The best dances for weight loss at home

Many women have heard of dances for weight loss. But not everyone has the time and courage to “lose weight” in dance studios, and at home, as the people say, walls help. There are practically no costs, no one needs to be ashamed, the level of training does not bother anyone, and much less time is spent.

Bologny editors offer the best dances for weight loss at home for women.

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Why is dances for weight loss at home effective?

The maximum load is provided, as you know, with a single rhythmic dance, taking into account the involvement of almost all muscle groups. For example, belly dancing helps to shake off extra inches from the hips, abdomen and waist, Irish dances form posture and train the legs, and strip dance is all about working on all muscles at once.

But first it follows prepare for home workouts… That is, choose for yourself the dance that is closest to your body, “go” to virtual dance lessons (you can do this without leaving this page) and create suitable conditions at home.

Video lesson: Dancing for weight loss at home

So what do you need for house dancing and how to prepare for it?

  • Place to dance should not cause discomfort. The room should be large and light. It is good if large wall mirrors are present to help you see your mistakes.
  • Any irritants should be ruled out. The setting should be conducive to enjoyment. Therefore, children and pets can be sent to the next room, the husband can be sent to the shops, the phone can be forgotten in the kitchen, and all problems can be thrown out of my head.
  • Don’t forget about comfortable clothes and shoes You can, of course, practice in old “sweatshirts”, but a suit is a mood and a mood, which means half of the success.
  • Music is no less important. Sometimes there is absolutely no strength for training, but as soon as you put on good cheerful music, the mood immediately appears. Choose those compositions that do not let you get bored and “let your feet dance.” And experiment constantly.
  • How much and how often do you dance to lose weight? Each case is individual, but experts advise to train 5-6 times a week for 30-60 minutes or 3-4 times a week for 1-2 hours. Stretching after a workout can be helpful.
  • Use food exclusively as fuel, and only useful. There is no point in dancing for weight loss if you break open the refrigerator after training and pounce on buns, sausage and pork in batter. Read: The Right Diet for Weight Loss.
  • Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed the first or second time. This takes time. Just have fun with the dance, the movement and the fact that you are already on your way to a beautiful toned body.
  • Don’t dance after your meal – wait an hour, then start training. After dancing (after 1-1.5 hours), focus on vegetables and proteins.
  • Remember also about the “energetics” – invigorating green tea, water, ginseng, vitamin B.

The biggest plus of dancing is moodthat they create. Dancing people are not angry and gloomy – they radiate positive and cheerfulness. Dance, lose weight and be open to life and your desires.

Important: to whom dances for weight loss are contraindicated or limited

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Dancing, you not only reduce the level of impact on the nervous system of daily stress – you improve your blood circulation and metabolism, relieve the lymphatic and vascular system, burn excess calories. But before you start training, pay a visit to the doctor and consult on the subject of contraindicationsto avoid trouble. And any physical activity has contraindications. For instance:

  • Dynamic dances are prohibited with serious chronic diseases, with problems with the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs, with diseases of the spine, with hypertension.
  • Dancing is not recommendedif there were cramps, or there is a fever, malaise, menstruation, pregnancy.
  • Belly dance is contraindicated those in whose medical record there are diseases such as displacement of the vertebrae, diseases of the female genital area, hernias, inflammatory, chronic and tumor processes in the body, varicose veins.
  • Pole training contraindications – the presence of injuries to the ankles, knees, scoliosis, joint problems, obesity of the 2nd degree, etc.

If there are no serious contraindications, dancing will only be for joy and health.

The best home dances for weight loss – which dances help you lose weight fast?

Dancing is one of the most effective ways to give the body flexibility, plasticity, harmony and beautiful relief.

What dances are considered the most effective for weight loss?

  • Belly dance – video
    What gives? Strengthening the abdominal muscles, gaining plasticity, shaping beautiful hips, eliminating extra cm from the waist, preventing diseases of the female genital area, normalizing metabolism.

  • Strip dance – video
    Gaining flexibility, body contouring, strengthening all muscles, burning calories efficiently, developing self-confidence and sexuality.
    Video: Strip dance lessons.

  • Flamenco – video
    Strengthening the calf muscles and thighs, correcting the contours of the legs, gaining grace, getting rid of extra cm in the upper body (neck, arms, etc.).

  • Hip-hop, break-dancing – video
    Effective burning of excess fats, development of flexibility, endurance, formation of ideal physical shape. These dances are considered the most energy-consuming, but they are not for everyone on the shoulder and to the liking.

  • Irish dances – video
    Training of all leg muscles, cellulite prevention.

  • Latin American dances – video
    Strengthening the thighs and muscles of the legs, correction of body contours, prevention of vascular diseases.

  • Step – video
    Development of a sense of rhythm, strengthening of the buttocks and leg muscles, combating sagging skin and excess weight.

  • Zumba – video
    Equivalent to cardio training. Effective weight loss, beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, improving mood and performance, strengthening the muscular system.

Are you in no hurry to lose weight? Then dance as your soul requires, just for fun. At least half an hour a day – and the lines of your body will become smoother and more graceful.

What dances for weight loss do you prefer? Share your opinion!

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