The best dating site apps for Russians on your phone

The best dating site apps for Russians on the phone - a personal matchmakerToday we are going to talk about the most popular myths about dating sites that still exist – and prevent many people from finally finding the long-awaited happiness.

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6 Popular Myths About Dating Sites – Happy to Debunk!

So let’s go …

Myth 1: Online it is impossible to find serious love, dating sites are looking only for partners for love pleasures

Many potential “halves” take this stigma for truth, not even wanting to consider how such sites work.

Meanwhile, the registered user will find exactly what he is looking for, indicating the goals for dating, the data of a potential partner, his requirements – and the site will comply with all your rules.

Therefore, you first need to listen to yourself, clearly realize what kind of relationship you want to find – in the end you will find what you want.

Myths and Truths About Dating Sites

Myth 2: On dating sites there are only perverts and boors, it’s dangerous to get acquainted there

We do not argue, there are some – and they can be found at a concert of symphonic music, in the subway, at an exhibition of contemporary art … Everything is exactly the same as in reality.

Those who have entrusted the device of their personal life with serious resources – for example, such as the dating application RusDate, know that there are strict rules on online platforms that prevent all kinds of harassment, rudeness and obsession.

Such a kind of morality police, which in real life and online suppresses illegal actions.

Let’s say more – online you even have an advantage, since you do not physically contact your interlocutors – until you decide to meet. You doze your personal information – and dating sites protect your privacy.

The rest are banned, of course. It’s much easier to do this online than when meeting on the street, isn’t it?

Myth 3: Dating sites are the last chance to find a match for losers who no longer “shine” happy acquaintances in real life

The fact is that today we all live in two dimensions – real and online. These dimensions are no different from one another – except that the online world appears to us at our will. Dating in Russian for Android is the same as dating on the street, in a cafe or at an exhibition. There are different people there, among whom we suddenly appear “the same” or “the same”.

Today, dating sites are often not visited by desperate losers, but, on the contrary, very busy and successful people who do not have time to search for happiness in a cafe or on walks.

To be convinced of this, it is enough to refer to the statistics of happy couples who met online – and found love in real life.

The best dating sites in Russian - how to find love

And losers are those who stubbornly refuse to believe the obvious.

Myth 4: Virtual dating will never be a real happy relationship.

And this is stated by people who do not let go of gadgets around the clock!

We have long since transferred part of our real life to the online space – it’s faster, more convenient, we can manage some life processes and even work.

Dating in Russian for iPhone is the same reality, but for convenience it is automated on a virtual platform.

Even having met someone at a party or at the theater, you transfer your communication to online and phone – social networks, exchanges of likes, intimate conversations and virtual gifts … And no one today denies the use and convenience of gadgets – with their help it is important and necessary to support connection with loved ones.

And dating sites are not virtual relationships. This is a convenient and accessible way for everyone to find a kindred spirit in order to build happiness in reality.

Is it real to find love on dating sites - myths and truth

Myth 5: On dating sites, everyone lies about themselves, photos are photoshopped.

Let’s continue – and in life, too, rarely does anyone say everything about himself and immediately to the first person he meets.

“Improved” photographs can be seen today even by those who do not deal with computer graphics – they can be seen from a mile away. In addition, the desire to embellish reality in the case of appearance is understandable, and occurs very often – just look at the pages of your good friends on social networks. And this is not a crime.

It is worse if a person indicates false information about himself and exposes other people’s photos. If you have a suspicion that this is exactly the case, you can refute or confirm the guesses in simple correspondence. A person with “fake” information will soon get confused in the data, will not be able to answer leading questions, therefore, the caution and help of the administration of the resource will be useful to you.

If you suspect the interlocutor of lying – you decide whether it is worth continuing to communicate with him. The main thing, as in real life, is to sift through your expectations sensibly and not take wishful thinking.

Myth 6: Dating sites don’t have my peers.

Even people in old age will be surprised that their peers are close in spirit, ideas, character, lifestyle, etc. – is on dating sites!

Today, our parents and grandparents have mastered life with gadgets and are dashing to use them. And it is not surprising that virtual life perfectly complements the real one, providing a sea of ​​possibilities.

So your peers are already on the dating site. You are not there yet while you are reading this article. But this is temporary, isn’t it?

The best dating apps for phones in Russian

We have debunked the most persistent and hyped myths about dating sites that are barriers to happiness and family. So is it worth wasting time and energy fighting windmills?

Now on one of the sites your person – the very desired one – is waiting for you.

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