The best gift ideas for a boy for the New Year – what will you give your son, grandson or nephew from 1 to 13 years old?

Best New Year Gift Ideas for BoysA New Year’s gift is a great opportunity to show imagination and combine it with usefulness and practicality. A gift for children is a special kind, because you want to see joy and radiance in the eyes of your baby.

Today we will think together – what to give the boy for the New Year, which gift will be the most relevant?

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It’s no secret that boys, unlike girls, are more mobile, but develop a little more slowly than girls – they usually start talking and walking a little later

A gift for a baby should be chosen, based on age category, which we will consider today.

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Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys

New Year’s gifts for one-year-old boys

Boys from birth begin to reach out to male toys – cars, airplanes, railways become their passion for life.

  • At this age, it is better to give large soft cars, airplanes or railways
  • You can also buy big car, on which the boy can ride around the house, pushing off the floor.
  • Play center with a wheel, books with colorful pictures or a large construction set also great as a gift.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys
The main thing for the New Year is surprise a child, give him something unexpected, and hide the gift far away so that the surprise is not revealed ahead of time.

Tips for parents on organizing interesting New Year’s activities with their children

Gift for a boy 2 years old for the New Year

  • Excavators, tractors, buses, large truck with a body, magnetic constructor, blocks, anti-stress toys – great gifts for a child.
  • It is also worth taking a closer look at bath toys, bubble centers, slides for little toy heroes, teaching chairs and books
  • If you have a country house, it will be an excellent gift inflatable pool, which in the summer can become an excellent helper for you when communicating with your baby.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys

New Year’s gifts for a three-year-old boy

  • At 3 years old, you can start buying smaller parts – constructors, parking lots for cars, kits for creativity
  • Metal, radio-controlled helicopters, cars, tanks will delight your baby.
  • As educational games, you can choose lot, tool kits, frame inserts, mosaic
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, sports suits with cartoon characters also make great “friends”.
  • At this age, it’s time to start thinking, do you want to send the boy to sports and where – hockey and football are the most popular in this area. Start the New Year with a new gift – soccer ball, for example, which in the future may become a professional occupation for the child.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys
There is a large selection in stores chocolate gifts – from Santa Clauses to snowmen and houses decorated with gingerbread cookies – every sweet tooth will be happy.

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New Year’s gift for a boy 4 years old

  • Pirates, soldiers, road maps, lego constructors, pistols, various costumes to dress up as your favorite characters.
  • Educational and developmental books for teaching reading, writing, counting, coloring and everything for drawing will become indispensable for the development and the beginning of preparation for school.
  • Nightlights – projectors of the starry sky on the ceiling in the children’s room will create a feeling of coziness and comfort and will remind you of space and alien beings.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys
Chocolate sculptures, handmade cakes with your child’s name, chocolate sets will be a great addition to a gift for a boy.

New Year’s gifts for boys from 5 to 7 years old

  • Car racing track, snow scooters, electric railroad, water gun, game machine, ATV, magnetic letter and number boards, binoculars, spyglass, telescope
  • Lamps, projectors, nightlights, planetariums with remote control.
  • Various New Year symbols, wallets, watches, bracelets, Christmas balls, plush Santa Clauses and snowmen – it all depends on your budget.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys

Gifts for boys from 8 to 10 years old for the New Year

  • Radio controlled planes, helicopters, boat, cars, sets wood burning, kits for creativity from cardboard and plasticine, electronic clock, guitar.
  • Hobby goods, workshops, gift certificates rock climbing, airfield tickets, modeling and photography courses, courses in aerial acrobatics and playing on a trampoline.
  • In addition, at this age you can buy a dog or any other pet – fish, hamster, rabbits, if the child has a love for pets – it is better to start taking care of it from childhood.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys

What to give a 11-13 year old boy for the New Year?

  • Complex constructor, small mosaics, radio-controlled models of airplanes and helicopters for playing on the street.
  • Microscope, hobby items.
  • Modern gadgets – tablets, digital camera, smartphone.
  • Things for sports (boys at this time begin to pay attention to girls).
  • Board games.
  • Games for groups of friends – frisbee, twister, monopoly, mafia.

Best New Year Gift Ideas for Boys

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