The best beauty recipes after 40 years. How to keep youthful? Real advice from women.

A woman always wants to be feminine and attractive. As at an early age, when young beauties begin to emphasize their own beauty, struggle with the first acne and skin problems, and begin to follow the figure. When women reach the age of forty, problems of a different kind appear. And I really want your face and body to always look great. Therefore, women love to share tips and recipes that have already been tested in their own experience. The secrets of those procedures that were effective and led to positive changes.

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The best beauty recipes after 40 years.  How to keep youthful?  Real advice from women.Keep your face in great shape without resorting to botox

Seeing a vivid manifestation of age-related changes on their own face, women often turn to various kinds of cosmetic salon procedures and plastic, including resorting to an injection of Botox. For many, this kind of procedure is not credible and they prefer to use alternative means.

These means include facial gymnastics. In order for your tummy to be beautiful and fit, there is probably no better way than to constantly pump the press and keep the muscles in good shape. The same can be said about your face. If you keep your facial muscles in good shape all the time and constantly do gymnastics for them, your face will not “float” anywhere. It will always look sleek and beautiful.

The best beauty recipes after 40 years.  How to keep youthful?  Real advice from women.Facial skin nutrition

If you’ve taken the time and energy to do facial gymnastics, that’s very commendable. Facial gymnastics takes patience and needs to be done all the time, but the procedure is a lot of fun. However, only one gymnastics for the face is not enough.

Facial skin needs nutrition and vitamins… If you have already chosen a cream that is suitable for you, to which your skin reacts well, you can add a little sea buckthorn oil to it, it is saturated with vitamins necessary for the skin and perfectly nourishes your skin. Sea buckthorn oil is a therapeutic and prophylactic agent and it has a good effect on your complexion, giving it a lively warm shade.

The best beauty recipes after 40 years.  How to keep youthful?  Real advice from women.For cleansing the skin face should use fruit peels. Peelings from kiwi, papaya, pineapple well nourish and vitaminize the skin of the face. They also contain enzymes that gobble up dead cells.

If you suffer from problems with circles under the eyes, it will be very useful to wipe your skin with ice cubes made from a decoction of parsley. This will give your under-eye skin a pleasant tint.

The best beauty recipes after 40 years.  How to keep youthful?  Real advice from women.Hair care

Hair needs nutrition no less than facial skin. Therefore, various kinds of nourishing hair masks will be useful, egg masks and masks from decoction of herbs are very good, it is enough to do them only two or three times a week. Hair, which is especially prone to permanent color and constant drying with a hairdryer, is significantly weakened and needs additional care. Use for them a special foam that protects against thermal effects.

The best beauty recipes after 40 years.  How to keep youthful?  Real advice from women.5 exercises to preserve youth and beauty

  1. Getting out of bed in the morning, right in front of the bed, make several turns around its axis. Gradually, once every one to two weeks, increasing their number.
  2. Lie on a bed or rug and lift your leg up, bringing them to an upright position. While doing this, tilt your head forward at the same time. Do this 3 times, then gradually increase the number of times.
  3. Kneel down, place your hands on your buttocks and tilt your head back.
  4. From a sitting position, stretch your legs forward, pull your arms back. Now from this position you should go into the “table” pose. To do this, you need to raise your pelvis and stomach up, while leaning on your arms and legs. Repeat three times, gradually increasing the number of times.
  5. It is done from a prone position. Put your hands and feet on the floor and lift your buttocks up as high as possible, while tilting your head down. Repeat the exercise three times, gradually increasing the number of times.

Exercises should be performed continuously.

The best beauty recipes after 40 years.  How to keep youthful?  Real advice from women.Vitamin drinks will help maintain youth

It is very, very important that your body receives the right amount of vitamins, this will have a beneficial effect on your life and on the condition of your skin as well. You can nourish your body with a daily intake of nutritious drinks. A daily schedule of fortified drinks will help your body get the right dose of essential nutrients.

Monday. Most often, Monday is the day after a hard weekend, when we allow ourselves to eat a little extra. Therefore, Monday morning should start with a glass of warm mineral water with the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon.

Tuesday. On this day, you should drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice with the addition of green parsley juice.

Wednesday. On this day, you should prepare fresh grape juice for yourself.

Thursday. On Thursday, you should prefer the juice of fresh strawberries, raspberries or currants in summer. At other times of the year, grapefruit juice will do.

Friday. The day before the weekend. Drinking a glass of leek broth will be very helpful.

Saturday. Drink apricot juice.

Sunday. Well, on Sunday you can indulge yourself with a glass of beard or any other red wine.

Secret recipes for beautiful women after 40 – how to preserve youth?

We will interview the women we know and having studied the Internet, we have found the following recipes and secrets of preserving youth. These are real tips from women over 40 that look great!

And I add sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E to any cream. The skin acquires a lively beautiful warm shade. At the same time, it is an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

Every morning I wipe my face with a lemon wedge, parsley ice (with parsley or chamomile juice) and apply a light moisturizer. All day I look cheerful, fresh – no one gives me my age.

My prescription is urine therapy. No matter how much they say, it works. + You can wipe your face, problem skin with morning urine.

Only genetics supported by a healthy lifestyle! Do not drink, do not smoke, do not overeat!)

Various procedures in salons help me a lot – mesotherapy, botork, vitamin injections, gel in the nasolabial folds. Genetics are not very good, so beauty has to be maintained like that. However, all this is not only effective, but also very costly!

The main thing is to nourish and moisturize the skin. Most often, the hands, neck, and not just the face give out age. I often mix natural oils with warm wax (heat the mass together) – the greasy natural cream is ready. You can smear hands, feet, stomach, chest, lips, neck.

Everything comes from food! Cleanse your liver regularly. + I drink on an empty stomach honey diluted in the evening in water and a spoonful of olive oil. + add natural olive oil to some creams.

My secret is spermaceti cream (costs 30 rubles). Spermaceti cream – there are no problems on the skin))) I have been using only this cream for 20 years now. Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes. I smear it at night.

Yoga is the best recipe for health and beauty. Find the main thing “your master”. + keep the body, figure in shape. Pool and a glass of water before meals in 20 minutes. Avoid fried and sweet foods. Don’t skimp on quality products. And vacation at sea also helps a lot!) Despite the fact that the sun is bad for the skin, I just take a good protective cream + body milk – and after the vacation I look 5 years younger).

Lack of laziness! Get in the mood! always positive mood! Do not freak out, avoid stress. do not waste your nerves. Healthy food. do facial gymnastics, exercises according to the Niche system, yoga, correct breathing. activity is welcome!

And what recipes have helped you to preserve youth and beauty?

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