspecies” with minor nuances.

Type 1 – pull-out (roll-out) sofas


Type 2 – folding sofas


  • Tango. Convenient and compact, click-and-gag prototypes. Tango
  • Lit. Model for a children’s room (single), which can be expanded due to the armrests. Lit sofa
  • Book. Good for a bed. It unfolds easily, like a “book” – until it clicks. Almost a “retro” model. Sofa book

Type 3 – fold-out sofas


  • Accordion. This model combines 2 versions of the mechanism – folding and withdrawable. As when playing the instrument of the same name. Sofa accordion
  • Spartacus. Spartak sofa
  • French clamshells… Cozy and compact, they unfold in 3 stages. French folding sofa
  • American clamshells (sedaflexes). Unfolded in 2 steps. Smooth, elastic, with orthopedic properties. American folding sofas, sedaflexes
  • Italian clamshells. People call them “shape-shifters”. They belong to luxury furniture – comfortable, comfortable, with mattresses on the basis of spring blocks. Italian folding sofas, shifters
  • Click-gag. One of the modern models that allows you to fold the sofa for different positions – lying, reclining, sitting. The mechanisms, as a rule, are strong, but the “filling” is quickly lost, and it becomes uncomfortable to sleep on them. Click-gag sofas

How to properly clean sofas and other upholstered furniture at home?

Is a spring or springless sofa block right for you?

The furniture industry does not stand still – and, in addition to springs, today manufacturers offer other “fillings” for sofas.

However, to begin with, let’s find out the main thing: which basis for the sofa is better – spring or springless?

Let’s compare both basics according to several main criteria:

Features of the spring block:

It is important to note that the “Bonnel” type of springs is already considered obsolete and practically not used, so for comparison in this battle of the basics we will use the Pocket spring type of independent springs.

  1. Convenience. Withstands a serious load, ensures normal sleep, is equipped with first grade fillers, evenly distributes the load. Rating: +.
  2. Lifetime. Like the first-class PPU, the Pocket spring will also last a long time, if the manufacturing technology has not been violated. Of course, if the sofa is used as a trampoline, then the springs can break and sag, but this happens only in cheap models with dependent springs. Therefore, here the score: +.
  3. Price. The price of PPU will be lower than a high-quality spring block. Of course, the Bonnel block will equalize the chances, but independent springs will cost more than polyurethane foam.
  4. The main disadvantage: loss of properties when exposed to powerful force, high cost.

Features of the springless unit:

In this case, for comparison, we take high-quality polyurethane foam as a basis.

  1. Convenience. It retains its shape, is environmentally friendly, serves for a long time, quickly regains its shape and is able to withstand a solid weight. Rating: +
  2. Life Span: high-quality PU foam serves for a long time. Moreover, it does not accumulate dust, breathes and is generally very environmentally friendly. Rating: +
  3. Price… Definitely cheaper than an expensive spring block.
  4. The main disadvantage of PPU: fast flammability, flammability.

It is important to note that PPU also has its own classification:

  • Block PPU… This option assumes that sheets of material of different thicknesses are glued to each other.
  • Cast polyurethane foam. In this case, the material is cast in specific molds for the manufacture of original furniture.

Also, polyurethane foam can differ in density and elasticity:

  • ST 2236. Load – up to 60 kg. Short service life.
  • ST 2536. Load – up to 100 kg. Good density.
  • ST 3540. Withstands a solid weight, ideal for sofas, durable and comfortable.

Which sofa block is better?

The choice depends on the purpose for which the sofa will be used.

  1. For bedroom the ideal option is independent springs with high-quality filler.
  2. For the living room, for the sofa, on which only guests will sleep, and those – rarely, you can stop at the PPU.


  1. Bonnel springs are out of date. It is not recommended to choose sofas with a similar base. Even if they are not supposed to be exploited intensively. Bonnel is the short life of a sofa, quick sagging (“hammock” effect), no orthopedic effect, creak.
  2. It is also not recommended to buy cheap PU foam.: it has a short service life, quickly tramples down and sags, and one can only dream of environmental friendliness of the material.

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Which sofa upholstery is right for you?

The choice of upholstery material directly depends on the purpose of use:

  • Leather. Durable, beautiful, expensive and high-status material. Long lasting and low maintenance. Good for a living room couch, but not very pleasant to sleep in. Moreover, the bed linen slips off him.
  • Cotton. Eco-friendly, pleasant to the body, breathes and absorbs moisture, inexpensive. Not an option for a nursery, wears out quickly, requires constant and painful care.
  • Jacquard. One of the best upholstery materials. Long-lasting, wear-resistant, does not fade under the sun, breathes, prevents dust from sticking. Cons: price.
  • Flock. Ideal for any sofa in the living room. Nice to the touch, beautiful, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Another plus: there are no traces of cat claws on the flock. Minus: absorbs odors, cotton – only 35%, not suitable for the kitchen, quickly wears out.
  • Chenille. Nice material with thick pile: aesthetic, durable, warm, easy to clean. A good option for a children’s room.
  • Silk. Durable, smooth and pleasant, eco-friendly. Not suitable for families with cats and small children, not suitable for intensive use (loses its gloss). Minus: expensive.
  • Tapestry. Breathable, strong and durable, a huge variety of textures, environmentally friendly and wear-resistant, protected from rapid pollution. Minus: expensive, fade quickly under the sun.
  • Arpatek. Durable, soft, tear resistant, does not fade in the sun, is not afraid of moisture and dirt. A good upholstery option if you need a sofa for relaxation.

Which sofa upholstery should you choose?

Types and texture of fabric for bedspreads in the bedroom – which bedspread is preferable for you, and why?

Seat and sofa cushion filling materials – everything you need to know before choosing

The choice of sofa filling, of course, depends on the level of the bottomlessness of the wallet. The simpler, the cheaper.

Among modern materials, there are ideal options for fillers, but they will have to pay 2-8 thousand rubles more than for ordinary inexpensive polyurethane foam.

So, the main options for springless synthetic filler for sofa seats and cushions:

  • PPU. The cost and quality depends on the density and elasticity, as we have already found out above. Cons of PPU: flammability.
  • Structofiber. Durability, orthopedic properties. Ticks do not start, no allergies, zero flammability. The softness of the filler is selected in accordance with the weight of the person: the lighter it is, the softer the mattress should be when choosing the hardness parameters. Good for semi-hard mattresses, ideal in combination with palm coir, linen or horsehair.
  • Holofiber. Lightweight, durable, non-flammable, lasts about 10 years, does not absorb odors. Cons: high price. It is used for cushions and cushions, for sofas.
  • Durafil. Similar in response to loading with a spring block. Antimicrobial material, elastic and durable, lush, comfortable. Does not require cleaning from ticks and is not interesting for moths. Used for soft areas of armchairs and sofas.
  • Synthepukh. Good for pillows: quickly recovers its shape, safe, inexpensive and soft, breathable. Cons: in a “pure” form, it leaves “gaps” in the pillow corners, and when mixed with foam, it loses its shape and quickly cakes. Used as a substitute for down for sofa armrests or cushions.
  • Comforl. These “balls” with a silicone “wrap” have almost no drawbacks. They do not rustle, do not cause allergies, dry quickly and serve for a long time, do not cake, etc. Solid pluses. Usually the material is poured into bean bags or used in sofa cushions.
  • Latex. This option is prepared from rubber juice. Such “filling” will be environmentally friendly, breathable, wear-resistant (more than 20 years of service), quickly recovering its shape. Minus one – it’s expensive. Used for luxury sofas.
  • Periotec. Modern material loved by connoisseurs of “a couple of cigarettes on the couch”. The material is safe, durable, breathable, comfortable. A great option for covers.
  • Coconut fleece. Often rubber fakes are slipped in instead. In reality, coconut filler is almost an ideal material, except for its low elasticity and lack of softness. website thanks you for your attention to the article! We will be very pleased if you share your experience in choosing a sofa for your home!

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