The best films about the betrayal of girlfriends

The best films about betrayal of girlfriends - watch TOP-10One of the most demanded and popular topics in modern cinema is betrayal. This treacherous act becomes part of the plot of many dramatic films based on the themes of meanness, hypocrisy and deceit.

Films about girlfriends and betrayal are especially relevant. They are based on life stories about the meanness of the best friends, who are capable of stabbing a knife in the back at the most unexpected moment.

Betrayed by your best friend – what to do, and is it really worth worrying?

The age-old theme of betrayal can be represented in various genres, such as lyrical melodramas or action-packed thrillers. But all of them are united by one meaning – disappointment in a loved one, whom you sincerely trusted and considered your faithful friend.

For TV viewers, we have compiled a selection of cult film adaptations about the betrayal of friends, which are supplemented with an interesting plot and deep meaning. They will allow you to take a different look at friendship and help you learn from the mistakes of others.

1. Two destinies

Year of issue: 2002

Country of Origin: Russia

Genre: Melodrama, drama, comedy

Director: Valery Uskov, Vladimir Krasnopolsky

Age: 16+

Main roles: Ekaterina Semenova, Angelica Volskaya, Dmitry Shcherbina, Alexander Mokhov, Maria Kulikova, Olga Ponizova.

Two beautiful beauties live in a small village – Vera and Lida. They have been friends since a young age, being best friends.

Two destinies – watch online 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 episode (1 season)

The life of each of the girls was successful. Vera is shown signs of attention by the enviable groom from the regional center, Ivan, and her friend also has many worthy admirers. However, when the respectable Muscovite Stepan comes to the village, Lydia has a chance to move to the capital and get married successfully. She tries in any way to achieve his location, but Stepan’s love already belongs to Vera. They are truly in love and truly happy.

But Lida is not ready to miss her chance and concede happiness to her friend. She goes to meanness and deceit, destroying Vera’s life and their long-term friendship …

2. Betrayal of the best friend

Year of issue: 2019

Country of Origin: Canada

Genre: Thriller

Director: Danny J. Boyle

Age: 18+

Main roles: Vanessa Walsh, Mary Grill, Britt McKillip, James M. Callick.

Loyal and devoted friends Jess and Katie dream of simple female happiness. More recently, one of them was lucky enough to meet a successful and respectable guy Nick, who is the author of detective stories. Mutual feelings and true love arose between them.

Best Friend Betrayal – Trailer

Katie is still in search of a chosen one and is trying to support her best friend in everything. But she is wary of Nick’s appearance. She becomes jealous of her friend and wants to protect Jess from the wrong choice, in an attempt to maintain their strong friendship.

However, her methods and actions turn out to be dangerous, turning into a serious threat to the lives of people around her.

3. Palace

Year of issue: 2013

Country of Origin: China

Genre: Melodrama, drama, history

Director: Pan Anzi

Age: 16+

Main roles: Zhao Liying, Zhou Dunyu, Zixiao Zhu, Chen Xiao, Bao Beyer.

The events take place in ancient China, during the reign of the Kangxi dynasty. The young girl Chen Xiang is sent to the Emperor’s palace as a servant. Here she learns etiquette, rules of behavior and unexpectedly finds first love.

Palace – watch online

The 13th son of the ruler draws attention to the young beauty, and a mutual attraction arises between them.

But Chen’s best friend, Liu Li’s maid, becomes a hindrance to the two loving hearts. She betrays their faithful friendship, for the sake of high position and the status of a concubine. Now she will not back down until she wins the prince’s love.

4. The arithmetic of meanness

Year of issue: 2011

Country of Origin: Russia Ukraine

Genre: Melodrama

Director: Alexey Lisovets

Age: 16+

Main roles: Karina Andolenko, Alexey Komashko, Agniya Kuznetsova, Mitya Labush.

Varvara and Marina are good friends. They study at the institute at the same faculty and dream of a bright future.

Varya wants to successfully marry a wealthy man, and Marina is desperately and hopelessly in love with the physical education teacher Konstantin. A friend tries to give her useful advice on how to win the heart of an enviable bachelor, but all the girl’s attempts are in vain.

The arithmetic of meanness – watch online

Over time, Marina reveals the terrible truth about the true intentions of the insidious and vile friend, connected with the distant past of her family.

A friend is flirting and flirting with my husband or boyfriend – how to see and neutralize in time?

5. Roommate

Year of issue: 2011

Country of Origin: USA

Genre: Thriller, drama

Director: Christian E. Christiansen

Age: 16+

Main roles: Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester, Alison Michalka, Cam Gigandet.

After leaving school, Sarah Matthews decides to continue her studies. She successfully enters college and moves to campus. Here she makes pleasant acquaintances, finds new friends and meets true love.

Roommate – Trailer

The girl’s best friend is her roommate, Rebecca. Friendship and strong friendship develop between them. But Sarah’s boyfriend and her new friends become a hindrance to the communication of friends. This is exactly what Rebecca thinks, deciding to kill them.

Matthews begins to notice the oddities in his friend’s behavior and realizes that the lives of her loved ones are in serious danger.

6. Someone else’s happiness

Year of issue: 2017

Country of Origin: Russia, Poland, Ukraine

Genre: Melodrama

Director: Anna Erofeeva, Boris Rabey

Age: 12+

Main roles: Elena Aroseva, Julia Galkina, Oleg Almazov, Ivan Zhidkov.

Best friends Lucy and Marina have been friends since childhood. Despite the opposite characters, the girls have a true friendship. Even love for a mutual friend Igor could not destroy their strong union. The guy chose Lucy, and they became legal spouses, continuing to communicate with Marina.

Someone else’s happiness – watch all episodes online

A family friend was always there, helping best friends in everything. But gradually her good intentions turned into a terrible tragedy for the happy spouses. Lucy and Igor did not even suspect what a sophisticated plan their friend had come up with, hiding meanness, hypocrisy and deceit under the guise of friendship.

7. Bride War

Year of issue: 2009

Country of Origin: USA

Genre: Comedy, melodrama

Director: Gary Winick

Age: 16+

Main roles: Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Chris Pratt, Brian Greenberg.

A happy moment comes in the life of two inseparable friends Liv and Emma. They simultaneously receive an offer from the chosen ones and prepare for the long-awaited wedding. Friends try to help each other in everything, starting with the guest list and ending with the choice of a dress.

Bride Wars – Trailer

However, a strong friendship collapses at that unfortunate moment when the brides are informed that the ceremony is scheduled for one day. None of the girlfriends are going to give up the place for the event, which turns them into insidious rivals and becomes the beginning of a fierce struggle for the wedding of their dreams.

8. House with no exit

Year of issue: 2009

Country of Origin: Russia

Genre: Melodrama

Director: Felix Gerchikov

Age: 16+

Main roles: Irina Goryacheva, Andrey Sokolov, Sergey Yushkevich, Anna Banshchikova, Anna Samokhina.

Maryana and Tina have been friends since their student days. Friends have always been devoted and inseparable, overcoming life’s difficulties together.

Tina greatly appreciates friendship with Maryana, completely unaware that envy has settled in her soul. She secretly despises her friend for marrying her beloved boyfriend Stas, and is now enjoying a happy family life.

House with no exit – watch online

Dark thoughts overwhelm the woman, and she decides to use black magic to destroy the family. But not only dark spells affect the life of the Kirillovs. The vicious and insidious nanny Violetta does everything possible to upset their marriage.

9. Falcon Hill

Year of issue: 2018

Country of Origin: Turkey

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Director: Hilal Saral

Age: 16+

Main roles: Ebru Ozkan, Zerrin Tekindor, Boran Kuzum, Muran Aigen.

Step-sisters Tuna and Melek have been best friends since early childhood. They grew up in the same house, being under the care, care and attention of their beloved father.

However, over the years, as the girls matured, their friendship was destroyed. In an attempt to win the love of the handsome Demir and the location of his father, Tuna cruelly substitutes Melek. She loses the trust of her own dad, finding herself far from her father’s house.

Falcon Hill – watch online 1 episode with Russian subtitles

Many years later, women will have to meet again in order to share the legacy of their late father and take care of the fate of their own children.

10. Love’s healing power

Year of issue: 2012

Country of Origin: Russia

Genre: Melodrama

Director: Victor Tatarsky

Age: 16+

Main roles: Lyanka Gryu, Olga Reptukh, Alexey Anischenko.

A kind and sweet girl Anya is sincerely in love with a wonderful guy Andrey. They have strong relationships and mutual feelings.

Love’s healing power – watch online

The couple in love dreams of getting married and starting a family, but their plans suddenly collapse due to the intervention of Rita’s mean friend. Obsessed with hatred and envy, she cannot forgive Ana for the reciprocity of the enviable groom and the victory in the beauty contest. Margarita decides to destroy the couple’s love and prevent their joint happiness.

The girl manages to cope with the task, and Anya and Andrei part. But for true love there are no time boundaries – and, after many years, they meet again …

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