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Favorite Cushion For Better Skin Tone - Top 10 BolognyThose women who follow the latest in cosmetology at least a little, have probably heard about cushions. However, many people ask: how does the cushion differ from the usual foundation or powder, what result can be expected?

Below you will find out all the necessary information about cushions, and you can also choose the best option from the TOP-ten of the best products.

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What are cushion: features and differences from other tonal means

Cushion is the most fashionable format for skin toning, combining the properties of foundation, powder, CC or BB cream. Coming from Korea, the innovative cosmetic product is marketed as ideal for skin toning.

The highlight lies in the special packaging. The powder box contains a large-porous sponge soaked in make-up. The second, dry and velvety, sponge is intended for dosed taking of the product and even application to the skin.

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The main advantages of cushion:

  • Complex action – skin toning and masking of existing defects (pigmentation, redness, pimples), moisturizing, SPF protection, anti-aging care.
  • Convenient packaging – a separate brush is not required to use the cushion, the compact “powder box” fits easily even in a small women’s purse.
  • Sponges are antibacterial – they are safe to use without the need for regular washing.
  • The sponge breaks the foundation into a weightless emulsion that easily adheres to the face without streaks or streaks.
  • Moisturizing ingredients give the skin a natural glow and freshness, the cushion perfectly matches the skin color.
  • Cushion, unlike foundation and powder, is not greasy (water-gel base) and does not create the feeling of a mask on the face.
  • One coat is enough for light toning, but the cushion creates a great look even when applied in multiple layers.
  • Many manufacturers include a second refill (additional tinting sponge) or sell it separately. This allows you to save money when you buy the product you like again.

In the cushion format, foundations, blush, eyeshadow, lip care products are produced. However, it was the toning cushion that gained the greatest popularity in European countries.

The only drawback is the higher price with an average weight of 15 g per cushion, in comparison with the usual foundation.

Favorite Cushion For Better Skin Tone – Top 10 Bologny

Please note that the assessment of funds is subjective and may not coincide with your opinion.

The rating was compiled by the editors of the magazine

Each major cosmetic company, following fashion trends, has created its own line of cushions. Toning agents are available in different palettes, for all skin types, dense (suitable for masking scars and pronounced imperfections) and completely weightless. Let’s take a look at the most popular cushion with the best properties.

Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation (natural glow) from the line Les Beiges, Chanel

This product is ideal for summer, perfectly evens skin tone and refreshes the appearance.

Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation (natural glow) from the line Les Beiges, Chanel

Main advantages:

  • Absolutely weightless cream – unlike many similar products, the water base is 56%.
  • Many women note that the cream completely merges with the skin color, while the product creates a blur effect (smooths out irregularities).
  • Powerful moisturizing complex – hyaluronic acid moisturizes and Kalanchoe leaf extract nourishes the skin.
  • Healthy Glow Gel is long-lasting and has a pleasant aroma.

Although the product contains only 25 SPF, sun protection can be renewed every two hours without sacrificing appearance.

Price – 4000-5000 rubles.

BB Cushion Double Wear, Estee Lauder

One of the most popular cushion made in the USA.

Double Wear is especially loved by owners of oily / combination skin: the cream mattifies perfectly, and the face looks great in summer.

BB Cushion Double Wear, Estee Lauder

Product properties:

  • High UV protection – SPF 50.
  • Perfectly even tone – masking enlarged pores, eliminating oily sheen.
  • Waterproof formula – the cream is not afraid of wet weather.
  • Unrivaled durability – up to 8 hours.
  • Economical consumption – one package lasts for a long time.

Double Wear is quite dense, and therefore a minimum amount of cream is required for application to the skin. A light pat with a sponge – and nude makeup will make your skin perfect.

Price – 4000 rubles.

Skin Foundation Cushion Compact, Bobbi Brown

Another American product is marketed as a universal toning and anti-aging agent.

Skin Foundation Cushion Compact, Bobbi Brown

What is attractive about the Bobbi Brown cushion:

  • Provides flawless coverage while masking skin imperfections.
  • Good UV protection factor (35).
  • Reflective pigments give the skin a well-groomed and healthy look.
  • Tones the skin thanks to the presence of lychee and caffeine.
  • Albicia extract soothes and protects the skin.
  • It is easy to control the saturation of the tone and the consumption of the product.
  • Wide gamut – 9 tones.

The experience of using Bobbi Brown Cushion suggests that for serious skin imperfections it is worth using a concealer.

Price – 3800 rubles.

Cushion Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin SPF50 PA +++, Dior

Dior produces the cushion, beloved by all French women, and they certainly understand a lot about high-quality cosmetics. The product is aimed not only at skin toning, but also at anti-aging care.

Capture Totale Dreamskin Perfect Skin SPF50 PA +++, Dior

  • The ultra-light texture creates a deep moisturizing effect.
  • Thanks to its SPF 50, the cushion is ideal for summer and has good durability.
  • Totale Dreamskin perfectly evens the tone, although it does not hide pronounced skin imperfections.
  • With long-term use, it really shrinks pores, reduces wrinkles and brightens pigmentation.

Totale Dreamskin is used by many stars, a toning cream with a powerful care complex is advised by cosmetologists and beauty bloggers.

Price – 4000 rubles.

Holika holika

The Korean brand is included in the ratings of the best cushion for oily and dry skin.

The version for oily skin DODO CAT Glow Cushion is interesting in performance: the sponge with BB cream has a white foot impregnated with a highlighter with a pearl shimmer. This combination gives the skin a well-groomed appearance and radiance. At the same time, the cream tones well, protects from the sun (SPF 50) and tones the skin. The lightweight texture adheres evenly to the skin and lasts for quite a long time.

Holika holika

Gudetama Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB also has the highest sun protection. Moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating is achieved with argan oil, niacinamide, adenosine and chestnut hydrolate.

The main feature of the cream – pearl and coral microparticles scatter light and give the skin a seductive glow.

Price – 2100-2300 rubles.

Fluid Cushion CC, N1FACE

Quite a new product on the cosmetic market, but the optimal price-performance ratio makes N1FACE’s cushion more and more popular.

The main difference between this product and its “counterparts” is its dense texture, which can hide even serious cosmetic defects.

Fluid Cushion CC, N1FACE

The cream works well for dark circles under the eyes, enlarged pores and wrinkles, spider veins and inflammation. The matte finish gives oily skin the perfect look. Additional options: sun protection 50 and whitening effect.

On the net you can find negative reviews about this product. However, bad experiences are often associated with the wrong choice (use for dry skin) or the purchase of a fake.

Price – 1300 rubles.

Nude Magique, L’Oreal Paris

A well-known French company offers a budget cushion for oily / combination skin. At the same time, the quality of cosmetics does not suffer at all.

Nude Magique, L'Oreal Paris

The product features:

  • Natural finish and successful shimmering accents.
  • The lightweight coating keeps the skin fresh for a long time.
  • Excellent toning effect, the cream hides flaking and pores.
  • Makeup lasts all day.
  • Nude Magique is applied in an even layer, without stains and streaks.

Women who have tried L’Oreal Paris cushion once are absolutely delighted.

Price – 900-1300 rubles.

Magic Cushion Moisture (with moisturizing effect), Missha

Another Korean representative who has earned the love of women around the world.

Magic cushion moisture

Missha Cushion is called one of the best budget funds, and here’s why:

  • Natural composition – flower water and olive, avocado, sunflower oil.
  • Eliminates dryness and flaking.
  • When re-layering, it masks imperfections well, giving the skin a satin shine.
  • UV protection factor 50.
  • Perfect fusion with natural skin tone.
  • Uniform, highly resistant coating.
  • 2 options – for dry (gold box) and all skin types (silver packaging).
  • Economical consumption.

Even the most picky ladies could not find any flaws in the “magic” cushion.

Price – 1300 rubles.

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When choosing a cushion, it is important to pay attention not only to the price. To buy the perfect toner for you, you need to study the composition and choose a cushion for your skin type.

In any case, cushions are comfortable, effective and fashionable.

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