The best long-lasting henna for eyebrows

Best Long Lasting Brow Henna - Top 4 BolognyThe time has passed when thin, as a thread, “raised in surprise” eyebrows were in fashion. Today they have been replaced by naturalness – natural wide eyebrows. But what if the hairs are light, and there is no time or desire to dye them every day?

In this case, persistent henna for eyebrows will come to the rescue, which is gaining popularity every day.

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Henna is an absolutely harmless remedy without any chemistry, which is exclusively of plant origin. Henna is produced from a plant called “lawsonia” – the leaves are ground into powder, which is then diluted with water, turning into an excellent permanent paint.

There are three types of henna for eyebrows: professional, budget and Indian, and differs in its composition, quality and form of release.

In this article, we will present you the TOP 4 of the best and lasting henna for eyebrows.

Long-lasting henna for eyebrows

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GODEFROY: “Eyebrow Tint Natural”

It is one of the most popular professional eyebrow tinting products produced by an American manufacturer and is used in beauty salons around the world.

The composition of the product includes special components, due to which high durability is ensured – the color after staining lasts up to one and a half months. The procedure takes only a few minutes: henna quickly and ideally lies on the eyebrows, does not spread and pleases with its durability for a long time.

Professional henna for eyebrows GODEFROY: "Eyebrow Tint Natural"

Available in two colors: brown and black. The set includes a brush and a container, the packaging is enough for eight stains.

Cons: perhaps only a limited choice, only two shades.


This budget Iranian product comes ready-made, so there is no need to dilute it.

The composition of henna contains burdock oil, which allows not only to dye the eyebrows, but also to additionally strengthen the hairs. The product is available in four colors: black, brown, chocolate and dark gray (graphite).

Budget henna for eyebrows FITOCOSMETIC: "Henna cream"

The main advantage of henna is low cost in relation to high quality. The tint on the eyebrows lasts for two weeks. The package includes several sachets, which last for a very long time.

As a result of coloring, the eyebrows look natural and delight with a lasting effect.

Of the minuses: coarse grinding of the product, not a very pleasant smell when applied.

NILA: “Henna for bio tattoos and eyebrows”

Another budget tool produced by the Spanish company NILA. Henna comes in a compact jar of powder, which is enough for several times.

The product is easy to apply, moisturizes the skin and gives the eyebrows not only a beautiful color, but also a natural shine, is durable – the shade lasts for at least a month.

Budget henna for eyebrows NILA: "Henna for bio tattoo and eyebrows"

The composition of henna contains gentle components that gently act on the skin and hair.

Among the advantages, one can especially highlight low cost, high durability, natural eyebrow color and economical consumption. Available in two colors – black and brown.

Cons: sold without instructions, limited selection of shades.

GRAND HENNA: “Indian natural”

India produces quite a few brands of henna and this one is one of the most popular. It does not contain foreign impurities and chemicals, its composition is completely natural + it contains coconut oil.

Indian henna for eyebrows GRAND HENNA: "Indian natural"

Available in several types of volume: 15, 30, 60 and even 120 gr. The kit includes a tube of oil to remove henna residues after the procedure.

The product is diluted with plain water, well applied, evenly distributed and perfectly moisturizes the skin. Henna is easy to use, it is used economically, even a small jar (which is designed in Indian style) lasts for a long time.

Of the minuses: henna is not very resistant, it lasts from 5 to 15 days on the skin and hairs.

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