The best books to help unleash femininity

What is femininity and how to reveal it in yourself? Psychologists advise to engage in self-knowledge, which can be helped by good books that make you think and reconsider your attitude to yourself and to life in general. The books covered in this article will help develop femininity.

1. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Runner with the Wolves

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Runner with the Wolves 1The author of the book is a psychotherapist who has collected and analyzed fairy tales dedicated to the female archetype. Estes argues that the origins of femininity must be sought in the primordial wild woman, wise and courageous, who lives in the soul of every contemporary woman. And the study of fairy tales helps to gain access to this wild woman.

Enter the world of analytical psychology to find your own Self and discover opportunities in yourself that you never knew existed! The book will help you to abandon everything superficial and come into contact with your hidden power, which at first can frighten a person who is used to living within the shackles imposed by civilization.

2. Naomi Wolfe, “The Myth of Beauty. Stereotypes Against Women “

Naomi Wolfe, “The Myth of Beauty.  Stereotypes Against Women Naomi Wolf is a feminist and sociologist. She devoted her book to the pressure that modern culture has on women. In the 21st century, women have to not only work on an equal footing with men, but also look in accordance with certain canons.

Naomi Wolf believes that the task of a woman is to free herself from this pressure and abandon crippling “beauty practices”, not to compare herself with some ephemeral “ideals of beauty” and to release her true femininity. This book can turn the way you think about yourself, which can be painful at times. However, if you strive for independence and want to learn how to be yourself in the full sense of the word, you should definitely read it!

3. Dan Abrams, “The Woman Above. The end of patriarchy? “

Dan Abrams, “The Woman Above.  The end of patriarchy? It is generally accepted that male and female thinking is fundamentally different from each other. At the same time, “male” abilities are taken as a certain standard. However, there are things in which women are superior to men. Want to know where your strength lies? So you should study this book. You will learn that women drive better, vote more intelligently, and do better as leaders! The book will make you believe in yourself and abandon the stereotypes that doing something “like a girl” is bad!

4. Olga Valyaeva, “The Purpose to Be a Woman”

Olga Valyaeva, The author teaches the acquisition of femininity on several levels at once: physical, emotional, energetic and intellectual. Olga gives a lot of practical advice and recommendations. You can treat them in different ways, however, guided by the advice of the author, you will gain new valuable experience and be able to reveal new facets of your femininity.

5. Marie Forleo, “You are a goddess! How to drive men crazy? “

Marie Forleo, “You are a goddess!  How to drive men crazy? If you are single and dream of finding your other half, this book is for you. The author teaches to look for the root of problems not in others, but in oneself. Indeed, often women themselves alienate potential promising gentlemen.

Become a goddess, believe in yourself, and you will find your happiness (and, what is important, you can keep it).

6. Natalia Pokatilova, “Born by a Woman”

Natalia Pokatilova, Many readers claim that this book completely changed their worldview and taught them to be truly feminine. Of course, the author relies on very dubious “ancient practices”, but there are many useful exercises in the book. If you approach them rationally and deliberately, you can achieve impressive results and change your life for the better.

7. Alexander Shuvalov, “Women’s genius. Disease history”

Alexander Shuvalov, “Women's genius.  Disease historyIt is generally accepted that men have higher intelligence than women. The author refutes this stereotype, relying on numerous scientific studies and historical data. Women have the same opportunities as men, but they often have to give up their destiny for the sake of family and children. Nevertheless, according to the author, being a genius is not easy for representatives of both sexes: you have to pay a high price for giftedness.

The book is useful for women who are not sure that they are capable of doing something grandiose just because they were born of the “fairer sex”. Find out that your possibilities are endless and you are no worse (or maybe in many ways better) than men.

8. Helen Andelin, “The Charm of Femininity”

Helen Andelin, This book was written in the middle of the last century, when the ideal woman was a charming housewife, caring for her spouse and literally holding the marriage on her shoulders.

After reading the book, you will be able to believe that you can change a lot in your relationship with your spouse: the author gives a lot of practical advice that still has not lost its relevance.

9. Cherry Gilchrist, Circle of Nine

Cherry Gilchrist, Circle of NineAnalytical psychologists believe that at the heart of our psyche are archetypal images, each of which gives us certain abilities. This book is dedicated to the female archetypes: Queen of Beauty, Queen of the Night, Great Mother and others. Discover the power of each archetype in yourself, develop those opportunities that you lack, and you can find harmony and true femininity!

The books in this article look at femininity from different angles. Some authors deduce a housewife as an ideal, others advise finding a wild, primordial woman in oneself, free from conventions … Study as many sources as possible to find your own point of view on what is femininity!

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