The best lip glosses – ratings, reviews and a professional look

Best lip glossLately, lip gloss has been gaining popularity again. And it is not surprising: manufacturers are trying from year to year to improve the formulas of their products in order to make them as convenient as possible to use.

Today’s lip gloss allows you to create the most unusual effects in makeup.

1. Becca Liptuitive

This unique product is packed in interesting packaging. Personally, it reminds me of a test tube with some kind of magical substance. Sounds like it, doesn’t it?

Becca Liptuitive


  • The effect of its use is no less magical than the appearance of the package. The fact is that when applied to lips, the gloss not only creates an even glossy finish, but also enhances the natural color of the lips! That is, it makes it more intense.
  • The clue is in the name: “liptuitive” = “lips” + “intuitive”. This may give us a hint of the properties of gloss.
  • Use it as a standalone product and see how much it can highlight your natural lip color. You can get absolutely any shade: from rich pink to soft plum.
  • Shine includes micro-particles of pearls, shea butter and avocado, as well as vitamin E.

Quite an expensive product – costs 2,000 rubles, but because of its really unique properties and good composition, it is worth getting.

The only problem:

  • The shine is not very long-lasting and needs to be corrected frequently throughout the day.

2. MAC Lipglass Little

The product has a wide palette of shades, from almost colorless to saturated. When using this gloss, you can adjust the intensity of the color: the more layers, the more intense the shade will appear.

Mac lipglass little


  • Has a convenient applicator.
  • Contains jojoba oil, which has a caring effect on the lips.
  • Has a high durability and is able to hold out on the lips for 3 or more hours, which is very important for lip gloss!
  • Available in two sizes: standard worth about 1,500 rubles, and a mini version, worth 800 rubles

3. Sephora Golo Top Tip

The lip gloss from the brand, which is famous for its wonderful matte lipsticks, is also good news.

Sephora Golo Top Tip


  • Glitter has a holographic effect, which is achieved due to the content in its composition of a significant amount of flickering particles. This gives the lips a beautiful, uniform finish that shimmers in the light.
  • The gloss is also equipped with a convenient applicator that can easily work out the contour of the lips. I believe that because the gloss is saturated with shiny particles, it can be easily used as a standalone product.


  • Shine is presented in one shade.

Cost: about 600 rubles

4. Clarins Eclat Minute

This product is available in 8 shades, which is quite a lot for this type of product.

Clarins eclat minute


  • Creates a translucent coating on the lips, adds volume to the lips due to the content of “3D-pigment” in the composition.
  • It has a positive effect on the lips: when using this gloss, they soften and moisturize, and due to the content of derivatives of vitamins A and E and natural oils, the skin of the lips becomes healthier.
  • The gloss has a pleasant aroma.

Price: 1400 rubles

5. Lancome L’Absolu Plumper

This gloss from Lancome deserves attention as it has a very interesting texture that, when applied to the lips, makes them look more voluminous.

Lancome l'absolu plumper


  • The product contains hyaluronic acid, which has a strong moisturizing effect on the lips.
  • The gloss is practically not felt on the lips, it is very long-lasting and reliable.
  • Convenient bottle and applicator for gentle application.

Cost: about 1900 rubles

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